Not sure how to journal effectively? Here's my 3 favourite methods
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My 3 Favourite Journalling Techniques (that increase intuition)

Feb 06, 2021

Do you struggle with journaling? Not really sure what you're doing, why you're doing it, and if it's working? But you keep doing it anyway, because everyone says you, should.

I hear you. I had that same problem. That’s why, in this episode of the Your Rich Life Podcast, I’m sharing three favourite journaling techniques that are not only fun, but help to hone your intuition.

Drop the Definition

I’d like to invite you to release yourself from the pressure of having a specific definition of journaling. Because that could be causing you friction.

Friction Lowers Frequency

Which ultimately dilutes the impact and outcome of your action. Of course, you can expect a little friction at first because it’s “new”. However, if friction remains, it may be time to mix something up (be sure to watch this episode on Morning Routines and why Routine Jenga is your friend)

My best advice is to give all 3 techniques a go and see which you like best. Love them all? Take it turns or do them all. THERE ARE NO RULES!! 

Card Guidance

This is really great if you are new to journaling or really struggling with the “how” number one. Grab yourself a deck of cards – Angel, Tarot, Fairy, Oracle – whatever calls to you.

Whilst you shuffle, you can simply ask, “what do you need me to know today?” or “ what message would you like me to contemplate/live by today”. Once again, THERE ARE NO RULES. So ask whatever question feels good for you. Then pick a card.

Journal on the Card

You may want to journal on how the picture makes you feel or what you think the message means for you at this moment. Literally just write down what comes up. The more you do this, the more you will be able to silence the voices, and tap in to your intuition and you’ll find a strong sense of guidance from this daily card pull

Morning Pages

Super simple method. Simply fill 3 sides of A4 paper. Write about anything you like. Whatever comes up. Thoughts, frustrations, dreams, questions.. go all Brigette Jones or Adrian Mole if you want. NO RULES!

Yep, this can be tough! But here’s the theory behind this practice. Forcing ourselves to go beyond what is comfortable (maybe 1 page), forces us to dig deeper and often, that’s where we find the magic. The “a-ha”; the thing we’ve been hiding from or even our next, best step to take.

Stop at Three

It’s essential to stop at page 3 so it doesn’t become a logical “winge fest” or self-deprecating vomit journal.  Think of this method as a “cleaning the slate” ahead of the day. Because we all know how easy it is to wake already feeling worried, anxious, overwhelmed etc.  

Stream of Consciousness

Similar to Morning Pages but rather than a dump, this is a “channel” exercise. That’s what makes this one potentially the most difficult. It’s trusting yourself to put pen to paper and let your highest self or infinite consciousness to “talk through you”. I love doing this method but some mornings, I know I’m just not in that energetic space. When I am, here’s what I do.

I simply take a few minutes to become silent, calm and present. And then I ask, “What do you want me to know”. That’s usually it. But just as I advised with the cards, ask any question that feels relevant to you. THERE ARE NO RULES.

You’re Not “Making it Up”

This is the most common block to this method. Thinking that you’re just making it up. I want to say that if it comes to you, write it without judgement. This is a practice and the more you let go, the more you let in.


I love to do a Stream and then pull a card for further information or confirmation of the message. This is REALLY powerful.

Ultimately, I want to encourage you to

  1. Do something that feels good (and purposeful) to you
  2. See it as a practice rather than a “to-do”
  3. Use it as a technique to strengthen your intuition and relationship with higher self (because when the business stuff has you going crazy, this is your saviour)


The intention of a morning routine is not to give you more to do – it is a PROVEN way to set your day up for energy, success, joy and productivity.

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