3 Energy Habits That Will Help You Reach Your Highest Potential
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Reach Your Highest Potential With Energy Mastery - Here's How

Feb 13, 2021

What if I could show you EXACTLY how to become more successful, using energy?

That's what I intend to do in this blog. But first, a question for you!

Q. Do you have the energy you need NOT just to reach your gaols, but to do so with vibrancy and joy, be fully present for those you love and treat yourself the way you deserve?

Or.... are you burned out, leaving a shadow of who you are for those you love and constantly beating up on ourself for "not doing better"?

Most small business owners I speak and work with are the latter. So determined to succeed and with no-one teaching them about "self strategy for success", they say things like, "I'm doing this for a better life for us" or "it won't always be like this". 

Truthbomb - We should never invest in the "bank of tomorrow" when it comes to health and love. Tomorrow may be too late!

This was me

This was my story! As someone who never thought about running her own business, I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of emotional pain. Neither was I protected against the bombardment of negative things I thought and said about myself. It was one torturous day after another. But I kept fighting. Every day felt like a battle that I was never any closer to winning.


The day arrived where I knew if I didn't change something, a nervous breakdown was my next pitstop. Acutely aware of how much precious time I had wasted with my husband and my 2 girls and that regardless of the money I was making, "THIS" was certainly not my definition of success. 

So I made the decision to close the business. It wasn't an immediate close. It was a continual letting go. I stopped advertising. I stopped taking on new clients. I reduced the number of sessions I ran (I was a PT at the time). I knew I was gripping tightly because once I totally let go, I had no clue what the future would be. There wasn't a Plan B. 

Then is was the "heartbeat of change"

Tony Robbins says, "Change happens in a heart beat. But that heart beat can be 20 years coming". So, after about 12 months of letting go, I received a message from one of my few, remaining clients letting me know she was "taking a break". Upon receipt, I Immediately contacted the remaining clients and told them by the end of the month, Revolution Fitness would no longer be. Holy crap balls it was scary but it felt SO good. The door was closed, which meant, by the law of nature, another could open.

Louise, what has this got to do with energy?

This letting go, led me to fly to the States and train with Brendon Burchard - the world's most successful and followed High Performance Coach. It changed my life instantly. I suddenly realised that I was the success strategy I'd spent years and thousands of pounds looking for. 

And it stars with ENERGY.. so if you're ready.. let's dive in!


These are the 3 areas that you need to focus on if you want to optimise your energy to reach your highest potential - without believing it's all about what you DO! 

Whilst I'll address them separately, they are always beautifully intertwined and I hope I can demonstrate this for you.


This is probably the easiest of the 3 energy concepts. It's all about how we Move and Fuel our body. It's about loving and honouring yourself enough to demand you best level of health and has absolutely nothing to do with how you look!

Picking just a couple of new health habits, and consistently taking action in them every day, will have immeasurable benefits to your levels of success. The world's most successful people know this. You've only got to reach their books or watch them on YouTube to hear how their physical body is a key strategy in their success.

What can you do?

The good news is, it's easy to create new health habits to increase energy. Let's look at a couple

1. What's an easy way to "tidy up" your nutrition?

Could you have a green smoothie in the morning instead of cereal? Cut back on refined sugar? Eat 5 vegetarian/Vegan. meals per week?  Eat more raw food? Intermittent fast? We'll talk more about WHY this is so powerful when we come to Vibrational Energy. 

2. Get Hydrated

You're pretty much mainly water. You can't function effectively without proper hydration (not to mention the stress it puts on your organs!). Commit to more water (and maybe less tea/coffee). Grab one of the bottles with the amounts/times on it as a reminder. If you need to, stick an alarm on your phone (that's what I did for my dad). 

Remember also that what you eat impacts your hydration. Processed foods are notoriously high in salt. Alcohol dehydrates. 

3. Move Your Body

Think about Strength, Cardio and Flexibility. Get your steps up to around 10K (if you sit for most of the day, that 30 minute workout is not enough to counteract the sitting and puts you at higher risk of heart disease). Increase your NEAT..(which is also super good for fat loss). Again, do this from a High Performance view, not a "look good" view.

4. Sleep  

Do you get a little 'cray cray' when you don't get enough sleep. C'mon, I know I'm not the only one. 

Sleep is High Performance 101! There's a ton of research about the impact of lack of sleep - which is why it's so infuriating that so many male "gurus" promote the 'sleep when you're dead' mentality. 

Get yourself a bedtime routine (yes, just like a baby) and start getting more and better quality sleep. 


How you feel is directly impacted by how you tend your Physical Energy. Sadly, most people just don't know how good it feels to feel good. 

When you are dehydrated, exhausted and malnourished (which is worryingly common in this modern age because of the poor food quality), your mood and function is diluted and impaired. 

Just think about how you feel after a greasy takeaway; one too many drinks or a really bad sleep!

Most of the world function at that level. But YOU want to flourish, right?

It's all about your ability to direct your thoughts

What we think = How we feel = What we do = Creates our reality 

Let me break that down

Our thoughts create emotions. For example, think about how you feel when you are telling yourself you feel confident vs how you feel when you're telling yourself you're not good enough and this is never going to work!

Our emotions drive our behaviour. If don't feel courageous, you probably won't do the thing. If you're feeling angry, you're more likely to snap at someone you love. When you comparing yourself to someone else, you're more likely to be unproductive. 

Our emotions create a frequency. And frequency is the creative force of the Universe. (more if this 👇🏻).

Anyone can take massive action - but do you want to do that feeling anxious, overwhelmed and fearful or do you want to do that in faith, alignment and flow. 

How you DIRECT your thoughts determines which one you feel!

Swap "whiney" for curiosity 

One simple way to start doing this is notice when you're doing the "Whiney, What, Why, When, How, Who". 

"Why do I find this so hard?".

"Why does everyone else do better than me?".

"When will it by my turn?"

These are "door closers" and just to be clear, your brain is wired to answer all questions you ask. You won't like the answer to these questions

Instead, re-frame them with curiosity

"How could I do this in a way that feels better?"

"What if the perfect outcome were just around the corner?"

"Who could I reach out to, to help me with this?"

See and feel the difference? These are door-openers! You may not get the answer right away, but be open to hearing it in the strangest of places!

Lack of Direction = Increased Poor Choices

When we don't master the art of "thought direction" we are much more likely to make poor choices in other areas. When you're feeling anxious, you might choose to reach for the cookie jar. When you're feeling stressed, the wine might call to you... 

Choosing your thoughts is the most important thing you will EVER do, and I'm cover this in the final Success Series Episode.!


Once again, this is directly impacted by how well you tend to your Physical and Emotional energy.

Vibration is how we "make things manifest". It is the polar opposite to the linear thinking that "action = specific outcome". Of course, action does create some form of outcome but vibrational thinking creates quantum outcomes. In other words, they don't make "sense" - because it's not a logical theory. (I could talk to you about this for hours... this was a game changer for me!)

(Do You Quantum Think is a life changing book - read it NOW!)

We are an energetic universe

And we create through frequency! Our heart is the most "energetic" part of our body which is why "manifesting" is about FEELING far more than just "seeing".

Have you ever been sucked in to the idea that Manifesting is the magic that comes form looking at vision boards and meditating on the "vision"? I know I did. Manifesting requires you activate the FREQUENCY of the thing. 

Spending time, every day, in the energy of your "dreamy vision" is a fun, beautiful, powerful and highly over looked business strategy (one that I confess to not doing enough!! Limiting belief alert!) 

In the worlds of Napoleon Hill, "All thoughts which have been emotionalised (given feeling) and mixed with faith, begin immediately to translate themselves in to their physical equivalent or counterpart. 

(Grab my free "Productivity Planner" which coaches you, every day, to BE in this energy of attraction and manifestation).

As well as spending time "in the frequency of the vision", there are other tools you can use to GENERATE vibrational energy, and that's the exercise I'm giving you in the bonus YouTube Video to go with this episode (remember, there are Bonus "Exercise" videos for each of the Success Series episodes so be sure to get to YouTube, subscribe and hit the bell for ALL notifications). 


1. Your food has a vibration. Poor quality food, will lower your cellular vibration and impact how you think, feel and vibrate. That's why improving your nutrition is such a simple and powerful High Performance Habit! 

2. Your emotions have a frequency. So choosing your thoughts more carefully as said above, will automatically increase your frequency.

THAT is how you get to achieve magical results with way less work!. 

Have you enjoyed this?

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