3 powerful subconscious reframes to change the way you look at things
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3 Powerful Subconscious Reframes for Success

Feb 09, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great to have a strategy to change the things that don’t make us feel good?

Just like when you flip the TV or radio station when you don’t like it – what if you could do the same to experience a different reality? One that makes you feel GOOD? The good news is you can, and that’s the topic of this episode of the Your Rich Life Podcast.

Changing the Channel

If you don’t like a TV show, you don’t sit down to watch it every week, right? So why do you continue to experience emotions and situations that you don’t like? Why do we hit replay, every day in our life? It’s because we keep choosing to see things through the same FRAME.

The frame contains our personal context, so if we don’t change the frame, we always feel and act the same way and therefore create the same reality. Even if it’s something we say we don’t want.

Your emotional and personal freedom and success is in your ability to change the frame

Create Your Frames

Would you entertain me by doing a short exercise? I want you to picture, in your mind’s eye, a series of frames. How you “see them” doesn’t matter. And because we know that a frame contains the meaning (and beliefs) YOU give to something, we are going to fill these frames. See one frame being filled with the meanings and beliefs you give to relationships. Then one filled with meanings and beliefs around money, another for health, business, spirituality and so on.

Your Frames Act as Filters

Everything you see and hear about certain topics are filtered via the frames you have given it. And the meanings and beliefs within those frames determined the EMOTIONS you feel about the things inside.

Let’s look at it from a business perspective

Inside your “business frame” are all the beliefs and meanings you have about business as it pertains to YOU. What kind of business you want vs what kind you think you can create. How easy or hard it’s going to be for you. What you believe about being successful, visible and whether you see yourself as a CEO or as self employed.

Attached to that will be your “MONEY FRAME”. What you believe about making and having lots of money. How easy it is for you. Whether you’ll get judged or celebrated. What you might lose, as well as gain, when you are wealthy.

And there they are, the emotions

Some of you will have been triggered by just talking about making a tonne of money in your business. Why? Because you’ve filtered it through your existing frame of belief and meaning.

If you don’t change the frame, you can’t change the reality

It’s really as simple as that. Because the frame holds the beliefs, which create the emotions which drive behaviour.

Are you ready for some subconscious reframes?

Just like you did in that first exercise, as we go through these powerful subconscious reframes together, I want you to imagine you are literally changing the frame of the picture. This acts as a new filter so that you can delete old patterns of thoughts and behaviour, develop new ones and create new possibilities and outcomes. Got it? Awesome.   

#1 Believe Vs Remember

A great coaching question is, “What would you need to believe…”. It’s a question that helps create new possibilities and pathways.

But my coach gave me a different option last week when she asked, “What would you need to remember?”

This is a fantastic reframe. Here’s why. Sometimes, when I ask, “What do you need to believe”, even as my client is telling me, they are subconsciously telling themselves they could never believe that. It feels too far away from where they are. And it feels like it’s now become something else they have to do.

However, when you ask, “What do you need to remember”.. it’s less about you taking action. It still creates new options. It still encourages you to think outside of your current frame but it feels less heavy. It’s nudging you toward remembering Universal Truths.


You say, “I don’t believe I can become financially indepedent with my business”.

I say, “What do you need to remember?”

You say, “When I pick a strategy and take consistent, focused, daily action, success is inevitable”. Great, “what else”, I ask..

“The Universe is abundant. I’ll only fail when I quit taking action. I need to remember that the only limit to my achievement is the limit of my thinking”.

BOOM! Feel it?

#2 - Distort. Delete. Generalise.

This is the brains 3 step system for processing information fast, so that your head doesn’t explode. Let me show you how often you generalize..

I never..

Everyone thinks..

No-one will..

She always…

Using NLP, there are different responses to these statements that help you break them down and find a new truth. But for today I want to ask you to use…

Until Now

This is so that you can reframe your personal generalisations.


I’m really not good with my figures = Up until now, I’ve not been good with my figures

I always quit on myself when it feels hard = Up until now, I’ve quit on myself when things get hard

I’m not really a strategy person = Up until now, I’ve not been a strategy person

Up until now draws a line under what's gone and invites opportunity and possibility for a different future. Again it’s simple AND powerful.

You can even combine this with Remember. Watch..

Up until now, I’ve found it so hard to make money in my business. Now I choose to remember that when I simply and clarify my strategy, followed with courageous, daily action, I am guaranteed results.

#3 - There is NO Certainty

You’ve heard of Tony Robbins, 6 Human Needs? Two of them certainty and uncertainty.

I am definitely driven by uncertainty. I get bored very quickly; like to try new things; don't really hold back through fear. I will do it and learn as I go. I love new opportunities and don't need to weigh up everything. I just pick something and do it.

HOWEVER, I have a twin sister who is the yang to my yin. She is very driven by certainty. She doesn't take risks; measures everything out; wants to know the minute details before she makes a decision.

But here’s the thing.

There is no certainty in anything apart from the fact that we're all going to die.

When we hold on for certainty, we limit our life experience.

To hold back on creating your dreams and living your best life because you want to know that the outcome is certain – well it’s insanity.

Certainty is simply our way of avoiding emotional discomfort. Uncertainty comes with a good chance of emotional pain and we are actually wired to avoid pain.

What would change for you if you embrace uncertainty?

Think about where you are backing down in your business and life? Are you holding back on the launch? On the sales calls? Do you refuse to ask that hottie out on a date? Would you love to dance like no one is watching?

There is no certainty in any outcome, only in the consistency and intention of your input.

The Long Term Effect of Reframing

As you practice consistently reframing things that don’t make you feel good or give you the outcome you want (and there are many more ways to reframe), your entire life can change.

Imagine you reframed all your beliefs and meanings around money, relationships, health and business so that you felt optimistic, powerful, courageous and determined. What would change in your life? How would your results change? What would your life look like every day?

You will create your Success Superstar Identity™ and you’ll never look back.

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