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3 Steps To Design Your Most Powerful Morning Routine

Sep 01, 2020


Dictate Your Day

If you don't dictate your day, who is holding the reigns on the creation of your life? Welcome to the, your rich life podcast, episode number 10, and today we're diving into morning routines and how to create one that's powerful and unique to you.

Morning Routines

Now for me, I love, love, love talking about morning routines, because this is where the magic of energy and frequency and alignment merge with high performance in terms of strategy and psychology. Now, the reason that morning routine in my opinion is so incredibly important primarily is because I believe it's an act of self love. So let me just unpack that a little bit.

I truly believe that if we had total self love and acceptance, most of us would desire more in our life. Most of us would expect more for ourselves and from ourselves. Make sure you go check out the podcast on expectations, but unfortunately, so many of us are held back with self sabotage and self limiting beliefs about who we are and what's possible for us.

Now, when we step into that place of self love, when we demand more from ourselves and we demand more for our lives, it means that we are setting ourselves up to experience a different reality. And in order to do that, we're going to have to think and act differently to what we've done before and what better way to do that than by deciding how we start our day.

Don't Pick Autopilot

Most people in this world start their day with their eyes open and they're automatically on autopilot. They're falling out of bed. They're falling into all the routines, all the, to do's that they have to get done before they leave their house in the morning or before they start their work. And there is little, if any intentionality at all, they've only got to have a child say something wrong or stub their toe on the end of the bed or their toothbrushes run out of charge.

And suddenly they're in this frequency that is not aligned with their particularly great outcome that day. Now, if we keep living that way with little intention and our frequency is being decided by external circumstance, can you see how we are not in the creative seat? We are that space where we believe that we and our lives are being moulded by things that are going on around outside of us. When an actual fact, we are the sculptor, we get to decide what is the vision that we're creating. And that literally starts the moment that you open your eyes.

So when you come from a space of self love, it's like, what are I need to make this day? Great. What do I expect from myself? What do I want from my life? And what does self love look lie for me, in this moment in time.

Often we've we :treat ourselves" with bingeing on Amazon prime on next click movies or it's or it's food or drink, or it's doing nothing. That's our treat, but is that really a treat? Sometimes those things are great Don't get me wrong. But for the majority of the time, I think we need to challenge what we think self love actually looks like.

So I've got three very simple steps that I want you to consider to help you design your very own morning routine.


So step number one is exactly that make it your own. I had no concept of morning routines until I read the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

And I immediately acted on it. I started getting up at 5:00 AM. I think it was in the summertime and I did the 60 minute thing. It felt really good for a little while. Then it didn't feel so good. The morning routine became a chore. And then I was really in not a very good frequency and it was just like, Oh my God, I've got to do it again. It became this tick list. Now, what I want to say about this here is that we've talked a lot together already about how we can choose our emotions, how we can choose frequency. We've also talked about when we do something new, when we're challenged by new beliefs and new behaviors, there is going to be some shift in our energy that says, Oh, I don't really like this.

It Might Just Be Because It's New

This doesn't feel so good for me and that not feeling so good can often just come from this new act. It's not in our conditioning. This is not what we're used to. And now our current identity knows that. So what you have to get really good at doing is understanding, okay, so number one, I might just feeling this, this kind of like friction, because it's new and I need to give myself time for this to become a new ritual or raise what you're doing, actually not serving you. And you need to kind of revamp that. So that's the caveat to this part is when you're designing it and defining it, it might not feel great off the bat because it's new for you. So be aware of that. Now the point here is you have to a collection yeah. Of ideas of things that you do that put you in a great frequency in the morning.

This is completely up to you. In the miracle morning He talks about his six elements. But They might not be the thing that align you with the frequency that you want to hold in your energetic field. That's okay because you're not him.

But what you do need to prioritize is working out what are a collection of things that I can do every morning that will align me with the vibration of joy, optimism, success, confidence, courage. Whatever those words are that you need to get you through the day, go back to look at clarity and purpose and our very first podcast episode, which will help you define those words. Once you've got your little pot of knowing the things that you can do now, you can move on to step number two.


Now here's the great thing with having this toolbox of frequency generating activities is that when you're going to step number two, we practice what we call structured flexibility.

I don't know about you but I really hate being told what to do. And I sometimes feel a little bit constrained by something having to be the same all the time. Again, there is always a space in time where those things are really, really important. But for the sake of the morning routine, you may have one night, you may sleep worse than the other. Maybe the kids wake you up. Maybe you're in a different location. There's gonna be lots of different reasons sometimes, which is going to impact the way that you sleep and the way that you feel when you wake up in the morning. Structured flexibility means you can say "what feels really good for me right now?"

"What part of my morning routine is going to benefit me the most and step me into the alignment I want to be in more quickly and which things most definitely will not work.?"

So within your toolbox, you have a 20 minute run in the morning and you wake up one morning and the heavens are open outside the house and you don't want to go running. What could you do instead? Maybe it still needs to be a form of movement for you. You get to make a new choice. If you wake up my morning and you're aware that your energy feels particularly low, and you're now resisting any kind of morning routine, you already know that where there is resistance we dilute our frequency, our vibration. We don't want to do that. We want to step into a better frequency. Now, if that looks like you going downstairs, making a fresh coffee and bringing it back up to bed and  reading a book or a magazine for 10 minutes then THAT is the right thing for YOU.

Structured flexibility allows you to say, "my optimum morning routine is 30 minutes long and includes X, Y, and Z. But what I'm giving myself the space for is the grace to choose that when I am not feeling that I don't have to push through it. Yet some days I'm going to push through it because some I realise I need to rewrite my belief systems."

Structure flexibility is your opportunity to avoid the resistance that dilutes the action in the first place.


And step number three, this is something that we can all struggle with is that certainly in the beginning, but actually across all across all timeline really is that your consistency trumps your intensity.

How many of you have said, "I will start my diet on Monday" and you eat your body weight in food on the weekend, eat all the naughty stuff. You get all the bad stuff out of the way, you wake up Monday determined to do it. And you're like, right, I'm going to work out. I'm going to only eat a handful of carbs, I'm going to drink 4 litres of water; take all my supplements and I'm going to meditate.

You give yourself this whole list of things to do, and you do it for two days. And then you're exhausted from all the effort and you stop. And you start again next Monday, If you had, have just woken up Monday morning and said, right, do you know what this week I'm just committing to my green juice for breakfast. And you did that everyday for seven days. Now you've got momentum and you're building confidence. Week number two you say,  "Great. I did really well. You know what? I'm going to add a half hour walk on to that every day"

Now the journey might take you longer, but you will get there when we try to do too much too quickly, the chances are you're consistently being this yoyo experience and actually you never get to where you want to go.

Stop Condensing The Time Line

One of our big problems as human beings is that we're always trying to condense the timeline and we're trying to cram it all in and not realizing actually that condensing the timeline is probably the thing that's going to stop us ever getting where want to go in the first place.

Consistency is really, really important. If you wake up in the morning and you feel the resistance, and  say to yourself, "Louise, I'm just going to do five minutes. I'm going to just journal for five minutes and you do something for five minutes every day."

What you're actually now branding yourself as is somebody who has a morning routine versus I am somebody who consistently tries to execute a morning routine. Very big difference. When you are attempting to rewire your identity, to support yourself as a successful CEO, rather than somebody who keeps playing at it.

And it's as simple as that is.

Number one, having the courage to define what works for you, because nobody else knows what puts you into alignment with something. It could be an incredible piece of music for me. I love my first coffee in the morning. And if I got my first coffee and I can have the outside in the garden, I can hear the birds singing. I am set up for the day. So define what works view have your toolbox.

Number two, you get to have structure flexibility. And I'll say the only caveat to that is being aware of when you're talking yourself out of it, because it's new. If you're not used to waking up at say 6:00 AM, and you're used to waking up at nine, that's going to be a challenge for you. But maybe for the first week, you get up at eight 30, right?

Number three is always that your consistencies in a Trump, your intensity. So do it in a way that you can, you can do something every day and you can continue to build up and add on until you get to the place where you want to be. But if you keep doing the Jojo, you're never going to get to that place.

So this has been our episode 10 of the year, which live podcast, and you know what to do. If you've loved it, please do subscribe to the podcast. Let me have a comment, give me a review. And I will see you in episode number 11,



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