5 Easy Ways To Increase Productivity
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5 Easy Steps to Increase Productivity

Sep 01, 2020

Success Beings When

For me, your success really begins when you learn how to merge the magic of the energy work with the soulful strategy. And that's what we're discussing in this episode. Number nine of the, Your Rich Life Podcast because we're diving into how to 10 X your productivity.

Now, I don't know about you, but I have yet to meet anybody who has created the life and business of their dreams by sitting on their bottoms, looking at vision boards and manifesting that thing into the reality. The fact of the matter is we have to learn not just how to manage about our vibration, but also know how to create the strategy, to take the actions that are important to us, to move us forward in our life and in our business. And the key concept to moving forward in your business is productivity. If we're not being productive, we're not actually moving forward.

5 Super Simple Tips

So today I want to give you five super simple tips to help you transform your productivity, to get more done in less time and also know specifically what you need to work on. So we might as well just go straight in with number one.


It sounds simple, but you'd be amazed at how many people don't know this. So maybe you want to write this down because first of all, productivity gets a really bad rap. Productivity can get thrown in that bucket along with hard work and hustle and not having any time. But my definition of productivity is this. It's moving the needle forward in the things in your life that matter to you at this particular moment. And never has there been a more relevant time to have that definition because when this pandemic hair, it forced people to really reevaluate their life to reevaluate.

Have I been focused on the things that really matter to me, or have I been sucked into what I think I should be doing or got stuck in Groundhog day?Working too hard, not looking after my health, not paying attention to my relationships. So it's really important when at the very start of this, that you get clear on what's important to you at this moment in your life. That's how you define productivity.

So the first step is you've got to know what you're working on. Of course, if you're listening to this, I'm guessing you're in business. So you're going to have to put your business side of that down there.  But what other areas of your life need your attention? What are other areas of your life are really important to you?

What is it that you value? Because you have to allocate time to the things that you value that is the very first step. You cannot increase your productivity if you don't even know what it is that you're trying to achieve and productivity isn't again, just about churning things out productivity is about understanding what is it that you're trying to achieve? Every action that you take. And we covered this in one of the last episodes. Every action that you take is leading you towards a different outcome to what you have now, because nothing ever stays the same. Everything is either going on a gentle or maybe steep upward curve or a downward curve curve. Nothing in life stays the same. So be super aware of that.

I really encourage my clients to focus maybe on two or three large, uh, large areas at a time. So maybe you've got business. Maybe you've got health, maybe you've got relationships. It's not that you're not going to pay attention to anything else, but what's the most important thing for you right now. And if you were doing like a 90 day plan, what is it that you want to see moving forward, kind of outcomes are you looking for?

How do you know that your productivity is working? Like, what are you measuring? All those things are really important when it comes to making decisions about what it is that you're working on. Because it's the old thing.

If You're Not Measuring, You're Not Managing

If you're, if you're not measuring what you're working on, how do you know that? Number one, that's working. And number two, that you're working on the right thing.


Step number two is super easy. It have a morning routine. Why? Because I want you to dictate your day. I don't want your day to dictate to you. I don't want you to feel that your emotions are being decided by external forces. When you have a morning, routine is way more than a productivity. Hack is an act of self love. It says to you that you're putting yourself first. It says to your, your conscious, your subconscious, that I am deciding the way that I want to live my life.

It's a very powerful way to intentionally start your day and lucky for you. The next episode is all about how to create your perfect morning routine. So have a morning routine, make sure you listen to the next episode, to be able to do, to create one that specifically activates what you needed to activate, but that whole concept of dictating your day is so incredibly powerful. And it will set you up for productivity more so than anything else that I'm going to discuss today.


Step number three, I need you to schedule a Ninja. I need you to schedule everything. And this is where I get a lot of kickback from my clients. They have this belief that is, everything is scheduled out Then their life becomes regimented and they feel caged in by it. So I asked them to entertain them. The actually their schedule isn't about their to do list schedule should tell me two stories.

Number one, it should tell me what they're working on. And number two, it should tell me what's important in their life. If a client's schedule is full of everything related to work, I'm going to ask them they actually care about their partner, their children, their parents, their health, their spirituality, their mission, because I need to be able to see that in their schedule. The other thing around that as well is that when you effectively, you're actually scheduling in the fun time, you're scheduling in your downtime. You're scheduling in the moments throughout the day, week, month, and year, where you're having rejuvenation time. Your freedom is in your schedule because if you don't schedule that downtime in, if you don't schedule that time in for your date nights and for your workouts, you won't make them happen. So having the, the, the discipline to stop schedule that out means that everything that is important to you gets its time and it stops you feeling so fragmented allows you to choose the flow throughout your days.

And when we talk about morning routine, we'll talk a little bit about structured flexibility as well. So please don't be freaked out by scheduling. It's actually the way that you can ensure that you get that time that you need for yourself and for all those other things that you value.

Consider this

And I'll give you a classic example of what I mean. When I say schedule everything, the amount of people that I speak to that schedule in their workout, but they don't schedule in time to have the shower after the workout. They don't schedule in time to eat after the workout. Now, if you do a workout for half an hour and that doesn't take you 30 minutes to get showered and get ready, and then another 30 minutes to kind of prepare and eat your breakfast. If you don't schedule that hour in, you're chasing that hour for the rest of the day.

Now we've talked a lot about energy vibration, dominant frequency. So if you are building out your schedule and you're going, I don't have enough time. And you're starting to think about what you can lose. You need to check yourself in on that. There is plenty of time, and remember, you can get more done in less time intention and would that matter? Oh, excuse me, with that powerful intention of knowing that you are exactly where you are, you're doing your absolute best and that your frequency is amplifying the effects of the actions that you're taking. So schedule everything, including your showers and eating and any of the things that you do for granted every week, every day or every week that you, you take that you, you, you just don't think about the food shopping, the school pickups that come, you know, the conversations. And then, you know, and the other thing I wanted to say when you're doing scheduling is ensure that you have that shut off time.

Don't be the person that is constantly on your technology, working when your family are looking for deeper connection from you. So make sure you schedule your shut off time in.


Step number four, which is something that all high performers do is they review their week. Now, I like to review my day. I have my free planner, and I'll be sure to pop that in the notes that you can download that free planner now and start using it. There is a block on my daily entry that says, like, basically review the day. How did today go? And it's an opportunity for me to reflect and say, like what I got done, what I didn't achieve, how I felt really small, but just, it helps me to see where I keep tripping myself up on the same things or what really worked well for me that perhaps I haven't done enough of.

And then I always have a longer review on a Friday because I want it to go into my weekend, clear of any business thinking I want to be fully present for my family. Not always good at it. I'm not going to say that I'm perfect, cause I'm far from it, but Friday's my opportunity to review. And then it allows me to set up for the week to come. I can say, this is what I set out to achieve this week. This is what I did achieve. And this is how men's my following week. Now. I'm not saying you have to review every day. I would recommend it from a high performance perspective, but absolutely every week you need to be ruining your week. What went well, what didn't go so well, what might trip me up next week? How can I prevent that on what's on my to do list that moves me forward to those primary areas of focus that you identified in question number one, when I asked you what's important to you, what are you working on that review?

And amend is a very simple but critical factor in your productivity. Because if you don't, that's like getting into an airplane and taking off and traveling for three hours before you check the direction of your flight. And maybe you should have been going to Australia, or maybe you actually finding yourself heading towards Africa, right? So that review and amend gives you an opportunity to, to micro manage your direction and your energies that you're constantly on the right path.


And step number five, the biggest one, please delete your distractions. Once you've identified your schedule. I know you've done your block time. So with your scheduling, it's all about the block time. And you know what specifically you're working on in that block time, make that the only thing, keep your phone out of the room, turn off all the other tabs on your laptop. Maybe even unplug the landline.

If you even still use it, use a landline. Anything that you might, that might distract you, make sure you can delete that distraction for that block period of time. There is nothing worse than being involved in a project or doing a particular action as an example. And you fragment your energy by just sending your attention somewhere else. A quick check onto Facebook, a quick text message to a friend. You know, I'm going to just quickly check my emails. It might only take you 30 to 60 seconds to do that. But research tells us it takes you up to 20 minutes to get your head back in the game. If you're doing that regularly throughout your work blocks, how many minutes are you actually being productive on about you? I'd rather work intensely and intentionally for 50 minutes and do four or five of those a day.

And then give my, the rest of my time to the other areas. Then have my days eking out longer and longer and longer. Basically I can't stay present in the current project that I'm working on. So you have to get clear on what are your distractions. If you know, you are a serial social media, check her Inna. You need to stop doing that because every time you check into social media, you're checking out of your dreams. If it's the TV, if it's people, it's text messaging, whatever it's for you break that down and just watch how much more you get done learning to be less distracted, I think is actually a practice because I think naturally we are drawn to check out again. We're in that sort of society, where to be that intentional for longer periods of time. It's just not something that we're trained to do, but you're an adult.

Now, you know what your dreams are. You can go do those things. So your five simple steps to literally transform and magnify your productivity. Number one productivity is about moving forward in the things that matter to you at this moment in your life. So what are the two to three major things that you're working on, where you would like to achieve a slightly different outcome? Number two, have your morning routine in place. You dictate your day. Number three, schedule everything and have your block time for everything you value. Number four, we view an amend. If not every day, then certainly every week, a number five prioritize, deleting your distraction.

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