Stop trying to alleviate fear and instead learn to see past it
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The Four Fears We All Try to Avoid

Apr 26, 2021

You don't need to remove your fears. You just need to see beyond them.

Believing that you need to have confidence before you can courageously act is like trying to move the cart without the horse.

Courage is the mother of confidence.

Courage will always proceed competence. When we commit to seeing beyond our fears and envisioning a brighter future and we take consistent act of courage then Confidence is the prize.

So if you're holding yourself back in business, because of fear the first thing you need to do is confirm to master your fears.

Here’s What You Need to Know

Most fear you have is purely to avoid emotional discomfort. It's a disguise for us not feeling a certain emotion. So imagine that you've got a fear of video and I ask you “what will live video actually do to you?” It's not going to physically harm you, is it? So how can you fear live video?

And you really probably can't answer that. So what is the real fear? You're actually trying to avoid a feeling. Maybe you don't want to feel embarrassed; trolled or “called out”.

Fears represent emotions that we have been taught to avoid.

You Didn’t Learn This Consciously

What if, as a kid, you were the last person to get picked for the netball team and you felt alone and ashamed. You now have a mental “frame” for that. It was such a painful experience for you, that you’ve ways throughout your life there and after to avoid that level of.

But now, you want to succeed in business, right? So as well as having a greater awareness of where you are letting fear control you, you must become far more attached to and motivated by the future vision than controlled by the fear. 

What Are The Four Fears?

There are Four Fears that we all want to avoid. Be sure to answer the question I give you for each of them so that you can move beyond it.


As a business owner, you are constantly putting yourself in a situation where you risk rejection. And as human being, with a desire to be seen, heard, validated, and loved it is perfectly natural to avoid anything that threatens these emotions.

This is why you developed the limiting beliefs in the first place. Because at one time, they served you. Kept you safe and emotionally protected. But do you want your outdated fear of rejection to be the thing that prevents you succeeding in busines? NO? Great, then start with this question 👇🏻

QUESTION - What would happen if you learned how to fully accept yourself, with no need for external validation or approval?


I can pretty much guarantee that you are a master of catastrophizing. We are well rehearsed in playing out a out a whole scenario from beginning to end and identifying a hundred different ways why this is absolutely the worst idea that you've ever had. What if  I lose my money, what if I lose my confidence? What if my friends leave me? What if I lose my home? What if, what if, what if

Now imagine what woud happen if you spent as much time and energy in visualizing and feeling the best possible outcome rather than the worst case scenario?

What if you KNEW you were totally capable of figuring everything out and that you have the resilience,  intelligence and ability to succeed.

Has there never been a time in your life when you've had to adapt? When you had to overcome something? And you survived because you are still here!

If the life of someone you loved depended on your doing something you had no idea how to achieve, would you find a way? Of course you would.

STOP Letting Your Fear of Emotional Discomfort Be In Charge

And break free from the prison of your programming so you can be the warrior for your dreams.

Question - What is it going to take for you to invest in your vision and not your programming?


Do you ever wonder what you're going to say at the end of your life?

I use this powerful question in my Success Superstar Formula program because so many people struggle with “their why”. I did too – so I created my own and it’s called “The Driving Force Framework”.

When we think about getting to the end of our time, none of us want to regret our choices. What we didn’t do who we let ourselves become. But many people will.

As Les Brown says,

Imagine that you were laying on your death bed and instead of the loving, caring eyes of your family and friends around your bed, it was a dark hollow, angry eyes of the dreams that you never gave life to.

Now your actions and your attitude are the only things that will save you.

Question = What are you not want to be saying at the end of your life? 


Can I actually handle this? I'm already so busy. If I earn more money, can I handle people asking me for money or expecting things from me? At the moment you already feel frantic, busy and overwhelmed.

The biggest fear that you have about responsibility is owning your dream and the responsibility for its outcome.

Whether your dream becomes a reality or not, that's YOUR responsibility. And that can be very, very scary. So you keep yourself busy and overwhelmed, but does that feel good? Are you getting what you want out of that? No but it does and allows you to keep supporting your programming

Wouldn't it be better to use your time more effectively and actually actively go and be more courageous and build that dream.

Question - If you took full ownership of your dream and its manifestation, what belief do you need to adopt about yourself?


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