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3 Ways for Empathic Business Owners to be More Courageous

Feb 14, 2021

On a scale of zero to 10, how consistently do you take action and consistently share who you truly are and what you truly think, need and desire with the world? 

✅ I bet you’re already super courageous

Do you feel like you are always having to be courageous and you tell yourself it’s because you’re not good enough/you must be weak or you’re just not good enough? STOP RIGHT NOW.

Think about it this way instead.

You are in the small percentage of the world’s population that I always CHOOSING to grow and experience/achieve more. You are rare. It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back.

Why aren’t you more courageous?

Truth is, success isn’t always on the other side of courage. There’s also a good chance of failure, ridicule, rejection and ruin. There will definitely be a dose of pain and there is absolutely no certainty in the outcome. (I’m not really selling courage to you am I?)

With the chance of so much discomfort, how can you learn to be more courageous anyway?

Swap Big & Bold for Small and Silent – here’s my 3 Top Ideas.

Silent Courageousness #1 Authenticity

In your business, being authentic is essential. People buy people. Whether it’s text, video or audio, you have an energetic signature that people “feel”. Whether they know it or not.

If you are trying to be someone else; to copy someone else’s strategy, brand, voice or products – you are diluting your influence and damage your reputation.

And you do yourself a disservice

When you are not being authentic, you suppress your uniqueness. And that’s what sets you apart from everyone else. Be courageous enough to be marmite, not vanilla. Be ok with not being “everyone’s cup of tea”.

I was always trying to be someone else

I spent most of my life trying to “fit it”. To look and act like someone else. Because I didn’t feel enough “as I was”.

I now pride myself on being authentic but I don’t find it easy. I personally really struggle with my YouTube videos. I’m consumed with thoughts about not looking right. Not being professional enough. Looking like a stupid amateur.

Thankfully, I was able to have a 1-1 with Evan Carmichael (huge YouTuber) and he reminded me that it’s the MESSAGE that’s important. Whilst this helped me, I still have to activate courage every time I film.

Silent Courageousness #2 Consistency

Doing what you’ve always done, doesn’t take courage. You don’t even have to think about it. 95% of your thoughts are the same EVERY day. That means that most of your behaviour is habit.

Skipping the workout, eating the takeaway, watching the tv or spending the night on your phone instead of speaking with your loved one – that’s not courageous. It’s not even hard. It’s just habit. It requires no thinking on your part whatsoever.

Showing Up is Courageous

But when you have to show up consistently on your media platforms; create content; measure your metrics; keep yourself in good physical and mental shape - that my friends is true courage.

Consistency is like compound interest – the rewards take time

We're in a world where we're wired to look at the vanity metrics (even if they don’t reflect the success of our business). It’s a dopamine hit.

We’ve been brainwashed to buy in to big results, with minimum time. And then we feel deflated and depressed when it doesn’t happen – compounding feelings of not enoughness.

Give Yourself a Score Out of 10

Taking consistent action, in the things that matter, knowing you might not see results for months (or years) is true courage. Let me give you an example

Let's discuss your health, intimate relationship and your business. If I asked you to score yourself from 0-10 on your level of fulfilment in these areas, and you said 7 – what would need to change to make that a 10?

  • Do you need to drop body fat/weight?
  • Do you need to get fitter?
  • Do you need some more va va voom in your relationship?
  • Does your business need more clients/cash? 

Now imagine, that for the rest of the year, you committed to 2 new habits in each are. For the next 10 months, you did those things every day/week without fail!

❓How would your body change? How would that make you feel? Who else would benefit?

❓With a fitter body, would you feel more ooo la la in the bedroom? How would it feel to have more connection and intimacy in your loving relationship?

❓What would happen in your business if you did something every day to generate a sale? 

The reason people don’t get results -

Is not because they don’t take action. It’s because they don’t take consistent action. They start for a while then stop when they get bored or don’t see results. And they start again or start something else. It takes a lot of courage to be consistent in the things that matter, when you know results aren’t imminent.

Silent Courageousness #3 Simplicity

We are in a world of more wanting and needing more. We get wrapped up in FOMO. (Think about the new audio app that’s been recently launched. Were you desperate for an invite?).

I got my invite for the new app. My ego told me this could be a magic money maker! I got SO overwhelmed with the notifications that I deleted it. I told my coach about it and he asked me how it would feel to celebate JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)instead of feel FOMO. I like that switch.

There is a great deal of courage in choosing to narrow your focus to two or three key projects. To streamline and simplify the systems that you have. To concentrate your focus to the smaller, daily steps instead of drowning in the size of the goal.

Simple Simplification Steps

Take your eyes off everyone else

Get off social media more

Focus on the daily action

Say no more

Spend WAY more time working on your mindset and energy

Are you prepared to implement these 3 Simple Courage Strategies? Great. Be sure to go to YouTube to get the video that I created with a specific exercise to Generate Courage any time. It’s pretty awesome.. 

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