Success is a mindset game. 3 Questions Successful People Ask
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How Successful People Think

Feb 13, 2021

ONE things stands between you and your next level of success. What’s going on between your ears!


This is the start of my brand new “Success Series”, helping you crush your mindset demons. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel (and be sure to hit the bell for ALL notifcations) for the weekly exercise designed specifically to help you up-level your mindset for guaranteed success.

How do you feel when you’re not getting results?

When you’re not making progress even though you’re working your butt off – it’s soul destroying. Frustrating at best. In these moments it’s easy to yourself yourself stories like, “it's not possible for someone like me”; “I'm not cut out for it” or “successful people just have something that I don’t have access to”.

That’s total B.S.

The REAL issue is that you don’t have the conditioning. And we don’t know we don’t have it until we feel the pain of not having it. So let me make this clear. There is NOTHING wrong with you, you can absolutely “make it” but you’re going to need a different strategy to the one you are using now.

You must direct your thoughts

Good marketing is the downafall of many a small business owner. Tapping in to the ‘not enoughness’, ‘fomo’ and ‘there must be this one strategy I’m missing’ mentally – it keeps you in a mindset that your success is in something outside of you.

Here’s what no-one tells you at the start. Success is a mindset game. Period. And that means evolving your identity so that you BE-come the person you need to be.

Successful people think differently

Success isn’t about IQ, gender, which side of the town you were born, age or race. That’s fact. What research tells us is that successful people (I define this here as someone who is consistently working on making their dreams a reality) think differently. Below I’m going to give you 3 statements that unsuccessful people (I define this here as someone who is not living the life they desire) use regularly and the 3 questions that successful people ask instead.

Ready to be the driver of your bus?

Psychology mastery is about being able to direct your thoughts (and emotions) no matter what is going on around you. Easy? Absolutely not – that’s why most of the world don’t do it. But this is the ONE thing that will give you freedom from the emotional pain of the human experience (if you want to learn more about this, this podcast episode is a must!)

Statement Vs Question #1

I don’t know how

This immediately shuts down any and all options. It is a statement that invites no curiosity about what’s possible instead.

It’s not to say this statement is not currently true. Maybe you don't know how to do that thing at the moment, but will you stop there or will you act like the Successful Person who says, “What must I learn?”.

This isn’t about buying more courses

I said previously, that small business owners can be easy pray for good marketing. And it’s easy to believe that “thing” is “the” answer to your current lack of progress/money/clients. BUT – strategies are as useful as a chocolate fireguard if they don’t relate directly to your current business plan and you don’t complete and implement.

Successful people know that a. they are the most important strategy and they work on that as a priority and b. they only commit to learning what is necessary at this moment.

Statement Vs Question #2

“I don't have the…….”

I don’t have the email list/community/platform.

Once again, this may be true but do you see the “closing statement” again? Do you feel the constriction that comes from making an awareness a ‘final truth?’

Successful people then ask, “How can I generate, create or obtain?” said thing.

This directs your mind to recover options.

From there, you immediately have your next, best step. It stops you becoming so overwhelmed by the “not having” that you use it as reasonable justification to take no action.

Statement Vs Question #3

This has definitely been the one that held me back for the longest time (and if I’m honest, I still hear whispers of this when things feel particularly difficult!).

Even if you are not aware of consciously saying this, I invite you to consider if this is something that could be running unconsciously on replay in your mind!

Unsuccessful people think, “I’m just not that kind of person”.

I'm not the kind of person who gets up at 5:00 AM; “does” strategy; makes money easily; has the time..

Identity is everything when it comes to success and living the life you want vs making do with the life you have. Probably THE most important question that successful people ask themselves is this..

“Who do I NEED to be?”

Your freedom (emotional, time, financial) lies in the depth at which you believe and act upon the fact that you are a not a product of your conditioning but rather a product of your consciousness. Your choices.

Is the person you believe you are, REALLY who you are? Or is that who you’ve been made to believe you are? And does that version of yourself serve your highest dreams? Or do you know that you need to do some identity shifting?

Conditioning is like a brain full of buckets

I want you to imagine for a moment that your brain is full of buckets. Those buckets represent your beliefs and the meanings and values that you have for everything in life. From health, to love, to finances and to your ability to succeed.

Over the years, those buckets have been filled with information (water) from what you saw and heard and what those things made you feel. They have been filled with other people’s beliefs, expectations, morals and emotions. These are now your filters!

You filter every bit of information through filters that don’t even belong to you.

And when you decide to become the creator of your life, these buckets are holding you back.

Empty the buckets

Imagine now that you empty the stagnant water out of those buckets, replace them with bright, colourful, new buckets and fill them with clean, fresh water. This now mean you can filter with effective self communication, create new context, generate new opportunities and make powerful decisions

It's time to rewrite the story of your life.

This series has been designed to help you create your, Your Success Superstar Identity

How can we take the most important concepts of High Performance – proven success habits of the world’s most successful people – and use it in your life to create an identity that guarantees your own success?


This series isn’t for someone who wants an easy ride. It’s only for you if you are looking for the TRUTH about success. You won’t find a quick fix or a guaranteed “blueprint”. You will find proven tools and techniques that will take time, will challenge you in every way, but that set you up for a success that most people will never achieve in their life.

Do you want to elevate your success?

If you want your business to succeed (and to do so without losing your mind, health or relationships) you have to elevate to a whole new level. Your life can completely change this year. Your life can completely change this month, but It will take a grit and determination.

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