Forget about Law of Attraction and focus on decreasing resistance
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Why You Need To Focus on Decreasing Resistance to Your Dreams

May 03, 2021

It's easier to decrease resistance than it is to increase alignment.

Law of attraction and manifestation techniques teach us to focus on the things that we want align with in the future vision but that actually increases resistance because it activates our limiting beliefs.

Start With Reducing Resistance

It might sound weird and I get. If you REALLY want something, why would you have resistance around it? Well that’s the power of your subconscious programming.

So, if you know that focusing on the thing, activates and agitates our limiting beliefs increasing the resistance that we have to make that thing a reality, doesn't it make more sense to focus on removing the barriers rather than executing and using that excessive energy attempting to navigate around them?

Why Feel Crappy?

If you continue to focus on what you want but keep “not getting it”, not only do you feel crappy but it’s a total waste of your time and energy.

Doesn’t it feel better to give yourself permission to just let that go?

Let’s Have a Practice

Think about something you've been working really hard, maybe for a long timeYou can see the vision in your mind, or you can feel it in your body and you know that this isn't what you really, really want, and you just don't have it yet.

Can you feel the weight of that? The heaviness, the dragging, the resistance. Have you ever tried running with a sledge or a parachute attached to your back? Maybe you've tried to do a long walk or to do a run with one of your kiddies on your back. And eventually they get really, really heavy. Your legs and lungs burn as you desperately try to maintain momentum.

This is exactly the same as dragging the resistance to your dreams.

So just put the weight down,

Imagine putting the child down, releasing the sledge or removing the heavy backpack. Notice how you suddenly feel weight-LESS.

Your limbs feel light and airy. You feel a sense of relief and lighter than you’ve felt in a very long time.


And it starts with changing your definitions because definition can create judgement.

Here's an example.

If you just think about having an argument with your partner and you're trying to get them to see your point of view. And they're trying to get you to see their point of view. It's because you both define the same thing differently. It could be a word that's been used; an experience you just both shared, but the definition, that perspective that you don't share is what is causing the the disagreement, right?

So definition creates judgment and how we judge things is going to generate specific emotions.

Let’s look at some business related examples.

Number One – “That’s TOO expensive”

How do you define expensive? Does your ideal client, does your community have the same definition of expensive? Are you super imposing your money crap on to them? Would it be too expensive if you guaranteed it would double your income next year?

You’ve got a definition and you’ve globalized it. Now, every time you receive information that agitates this belief about money and investment and expense and sales and dah, dah, dah, it's filtering through this bucket of files that you have.

Number Two – “You Have to Work Hard to Succeed”

What does working hard look and feel like to you? What's your definition of success

Believing that working hard guarantees success is like going out to the desert and planting a load of grass seed, tending the seed for weeks and expecting the grass to grow. In the desert.

Why do most small business owners work hard and still under earn or fail. And in fact, over a period of time, around about 80% of small businesses will fail. So does your definition of working hard and success? Does that serve you? No.

#3 – I’m a Perfectionist (and struggle to “put things out there”)

Really? So are you a perfectionist when you go to the toilet? No?  Clearly you're choosing to be a perfectionist. I know that sounds a little sarcastic but it shows a point.

What defines perfect for you and how do you know that your audience will agree with that level of perfection? Are they going to experience it and see it in the same way as you? And how do you know that to be true?

Your Definitions Come From Your Model of The World

Your model of the world has been unconscious, up until now. And the roadblocks it’s created to your success have been experienced as resistance.

What if you could swap Roadblocks and Resistance for Doorways and Highways?

You can. When you CHOOSE to change the definition.

Commit to acting from your highest and best self, and not your programming. Your current perceptions are based on unconscious programming but now you’ve read this, you can create a different perspective by challenging what you believe to be true.

It’s a 3 step process

  1. Awareness – of when we are Definition Discrepency  (when your definition causes resistance)
  2. Affirm – create a new perception that supports desired outcome
  3. Action – take action based on new perception, not old programming 

The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask

“Who am I without this thought, belief or definition?”

Instantly you can see beyond your definition and create new portals of possibility.

REMEMEBR: What now holds you back once served you. The limiting beliefs you had, were developed unconsciously to keep you safe so asking this question allows you to bypass that safety mechanism.

When you start to become more conscious of your narrative, your internal conversations and consciously change them, it really does change your entire reality!


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