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What to do if You're Struggling With Messaging

May 06, 2021

If you’re struggling with your messaging, start with who YOU are and not what you do or who you serve.

As a business owner, your messaging is the ticket to your financial freedom or financial failure. But if you’re messaging simply isn’t “landing” and it’s reflecting in your income, then another course isn’t what you need.

Been There, Done That

Believe me, I get it. I bought two courses from a leading influencer to help me build my business and write amazing copy. But I finished neither because I didn’t believe in ME. And if you don’t truly believe in YOU, you will sabotage any and all attempts to be successful.

If you don't know who you really are and what you really stand for, and don't belief in your ability to succeed, your message will always be cloudy. It will always be filtered through your limiting beliefs. he ability and the I'm going to say entitlement to make great money and have a life that is wealthy and healthy and joyful.

It All Just Felt Like “Lip Service”

I spent thousands on courses and grabbed all the “free stuff” but as I wrote, nothing felt like it belonged to me. It felt yucky. Disengenuious. It was more because “I had to write something”, rather than something that felt true. And compelling.

Second Guessing

I also questioned myself. “is that right?”. “Can I say that? Should I say that?”. I changed my mind ALL THE TIME – whether it was different branding, a new name, another Facebook group. I can see now that all I was doing was trying to make the external FIX something that was an internal problem.

Do The Same Thing, Get a Different Result

As soon as I started to feel the resistance and challenge of dialling in on my messaging, I just did something new. Created a new course or offer; try a different strategy that I thought would be “THE” one or just avoided creating any content at all.

I Had To Accept That I Was The Problem

And I’d like to invite you to consider whether the same could apply to you? Is it actually the beliefs about yourself, visibility, money, success and your unique offer that is causing you to NOT be able to discover your most powerful messaging?

It’s Like Making a Cake

It's a little bit like having all the ingredients to make the most amazing cake but you've got no instructions. You already have all of the components – you just don’t have the “beliefs” or the instructions

3 Steps to Becoming A Success Superstar

It is my personal and professional belief that Soulpreneurs need to work on 3 pilllars to succeed.

#1 – Healing – to let go of the energetic identities holding us back

#2 – Subconscious reprograming – so we can create from purpose and not suffocate on our program

#3 – Self Mastery – proven beliefs and behaviours for success

However, most people start and continue to focus on STRATEGY.

You’ve already got the passion and purpose, but when you don't have that clarity of your messaging it's because somehow, some way youve let limiting beliefs lead the way. It doesn't let you shine your light brightly, to see and hear your truth. And it doesn’t matter how many platforms you’re on, if your messaging is being diluted by your limiting beliefs, you simply cannot sell with the ease and flow you desire.

Journal On This Question

What wouldn’t happen anymore if you didn’t believe your messaging was a problem.

Now let’s add some FEELING – think about writing amazing content that creates conversation, connection and sales. How do you FEEL when you’re creating it? What are you saying then that you’re not now? What part of you, your belief system,  soul, essence is present in this messaging that you don’t show now?

There is Power in Tranparency

I truly believe that right now, we are being called to be more transparent. To trust that those things we feel very powerfully about are needed. People need to hear it.

The world is tired of the “insta pretty” and is searching out authenticity. REAL people. To feel their heart. When you can connect with someone at that level, it’s a magical experience.

Get Ready For The Powerful, Rational Lies

Any time you start to change, you can expect resistance and something that humans are very good at, is telling themselves believable and logical lies about why you shouldn’t.

This is particularly relevant when you start to uproot the weeds in your mind.

Start Here

If your messaging has been a constant struggle for you, I encourage you to prioritize self-love and self-healing. Write down the values and beliefs that you want to share with your audience. Be courageous so you can let them know that you see, hear and feel them.

Take a look at who you follow on social media and ask yourself why. What is it about them that aligns you with them? Are you embodying that?

And finally, start talking more about what you want to, rather than what you should, and notice if it gets more traction?

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