Self Love is Your Number One Success Strategy - Here's 3 Ways
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3 Ways to Use Self Love as Your #1 Success Strategy

Jan 29, 2021

I bet you’re not using this Success Habit.


Way too many female business owners fail to achieve their dreams purely because of their lack of self belief. And that lack of belief prevents them directing their mind towards greater expectations for themselves and their life.


Bleeds in to your dreams and dilutes them. After a while, taking action becomes just too hard and the results just don’t happen. I was crippled by this for almost 40 years. Anyone that knew me would tell you I was confident, “ballsy” and driven. But it was a show.

I was petrified most of the time and didn’t expect to get great results. Because “people like me” didn’t achieve “things like that”.

Activate Greater Self Love For Greater Success

When you don’t love yourself enough to believe in the most glorious vision of your life and business, action can be soul destroying. And as we create what we expect (not want) you’ll find yourself working harder and achieving the same!

Concept to Action Plan – 3 Ways to Use Self Love for Success

#1 Receive

If you can't receive a compliment,  receive help and support, constructive criticism, then you are blocking the receipt of anything else.

If you can’t gratefully receive, “Geez, your hair looks nice.”, how can you expect to receive abundance and success with ease? You can't. When you block of receiving in one area, you’ll be doing it elsewhere, without even realising. Because it’s an ENERGY. An intention.

I think women are particularly good at this. I don't know about you but I can be pretty down stubborn and say, “I can do all this on my own. I don't need help. I don't need support”. But it’s putting up barriers to receive and to make things easy.

Receiving Rampage

How can you go ALL OUT to receive more? Take compliments and support graciously and with deep gratitude is a first stop. But what else?

Can you start to EXPECT to receive more? How can you show yourself every day that you’re in the mode for receiving. What way’s could you set yourself up to receive more? It’s a fun game to play.

#2 – Reward

Every day, write down 2 or 3 things that you achieved, can be proud of, that you love about yourself

And let’s not make this all about the achievement. It’s easy to flip here when you’re an ambitious business woman, but you’re more than your business, right?

If you would normally check your phone the minute you wake up, and you don’t today – congratulate that.

If you schedule an hour to read and drink tea,  celebrate that.

See how we’re receiving calm? Free time? Relaxtion? And then celebrating it. Rewarding ourselves for receiving more!

Part 2 is the bigger reward. Commit to celebration! Do something just for you.

Sit in the bath for longer than five minutes? Close your laptop down an hour earlier? Go for a walk? Chat with a friend. Do yoga.. there are infinite rewards that you don’t allow yourself enough of right now.

It's easy to think that entrepreneur is about building a business. But what if it’s about building the person? The highest version of you? Would that version of you work all the time with no reward and self love? NOPE!

#3 – Remove Expectations

Everybody is going to have an opinion about what you should do. As a High Performance Coach, I have a toolbox of tools but you're not ready for all of them. We learn in layers. We must tap in to, “what do I need right now?”.

Sure, you could build another funnel. But maybe what’s better is learning how to deal with the anxiety.

It's easy to get stuck in the doing, but what if you drop the expectation of doing all of that stuff? Instead, choosing to spend more time understanding how you need to show up in a way that serves you. Where you pay attention to your mind, body and spirit needs as well as the needs of your business?

It doesn’t mean you are searching for “easy”

Being in flow and aligned with your truth isn’t about things feeling easy. It’s just that you are so deeply connected to your purpose and self belief that you expect and embrace the challenge!

Remove yourself from the anxiety of expectations and stay in your lane! Get clear on your outcomes, boundaries and needs and tend to them –  don’t allow yourself to get distracted by the journey of others.

Self-Love is The Foundation of Your Best Life

You start to make decisions very differently. You will demand better quality relationships; health; boundaries; experiences. You’ll tolerate less BS.  If you practice waiving self love, you will demand that you have better health. You are able to activate greater courage and resilience.

My invitation to you in 2021 is to prioritize self love as your #1 success strategy.

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