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There Is Plenty Of Money

Sep 01, 2020

There IS still plenty of money

Today, we're talking money and mainly around the fact that yes, there is still plenty of money in this world in this crazy time. When everybody is focused on lack, I'm going to be courageous enough to stand out and ask you today to think about optimism and abundance. This is episode number seven of The Your Rich Life Podcast.If you're ready, let's dive in.

Today's podcast is a little bit of a different. This is more of a riff on my part, nothing to teach, but just something to share. Now, throughout this whole crisis, I have avoided at all costs putting my opinion on to social media because it's so heavily Laden with emotion. As a true empath I just don't want to give my energy there. I also believe so much more powerfully in what my intention does, that the way that I'm holding my energy in myself and the, where I commit my focus to it's way more powerful in my opinion, than spouting out stuff all over social media.

Lets not magnify the differences

I also feel that as other things have become evident throughout this pandemic, that in actual fact, so much of the communication is focusing and magnifying differences rather than focusing on conversations and communication that allow us to generate, uh, you know, new bridges and bonding and creating a new future. This was in my head last night when I went to sleep. I'm like, why is there so much focus on changing things that happened in the past to try and change the now, why don't we focus on the now so that we can change what's happening in the future? Anyway, that's what brought me to this one today, because there is so much fear around money right now. And I want to just say off the bat that I know that there are so many people that have suffered because of what's going on. People have clearly lost their jobs.

Incomes have decreased, you know, families have had the challenges with homeschooling and working from home. And I feel very blessed that my children are older and that I haven't had to experience it in, in that way. You know, my main focus with pandemic has been keeping my dad, my dad's safe. Um, but the other side of that coin is that we have all heard that where our focus goes, you know, energy goes in and it grows right, wherever we send our attention, that particular thing is going to grow, play. I'm sure you can remember a time when you thought the worst and it actually happened that way or worse. I know, I know I have. And when you're a small business owner, it's really to get sucked into, um, the fear around the lack, the fear about people not spending.

We See What We Seek

Now I have a theory that I call, we see what we seek is based on our reticular activating system in our brain, which is an incredibly powerful part of our brain, which literally continually seeks proof of what you're thinking about.

So, as an example, if you happen to be looking at a new car, you go buy a new car. I can pretty much guarantee that suddenly you're find those cars everywhere. And it's not that that manufacturer has just plumped, you know, a thousand more of those in your area, it's that your brain sees all this thing is important to her. I'm going to keep showing her more awesome.

So when we continue to focus on lack and fear and poverty and so on, we will start to see more of that in our existence. We'll hear more stories, we'll see more things on the news or when our newsfeeds and we'll feel it so much more powerfully in our own energetic bodies. And I just want to ask you to consider that not everybody's reality is the same. Not everybody has experienced this this very challenging time in the same way, there are people still making money.

There are people whose businesses and incomes are growing.

Just this morning. I saw a feed in a group I'm in where one of the girls income has gone from a regular eight to 10 K a month to, um, by August she's hit. I think, I think July was maybe like 20,000, 22,000 and August was $25,000 a month through this crisis. And she is not alone. I'm hearing these stories all the time because I'm choosing to seek possibility. I'm choosing to seek optimism because you know what? I don't feel good when I focus on the things that are, that are challenging. I don't feel good when I allow myself to get dragged into what's wrong. And it is, this is personal choice. I happen not to watch the news or read the newspapers because literally it can, it can wipe me out for days and I'm just not a good person.

I choose to understand that, um, you know, with quantum entanglement, we are all connected. So how I feel, how I vibrate and how I resonate is impacting way beyond me, way beyond my home way beyond my town. And it's my mission through this podcast and my YouTube, my coaching to help all of you to have the courage, to prioritize those vibrations and those frequencies, and to do what you need to do to maintain that because it is my view that that is what will help us shift the level of the consciousness that's going on. Now. I'm not going to go into too much right now. I would highly recommend if you haven't listened to anything by Bruce Lipton, when he talks about the sixth mass extinction, go listen, because this thing was always coming. I want you to think about the fact that most times chaos always proceeds huge change.

Paving the way

I want to stay focused on what is happening now is paving a way for something new. Think about how challenging it must have been for people to rebuild after the war, but what good came out of it? We've got the re you know, the industrial revolution. People have been putting things around social media about the Spanish flu in 1919. Big change comes about because something big happens beforehand. Unexpected things happen beforehand. It's a new paradigm. We don't know how to deal with it, but all we know is a new way, must be created for us to be able to move, move forward. And we're all, these were intelligent emotional beings. And this is our opportunity to use that. Not just to enhance our life, not just to grow a business that is aligned with our soul, that is successful with way more grace and ease.

And we can do it when we just doing it from our mindset and our thinking is a feeling state. But actually we have an opportunity to make a massive impact in the consciousness of the planet period. So let's think about how we're thinking about money.

Has this been impacting the way that you've been selling or pricing? Have you stopped selling altogether? There are people who have, who made investments at the beginning of all this that are already starting to experience a huge return because they had the mindset around investments before, and I have money put away.

One of the things I see so often, and I have been so guilty of this, and I still sometimes catch myself doing it is it's way too easy for us to blanket our beliefs and expectations and perceptions around money onto the people around us. If you don't have savings, if you have never invested, don't let yourself believe that everybody around you is the same.

Imagine right now, if you met a millionaire. What do you expect them to look like? And I bet you get a picture in your head. And I remember having this awareness when I was at the gym once, and, um, this guy drew up in this brand new, like it came out that day, brand new, beautiful Maserati. He gets out and he was the scruffiest guy with the oldest gym equipment. I would have met him in the gym And I've made an assumption about that man. Our money story is so much deeper than just what you charge and what you're running. It's, it's filtering through so many of your perceptions and expectations. And for most of us, it's holding you back into that small business mindset and not stepping you into the CEO.

Money is infinite. Money is not personal.

You can not receive money if you ask for it and don't expect it, you cannot receive money easily. If you believe it has to be hard work and you have to sell your soul to make that happen. You're also going to be misaligned with money. If you believe that your happiness lies in having more of it, and there is so much wrapped up in money, it is absolutely crazy. So wherever you're at in your business, if this is new to you, and you're really determined to step out of that small business mindset, which I hope you are, and step into becoming the CEO to create a life of abundance and financial security, independence, and freedom for yourself and for what that means for your family. And when you've got more money, it is true that there is more impact how many more people can you help and serve with a greater income.

If you've got a bigger bank account, what difference can you make on a much, much larger, larger scale? And I want to just refer back to when we did episode number five, and we talked about expectations. Have you ever entertained the possibility of what it would look like for you to serve on that much bigger level? This is the perfect time to start choosing faith and optimism.

This is the time to choose, to focus on, let me seek out the people who are smashing their business right now. Let me focus on what do I need to do to generate greater income, to align more with abundance, to generate the frequency of infinite abundance. Because every time we have one of those judgments, every time we define money through our own past life experiences and memories and expectations, we are closing the door on abundance. The cash is just outside the door waiting to come in, but we're telling ourselves it's all gone. There's nothing left. It's greedy to have it now. And so many people are struggling. Um, how can I focus on money when other people, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, maybe you could make more money and help those people that suffering an employee. Somebody teach somebody how to set up their own business, help them feed their family.

This is the perfect, perfect time for you to step into that mission driven mindset, where your business becomes so much more than just what's going into your bank account. This is a time when you can think about not just saving, but investing. This is a time when you can switch the small business mindset to, Ooh, I want my first five K month two, I want to invest at a level where I'm making X amount of thousands of pounds every single month through my investments alone, all these aspects are part of you up leveling. You don't need to do it all at once, but please be open to that thought process of let me challenge what I currently believe to be true.

Next Level

Let me choose to focus on higher level thought. Let me ask myself better questions to create this reality. That at the moment seems so far away, but becomes much clearer, uh, much, much nearer to me in a much quicker way when I focus and intend to have that made manifest.

And so this was like I say, it was just a bit of a risk because I see a lot of people who are experiencing that fear mentality, the lack mentality, and the news wants to the news wants to keep us here. And I want to let you know that your power and your decision to not be drawn into that is such an inspiration for other people that need to see that. So please go out there and be confident to say what you're selling, keep serving, do what you need to do. Uplevel that mindset still and choose where you focus our ability to maintain a higher vibration, regardless of what is coming in at us, through our 3d senses, by what we're seeing and what I hearing is an absolute skill. It's why you have this amazing frontal lobe in your brain because we can take this stuff in, but we can choose to see as a current experience we can choose to see as just one perception.

And then we can make the decision where I'm going to choose to look and what I'm going to choose to hear. That is your key to freedom, to financial freedom, to success, to more joy, the ability to choose where you focus. So I hope that wasn't too serious for you. And I really want to just encourage you to up level right now, your decisions around your, your, your thoughts around money. You know, that money mindset is a huge passion of mine. I'm going to be, I've got so much more coming for you in the coming weeks around money, mindset and challenges and getting you to up level your thinking. But for now, just get clear on where is your focus being spent? How is that impacting the decisions that you're making your business and what do you really need to be doing instead? You know what to do. If you've loved this episode, please make sure you subscribe. And I will see you in the next episode.



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