Motivation is a Myth - Here's the truth about motivation and momentum
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The Myth of Motivation (and what to do instead)

Nov 25, 2020

What if your lack of momentum and motivation is actually a symptom and not the problem? Well, that's what we're going to discuss in this very special two-part episode of The Your Rich Life Podcast

Let’s start with the Myth of Motivation and Momentum

To get the most out of this episode, I want you to grab a pen a paper because it’s all about reflection. This is going to help you change the way you think about motivation so that when you listen to episode #2, you can start taking big action.

You don’t HAVE motivation

Motivation and momentum is NOT something that you have. It’s not something you are given. It’s something you GENERATE. (note: momentum and motivation might have the same meaning for you. I interchange these words in this podcast so pick what feels good for you).

That means that you have a STRATEGY for feel motivated and “in” momentum. So, if you’ve had it once it means you can have it again. Right? I’ll show you how toward the end of this episode.

But to get us started I want you to reflect on this question:

‘How do you know you don’t have the momentum you want, right now?’

 What feedback are you getting? What are you seeing in your outside world and what are you feeling and telling yourself (internal world)? Dig deep and use the question, “what else” to access some real truth.

“When was a time that you DID have motivation and momentum?’

I don't believe for one second that you haven't had momentum at some point, in some area of your life. At some point in the past, there will have been something that you would have felt motivated about. It may be something as simple as planning a holiday or a wedding; running a race or doing a launch in your business. So write down now, a time in your life when you experienced the motivation to get the necessary stuff done to get the outcome that you wanted.

What was going on?

Think about the action you took and the traction you gained. How did it feel? And as you start to remember that specific time, ask yourself,

“What was going on then, that is not going on now?”

What was you seeing, hearing, feeling, experiencing, tasting, smelling, touching? What were you saying to yourself and what external feedback did you get?

So what’s missing NOW? Or maybe what’s present now that wasn’t present then? 

What are Your Spanners?

So far you..

  1. Know exactly why you believe you don’t have motivation and momentum
  2. Have a greater understanding of your strategy
  3. Know that there is one a two spanners in your Motivation Strategy

What are those spanners?

Maybe in the past, you had a specific set of action steps that gave you clarity and made you feel confident? And that’s what is lacking now?

Perhaps there was a certainty in the outcome, like finishing a race and right now, there is zero certainty.

What I can almost guarantee however, is that there is a belief, whirring around in your subconscius mind, that’s the biggest spanner.  You may not know what that is right now, but by the end of this podcast I hope that you will (and it’s likely to be about you and your ability to “do this”; the speed at which it will happen; clarity around your strategy etc).


If you want to feel more motivated and gain more momentum, no matter what is going on outside, is to get really clear on what it is that you need to believe.

The Final Question

What is one belief that you could adopt,  that if you held that belief in your heart and soul every day it would motivate you to take the action necessary to see the results you want?

I really want you to understand that the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals are dreams, are the beliefs you are holding on the dashboard of your mind 24/7. Your next level of success requires a new level of identity for you. You cannot get to a new level, being the same person that got you to where you are. You must be able to think outside and beyond your current life experience. 

Reflection Question Summary (to do before you listen to Part 2) to ensure you Discover Your Motivation Strategy:

  1. How do I know now that I don't have motivation and momentum now?
  2. When was a time you did have momentum and motivation?
  3. What is different now, to then? What’s missing/present.
  4. What’s the “strategy spanner”
  5. What's a belief that you need to adopt that, no matter what, will allow you to do the things that you need to do to get the outcome that you want 

Listen, I know this might be uncomfortable but that is the true power of coaching. When you get asked questions that you wouldn't ask yourself, that challenge the way you think – it’s the only way to create different (and desired) outcomes.

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