Ever wondered why visualisation doesn't work for you? Let me tell you
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Why Visualisation Doesn't Work For YOU!

Jul 16, 2021

What if I told you that your visualization efforts are actually STOPPING you manifesting what you want?

Today we're going to get curious about the effectiveness of visualization as a success strategy.

The power and the potential dangers of visualization

Let’s start with looking at some examples.

JK Rowling. It’s said that she had the idea for Harry Potter in 1990,  started writing it on a napkin on a train from Manchester and Edinburgh. She was a single parent, suffering with depression after losing her mother. She started after she “heard”….”A young boy who is a wizard but doesn’t know he’s a wizard and goes to wizard school”.

That's how Harry Potter was born and over 5 years so penned the format for the seven books. She was turned down by 12 publishers (who must now be kicking themselves).. her last book was the fastest selling book in history!

She now has her own digital publishing company, global blockbuster movies a freaking theme park. She got herself taken of the Forbes Billionaire list because she donated so much money for charity.

So my question to you is..

Do you think that when started writing on the napkin, she was visualizing all of those outcomes trying to make it manifest?

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love shares a similar story. And how about Sarah Blakely? Created Spanx after getting too hot whilst she did “door to door” fax machine sales.

How much time do you think they invested in visualizing these incredible outcomes?

Or could it have simply been the result of consistent action taken on their passion, drive and belief in something bigger?

Any action that creates a feeling of frequency and of an alignment cannot be wrong.

As human beings, we're like a walking photo album. For all the beliefs we have, we have pictures (or internal representations) to match.

Let me give you an example. If I asked you to think of something that you fear and asked if you have a picture of that… how would you describe that to me? 

What about if I asked you about a behaviour that you’d like to change? Think of that behaviour and tell me how you “see” that in your head.

What has this got to do with your success?

Basically, what these visual representations create, is unconscious “set points” for your success. It’s a conditioned limitation. In short, the pictures represent what you can expect from your life, and from yourself.

If having unconscious limits weren’t enough, we are also wired for comfort. Which means that the minute we even THINK about stretching beyond those ceilings of limitation, the neurological fire alarms go off.

The result? Your frequency becomes distorted, downgraded and diluted. and your frequency becomes You are NOT in vibrational alignment with the outcome you fantasise about.

And because our subconscious mind has incredible self sabotage techniques, you’re also likely to feel really bad, which magnifies the misaligned frequency. It’s chaos!

Visual Cues Work

It wouldn’t be right for me to not mention that visual cues DO work. Our brains are wired to match more of what we constantly see – it’s a way of confirming our model of the world. Just think about when you are looking for or have bought a new car. Don’t you start to see those cars EVERYWHERE?

But may I ask you to consider that whilst cues do work, YOUR first work may be fixing the things that are triggering limiting beliefs and definitions within you? 

You May FEEL More Than You See

I'm a clairsentient so I FEEL a vision. Whether I'm working with a client and I see a vision for their business, or working on a project like upcycling or decorating – I can describe it but only as I feel it. So forcing visualization reinforced stories about being “not good enough” so now not only am feeling crap but I’m not in alignment.

Here’s What to do if You’re Struggling

So if visualisaton hasn’t worked for you, until now, does it not make more sense to get clarity on what parts of you are holding you back? To kind of go through a personal upgrade and then come back to visualization from a much more powerful, aligned place?

Is there just another method for you at this moment in time, that feels better for you and that immediately puts you in alignment with the next best thing? Maybe not the billionaire thing, but maybe like the next income bracket or the next amazing client or the next amazing piece of copy or whatever it is for you. Maybe it's about taking it down into a smaller bite size chunk?

Visualisation Limits Your Outcome?

Maybe our visualization is limited to what we have experienced in the past? What we've seen on TV and on social media. Like if we've seen it, we can believe it. We know it's there. It's also limited by our expectations. And it's also limited to what society deems as success and joy and abundance and happiness.

We're also creating desires from a place of lack. Like, I don't have this, therefore I want that. And so our dominant frequency is lack, not desire and faith.

So our visualisations are limited. By all of these things. 

We Forget the Creative Universe is Infinite

You can’t even imagine the best outcome for you. (Think about our examples earlier).

So how do you deal with that? You PRIMARY ACTION is to stay in the FEELING state of the things you are trying to manifest. When you create that internal picture of your “dream” what EMOTIONS are you feeling? It is THOSE very feelings that you have to anchor in all the time because THAT frequency will align you with things to create MORE of that feeling.

There is an incredible speech by Oprah that explains this theory in 3 minutes. Head over to the podcast and you’ll find the link in the show notes.

So whether you call it God, Universe, Universal Matrix, it doesn't matter. The point is THAT holds the best outcome for you.

I’d love for you to take 20 minutes to listen to the podcast episode 👇🏻 (as this the short version lol) and come join my FB community



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