Are You Diluting Your Action
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Are You Diluting Your Action

Sep 01, 2020

Welcome back to the, your rich life podcast. We are on episode number eight and today I'm to going a little bit more about energy and specifically how your discrepancy dilutes the impact of your action.

Let's start with basics.

We all know that the actions that we take or do not take eventually have a consequence. Sometimes that consequence can be immediate. Other times it's a combination of days, weeks, or months worth of action that create a particular result. Now, what the first thing is, I want to talk to you about there is that the actions that you take are dependent on your belief system. If you believe that you have the ability to make something happen, and you know that if you stick at it long enough, you're going to get to where you want to go. You will continue to make courageous steps towards the outcome that you want. If on the other hand, you are fuelled by beliefs about your lack of worth and your ability It's very likely that you won't take the action that you need, and your consequence will therefore not being the thing that you say you want to have.

But what happens if you're taking lots of action, and you're still not seeing the result that you want. This is where that discrepancy dilutes, the action that you're taking. This is where we can get stuck into that whole mindset of, I must do more. I must do more social media. I must do more podcasting. I must do more, more mama more. And before you know it, you are overwhelmed. Overworked burned out. You're feeling frantic. And you're so frustrated because you're still not seeing the results that you want to see. Now, this is where it becomes really challenging because that whole belief system and paradigm around working really hard, working longer hours. Number one, it's often celebrated. Particularly if you look at movies where you've got lots of male stars, or if you even look at the females in the boardroom and in position, high positions of power, it's all about the working hard and the long hours and the not being there for their family.

And even though you might think you don't have that belief system is something that that's ingrained in us to work hard.

Money means hard work.

That's so common for many of us. The other concept around that is that when we start to take a step back and we realize that actually we can double our, the power of that action by our intention. Now that's when things really start to make the difference. And the analogy that I always had in my head is that if you were out seeing you as doing some surfing, you could absolutely swim your way back to shore. It's probably going to be harder because you got your wet suit on making you a buoy. And it's harder to kind of catch the waves and the other people around you and the current's going to be bobbing you around. But if you have intention, which is your surfboard and you pop yourself in that surf board, you will glide your way back to shore easily.

And you're going to go so much further up with so much more joy. So for me, the intention is the surfboard that carries you through the action. And it increases the impact of your action with you doing less work. But like I say, it's a challenge when we've been in that paradigm for so long about we have to be working our butts off. We have to be doing everything that everybody else is doing. And that's the only way that I'm going to make my success really truly happen. And this is where the discrepancy happens.

So let's take that step back to when we just talked about just your action, every action at some point is going to have a result or a consequence. Now, when you working in your business and you decide that, you know what, I'm going to get all this stuff done, and I'm going to work 12 hours a day to get all this stuff out of the way.

Lack frequency

And you're not going to do the other things that you need to do to take care of yourself. Yes, you are getting the work done. Yes, you are churning it all out and great. Your productivity is through the roof. However, there is going to be a whole heap of energy that you're, that you are vibrating in That is around lack. The lack of time, lack of resources, lack of money, lack of help. And so you're frantically pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing to get all of this stuff done. That that discrepancy between your action and the feeling state is what dilutes the power of your action. Because once again, I'm going to remind you that your frequency creates your reality. And in one of the last episode, I talked about how you can absolutely be in flow and be working hard and create amazing results. What is so much more harder, so much more hard, not just to maintain, but to get the results that you want because it will impact other areas of your life is when you're busting your bar and you're working so hard, but your predominant thoughts and frequency are around the lack of around desperation.

And if you can't flip that frequency into flow and intention and take care of the other things are important in your life, like your health and your family, your action is going to be absolutely diluted.

Intention Doubles Action

Now, when you add the intention, your action now becomes two fold powerful. So you've got the results that are going to come from your action. Plus, now you have the results that are gonna come from your, uh, focused intention on your frequency. So it doubles up, and this is exactly how you get more done in less time. This is what we come to. That theory that it's the bead you have, who do you need to be? And actually, who do you want to be? Who do you want to be as you build this business? And one of the other episodes, we talked about that relationship gap. If you're somebody that is so intentional on building their business, but you don't give time and energy and intention to your relationships, are you prepared to sacrifice that thing?

Everything is about energy. Everything is about where we focus. And so want to ask you just to consider, when you sit down to do your work, are you in the right energetic space?

And I've just got one very simple tip for you.

It's also going to be a productivity tip to help you out. So one of the things I like to recommend my clients do is that they have blocked time. And I personally like to work in 50 minute blocks with a 10 minute gap. You might like the Pomodoro technique and prefer 25, five. So first of all, find something that suits your, your energy. Um, don't kid yourself. However that when you're in the flow, you can keep going, going, going, going, going, because scientific evidence proves to us that by the afternoon, you're pretty much playing way below par.

Even if you think you're not. So you're going to set your time blocks. And there's, there's a two step process. Every 10 minutes before you step into that new block, you're going to release the tension and you're going to set intention. So you set your alarm. Your alarm goes off after 15 minutes and immediately, unless you're on a call with a client, obviously immediately, you're going to down tools and you're going to step away from your desk. And you're going to do something, a short meditation, get outside something where you can release the tension. Now here's the thing. Even if you love what you do, and you've had a blast for the last 15 minutes, just take time out to disconnect from that, get your awareness back, bring your energy back into the now become conscious of where you're at in this time in space, because you know, the most powerful time of creation is the now. Not just what happened or what's gonna happen. NOW.

So we released the tension, breathe, do some yoga moves, play with the dog, bounce on the trampoline, you know, whatever floats your boat, do something to release the tension.

Set Intention

The next part is you need to take two to three minutes before you sit back at your desk to set intention. How do I want to show up in this next 50 minute block? What if my, and if my surf was an energy, what energy do I want to be coming to shore in. How am I going to make sure that I maintain that? Like, what am I going to be reciting in my head? What music do I need to have on? How do I ensure I maintain that vibration for the next 50 minutes. Now you are on this surfboard of intention. Your energy will be raised that that practice of time blocking with releasing and intending means that you are good for the day.

It also means that when other people come home into your home, they also get the best of you. They don't get the worn out, worn down, you know, person. Who's like, Oh my God, I've been so busy. You've managed your energy because you've chosen how to focus your energy. And that is it. I want to let you know that discrepancy diluting action is a huge thing. If there is fear, if there is lack, if there is like running out a time, if any of those emotions will lower your frequency. And that naturally means that the action that you're taking is being sabotaged, taking time out to set the, the frequency tone for your action and knowing when enough is enough. Now you get the double whammy of the action, because you've got the frequency, you've got the action. And the outcome that you achieve is double the effect and the Reticuli should be able to happen in less time. So please spend the next couple of weeks holding that frequency, making sure that you are not diluting your action with this fragmented energy and you know what to do.

If you liked this episode, please do that. Let me have a comment, subscribe to the podcast and I'll see you in episode number nine.



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