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Are You Expecting Enough?

Sep 01, 2020


What Do You Expect?

Where are your expectations? What do you expect from your life and what do you expect from yourself to make that happen? Welcome to episode five of the, Your Rich Life Podcast. And that is exactly what we're diving into.

I love talking about expectations. One of my favorite most questions is when I say to a client, why do you have what you have? And inevitably, I get that along silence. Well, what do you mean? Well, why do you have what you have? Why don't you have more now after I've had the excuses around, I've tried everything, things don't work for me. I don't have the time. I'm just not there yet. What January tends to happen when I dig a little deeper is that they tell me that honestly, they've never really thought about it.

Don't Make It About Money

And what I see happening for so many small business owners is that they are wrapped up in the belief that when, when I make more money, I will feel when I make more money, I will do this when I make more money and is actually not just holding them into a vibration of lack and in a vibration of like, we can never make manifest the things that we want, but it's also stopping them from thinking bigger about their life.

Now, when we don't think big, we cannot align with ideas and opportunities and resources and people to make those things a manifestation in our life. When we don't think big, we don't gift ourselves the opportunity to sit down and say, how do I make that happen? What's the plan. And here's my theory on this. You see, most of us don't have that big an expectation for our life. Most of us are still functioning within our conditioning ceiling. Make sure you go back to listen to the podcast episode on conditioning versus creation.

And actually we need to have these conversations about where are my expectations, because if you don't unearth your current expectations and make the decision to elevate them to demand more from your life, you will always continue to play small. You will stay in that small mindset. You will create results that don't really make you feel the way that you want to feel.


And you are going to create again, that life based on somebody else's belief, systems and expectations. Now in one of the frameworks that I have, or that I use in my clients, I have my be, do have fine framework. You have to be who you need to be to do the things that you need to do to have the things that you want to have. I like to start at the, at the, I like to start with the, have, what is it that you really truly want? And I don't want to start with money. I'm going to put that out there. Even though I do money coaching, I do not want to start with the money because I know it's not really the money that you want. It's the thing, the experiences, the freedom, the motions, that money is going to give you. Now, when we start to get deep in and I asked my clients, why do you want that?

What would another level of that look like? Why did you not tell me that in the first place, as we start to dive into that, we uncover where these expectations come from. Your belief system, bursts, your expectations, the beliefs that you have about yourself, what you're worth, what you're entitled to, what your, what your possibilities are, what your potential is. Those beliefs, they, they are the mother of your expectations. And you will be surprised maybe even as you're listening to this now, too, to realize that you have never once really thought about what do you really expect from your life? Because this is not about goals right now. This is before goals. This is about what are the expectations that I have for my life, for this amazing time that I get on this planet.

What do I expect to experience to have to achieve, to attain, to witness, to create, to, to, to serve, to, to contribute what are my expectations in those areas? Seriously. Now, how many of you can say that you've thought about those areas of your life and what you expect from them. And then here's another thing that many of us never think about. What do you expect from yourself to make those things happen? Because news lash, when you want to create an amazing life, you got to get off your butt. When you want to create an amazing life, you need to become the person that makes that happen. You're going to need three components. You're going to need courage, because you're going to have to say no a lot. You're going to have to say yes to a lot of things that scare you. You're going to have to have clarity on exactly the type of person that you're going to need to be, to make those expectations, your reality.

Vibrancy To Achieve Your Dreams

And you are going to need a whole heap of energy, not just the physical energy to chase your dreams with intention, commitment, and vibrancy, but energy to align and have faith in an outcome that you cannot see. You cannot guarantee, but you will bust your butt to maximize the chances of you making that your reality. So let's unpack that a little bit. It's not a complicated one. I'm going to give you some questions. I want you to write down and I want you to use these. A journaling prompts to start literally unpacking opening doors inside your mind of where you have had doors slam shot covered in cobwebs and dust, not being opened for lifetimes. We're going to crack those open today. We're going to clean them up, blow off the cobwebs, open the windows, let some fresh air in and open your mind. Open your mind to greater possibility and potential where you are now going to leave this podcast where you are going to demand more from your life.

And you are absolutely going to demand more from yourself to make that your reality. So here's three simple questions.  What comes up for you when you ask yourself some different questions in case you haven't heard this before, the quality of your life is completely related to the quality of the questions that you ask.

Question One

So the first question I want you to write down and journal on is what if, what is I could have anything and everything? What would I expect from my life? And like I said, at the beginning, don't be tempted to go straight to the monetary value because that monetary value for you just create a picture of the lifestyle that you would have with that money.

So what is that giving you that you don't have now, when you see that picture, when you feel that feeling in your body, what is it that you think that more money is going to give you that you don't know how, but let's even go broader than that. I talked about expectations around what you want to experience, what you want to serve and contribute what you want to feel, achieve, attain what you want to, what you want to get done in your, in your magical life. That you've got another framework that I have, right? Talk about the real way to find your, why. One of the driving forces around your, why should be your last conversation? Do you want your last conversation to be weighed down with regrets? If only I had, I wish I had, if I could just turn back time or will you be laying there with a great big smile on your face?

You know what? I failed so many times, but the success was worth it. I did this thing. I achieved this thing. I helped these people. I served, I conduit all of those things because let me tell you one of the differences between the small business owner and the person that steps into the CEO role, the CEO, the CEO sees it more as a mission, more of a life creation and one of service, one who connect with the intensity and the passion of their message and trust in their ability to work things out. And that money will come as they, as they go along that role. So just to consider that, so the first, what if, what if you demanded more from your life? What if you demanded greater expectations, where would you go? What would you do? Who would you serve? What would you experience?

What would you let go of? What if everything was possible and just keep saying to yourself, what else, what else, what else? Because I'm telling you, it's a game changer. So often we limit our expectations because of what we see. So we've seen our family and friends H achieve X. We see on social media people achieving why we watch movies, where we see other people living certain lifestyles, how many movies or documentaries or things that you see on TV, where you assigned yourself in your head. Wow. If only, or I could never imagine being like that. Why not? Why not? So this is question, this is a no holds barred. You've got to go all out. Like, what does the ma like the all out pedal to the metal full throttle? What does that look like for you?

Second question

What would that take?

Some of you may now already be thinking this is way too much.  And you might even just put a lid on those expectations right now, shut all those doors back off and walked away. I'm not going to let you do that.

So, What would it take? Think about some things that you might have to start doing a little bit differently. What would you have to let go of for a lot of you? It's just going to be the intention to know that it's possible as huge, because if you innately have a belief that that kind of thing is not possible for someone like you, you're fighting an uphill battle. So what would it take to start making that happen? What would it take to just make the first best next step towards that happening?

And the third question

What are you prepared to do? 

Not what would it take, but what are you personally prepared to do to start making that your reality, right? What, where can you raise the demand on yourself to show up more? Now here's a caveat I'm not necessarily talking about doing more. This whole podcast is about teaching you that success is a vibration. It's a state before. It's a physical manifestation. If you are consistently busting your butt to, to, to, to take action. And the action is I don't have enough time. I'm not making enough money. I'm never going to get there. You're diluting your action because action is so much more powerful when there is an intention of a good outcome when there was an intention of faith. So when you demand more from yourself, maybe you need to take better care of your nutrition. Maybe you need to move your body more.

Maybe you need to change your circle of friends. Maybe you need to start building a plan out. Maybe these take more time off, right? This is where the question, what else comes in because what we want to do, we want to bypass our, sometimes our immediate conversation, because it's rehearsed. We want to go deeper. What else, what else? And when it starts to get uncomfortable, that's when you know, you're hitting the good stuff. When you know that actually some of your daily behaviors are letting you down and you justify that. What caught play hard at what? Late I'm sleeping in, not working out. You know, I'm not going to work out. It's like I've got too much work to do. These are all lies that we've been told to believe because we've been told to believe in the hostel. But when we know that our dominant thoughts create a frequency and the frequency creates our reality, lots of what you're going to write down here about being prepared to do is about honoring and mastering your ability to maintain a vibration and alignment with this most amazing outcome that you're like, Holy baloney, how is that going to happen for me?

But you're gonna have fight. It's gonna happen because you've got to line up with infinite intelligence, with miracles that you couldn't actually even create with your conscious mind, because we're just not clever enough, simple as that. So three very simple questions to help you really find out where are my expectation levels? How do I raise them? And how do I make them a reality? So what if what's the best version? What's the, what's the platinum version of your life? What would it take and what are you prepared to do? Because when you demand more from your life, you must demand more of yourself to make that happen.

Thank you for listening to this episode of the, your rich life podcast. You know what I'm going to say. If you liked it, please do leave a comment, make sure you're subscribed and I will see you in the next episode.


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