Exercise More, Eat More

I used to work out because I hated my body. In fact, I pretty much hated all of me. 

Now I work out because I love myself, because I'm grateful that I CAN workout and it also keeps my mental health is good shape!

I trained with a company called Metabolic Effect and they focus on hormones vs calories. One of their frameworks is EMEM, Eat More Exercise MoreNow at the moment, I'm having to do low, non-weighted workouts because I'm recovering from a long term injury 😪 (totally my fault for not getting it looked at sooner!).

So over the coming weeks I'll be sharing some of the workouts I recorded when I was a personal trainer... and if you're expecting someone who's ripped... you'll be disappointed. (However, never say never)!!

How to do this workout! (and here's the YouTube Link)

#1 - Pick a set of weights that challenge you and force you to rest. The Metabolic Mantra is "Work till you can't and rest till you can"...

#2 - Form always trumps speed i.e. go slower and do it right

#3 - It's a pyramid.. if you are working out for the full 20 minutes, start at 1rep, then 2, 3, 4... heading up toward 10 of each exercise (this will become clear when you watch the video!)

#4 - The moves are

1. Squat thrust

2. Wide Leg In & Out

3. Plank Oblique Knee

4. Bicep Curl 

Take your time. Get to know the moves and then go smash it!


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