How Can You Direct Your Thoughts For More Success?

Last week I started the Series on "Mind Mastery" by talking about clarity. (If you didn't read it, get it here). 

So now you have a whole new meaning around Clarity and I hope that it's given you breathing space and that you've been able to make a decision on how you can simply choose to win each day, knowing that it's ALL creating the bigger picture. 

Direct Your Thoughts

I think it's fair to say that most people have very little awareness or control of their thoughts. Just like a pinball machine, it's a series of random conversations in their heads, each one bouncing off and activating the next, leading to 95% of the SAME thoughts every day and over 80% of those negative. I think this is one of those facts that scare me the most. The same internal conversation every single day and biased toward negative. It's no wonder the world is in the state it's in - it's a direct reflection of mass consciousness. Sorry, I digress. 

Not, this lack of awareness means that most people are living in a state of "reaction" and not creation". They act like the clay, being manipulated and moulded by external circumstances. They are more likely to feel that they have no control or choice and that opportunities are limited because of their circumstances.

How do you become the sculptor

So how do you flip from the clay to the sculptor? Simple. You learn to direct your thoughts. You became the master of your mind, not the servant. I'm not gonna lie. The theory is super simple, the practice is a whole other story. 

We are powerfully programmed. Perhaps we are, in fact, the worlds most powerful robots? Trained by society on how to behave, what's acceptable, what we should expect from our lives and most certainly taught to limit our success to "comfortable", we have never been taught how to direct how thoughts toward the achievement of fullest potential. 

Some Simple Steps

#1 - Become aware. You need to set up some triggers that will remind you to ask, "What is going on in my mind right now? What am I saying to myself?". 

This is SO important for two reasons. 1. Your reality is a direct creation of your thoughts. 2. You need to break conditioning from habitual thought so you can choose powerful thoughts.

#2 - As you awareness increases, you'll start to realise how your thoughts are predecessor to your feelings. Feeling anxious? fearful? angry? sad? Then ask yourself, what did I just think? What conversation did I just have with myself or what did I say and make a judgement about, that has lead to this feeling? 

From this space of awareness you can start to practice not BEING your thoughts. You are aware of them, knowing that it was unconscious happening. Perhaps you felt the associated emotion change and it didn't feel good? Now you can tell yourself that the thought and emotion are something happening rather than something you are. Become witness to it. Detach from it and immediately choose a more empowering and resourceful thought.

#3 - Thought Direction Habits. These are quick and simple questions that you can choose at set times of the day. I love these as part of my routine because it's like getting in your car, activating GPS and choosing where you want to go. You set the tone for the day.

Who do I choose to be today? What can I get excited about today? What might trip me up and how will I prevent or manage that? 

At the end of the day you can ask, What went really well today?. Who am I grateful for this day? How could I make tomorrow even better?

Having some of these "in the bank" is super helpful for those moments when your programmed mind takes over. "If I know I'm NOT my thoughts, what do I choose to tell myself now?". "What would my higher self tell me to do right now?". 

These simple techniques helped me over come huge anxiety and fear around my capabilities and really turn my life and business around. 

#4 - Upgrade your input. Quit social media scrolling, violent films and tv shows and minimise relationships with negative nellies. Instead, read something that's going to teach you how to become a better version of yourself. Watch one of the millions of amazing you tube videos that motivate, inspire and challenge. Create a community of people who will support you and stretch you. 

Remember, you're the sum of the 5 people you spend most people with. Is that good enough for you?

I hope you've found those tips helpful. If you want to make sure you are directing your thoughts every day, please download my free planner here

Next week, I'll be talking to you about courage! Perhaps my most favourite topic!

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