How empaths can manager the emotional roller coaster of business
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How Empathic Businesswomen Can Escape The Emotional Rollercoaster

Feb 15, 2021

 “Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” Benjamin Disraeli

There is only ONE thing that guarantees your growth and success - and that is how you choose to THINK. And as an empath, you can often feel you have no control of how you think and feel, right? 

However, the truth is your reality is a direct reflection and culmination of your thoughts. For what you think is what you do and what you do is what you become.

I'd like to say that it's as easy as, "just think different thoughts" but I'd be lying. Massively lying. Changing old, habitual thoughts is painful process that will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally. As Dr Joe Dispenza says (and I paraphrase) "when you dip your toes in to the sea of change, it is the physical, spiritual and genetic death of the old self. That's why it's painful".

Where's the easiest place to start?

I designed this Success Series specifically to bring actionable and proven High Performance practices in to your life as an empathic business owner, so that you can reach your fullest potential in life without always feeling so drained!

And as we discussed in Courage, consistency is Queen! And the way to promote consistency is to start small and focus on repetition. I'm going to teach you 3 different techniques to help you consistently CHOOSE you think, rather than be a slave to your thoughts.

But first....

Before I dive in, I want to just let you know:

a. why it's not your fault that you have these irritating and destructive voices in your head

b. why you've not changed them before

a. In short, the voices are the "lessons" of your past experiences. And most of them are not even experiences you can consciously remember. When you were small and impressionable, you soaked up information like a sponge. You made an unconscious "map" about the things you heard, saw, smelt, taste and touched and how that made you feel! You learned your values, beliefs and meanings from the way people around you communicated, felt and behaved. 

Basically, you are a robot. Programmed from the people who were in your life - particularly during those formative years of 0-7. 

Now imagine you have 'special specs'

Now I want you to imagine that you are wearing a pair of invisible glasses. These glasses hold ALL of this information and acts like a filter. Every bit of info you receive from your senses now is processed through what you believe to be true. NOT what is true. It's what is true for you!. 

Now add all the emotions of other's that you pick up on... Whoa... things are spiralling out of control. And until you can change the way you THINK, you can't change the way you feel.

b. Why have you not changed these things before? Because you didn't know. You weren't taught at school how to "think for greatness and happiness". You were taught to remember and recite. It's only when we recognise that we don't feel the way we want to feel and are not making the progress we want to make that we must seek the answer to create change. 

What I'm about to share with you are 3 MIND MASTERY PRACTICES... that will help you master your thoughts via managing your energy! 


Start doing your Morning Pages religiously! (or your favoured journalling practice). I talk about my 3 favourite journalling practices in this 10 minute podcast episode. 

Honestly, I've been notoriously crap at my morning journalling. Until this month when I started a new dedicated practice, including Morning Pages. Wow, what a difference. It took a good week to kick in, but once it did I found a new serenity in my days. I felt less triggered; less affected by the energy of others and generally just experienced a greater sense of calm. 

How would you feel with a deeper experience of serenity and well being each day?

This exercise not only allows you to brain dump all the crap you might wake up thinking and worrying about, but provides a way to create a clean slate for the day. A slate where you are in change and in the space to respond rather than react. Mind Mastery #1


Part of the dedicated practice I mentioned above, also includes a daily commitment to meditation and breathing. I mean, of course we breathe all the time, but I'm talking deep, conscious breathing (I'll link some resources in a sec!). 

Now I don't want you adding a tonne to you to-do list - this about managing your energy for greater mind mastery - so overwhelm isn't an option. Maybe, for now, pick one technique or another. 

When we focus on our breathing in any way, it gives us a chance to disconnect from our human "construct" and re-connect with the truth of our energetic experience. 

I have found this practice life changing. As with the Morning Pages, I have found it helps to disconnect from the human conditioning, which is the thing that creates our pain. Imagine for a second, that you swapped your brain for that of a 5 year old child, your pet dog or someone who has only ever lived in the Serengeti. You would immediately think and feel differently about EVERYTHING because you have changed your specs!

My best advice is to do this practice in the same time you dedicate for your journalling technique because it creates a powerful, energetic platform on which the rest of your day is built!


Wim Hof Guided Breathing for Beginners

4 7 8 Breathing Method 

Russel Brand Kundalini Breathing/Kundalini exercise 



As an empath, you have to be hyper vigilant with your boundaries around your time and energy. This includes family and friends as well as clients. 

You are going to want to carve out time to prepare for experiences that you find energetically draining such as coaching calls; the FaceTime with the friend going through a hard time and, if you're like me, going to the supermarket.

Then you may need to create "recovery" time. Going to a quiet, dark room and give your senses time to relax. Epsom salt baths, meditations, plenty of water and good nutrition - discover what your recharge looks and feels like. 

When we don't install and honour our boundaries our Mind is constantly processing the thoughts, opinions and emotions of others and from that space our own Mindset is compromised. 

Would you like to know more?

As with each of the Success Series episodes, I have a bonus video on YouTube with a specific and actionable exercise for you. For this episode I've got my "3 A Process" which helps you flip immediately out of negative and un-resourceful thought patterns  - so make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube Channel and that you've hit the 🛎 for ALL notifications.)

It's a Physical and Emotional Connection

We feel what we think and we think what we feel. As any business owner, but particularly as an empathic business owner, it is essential that you prioritise Mindset Mastery - because that's where you will find your emotional freedom. 


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