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How To Find Clarity and Purpose

Sep 01, 2020

Welcome to this very first episode of the, Your Rich Life podcast.  I'm going to be talking to you about everything, mindset, money, and manifestation so that you can take the small out of small business owner, step into greater success and abundance, and really create your rich life. In this very first episode, we're diving straight into clarity and purpose and how you can find yours. 

I see so many business owners holding themselves back because they say things like, "I just wish I knew what my purpose was because if I knew what my purpose was I'd know what I was supposed to be doing".

And in the same breath they're saying things like, "Oh, I just don't have clarity. If I could just have some clarity." When we keep reciting and reaffirming these beliefs, all it ever does is keep you stuck.

You see the quality of your life, the quality of your business is everything to do with the quality of the questions that you ask. When we make those statements guess what we get more of? .. You know the answer

So my intention for this episode is first episode is to help you redefine those two things so that you do have them immediately and you can move forward and start to make progress in your business. To Feel more aligned with your business and feel more empowered because at the end of the day, regardless of what is going on, when you feel in an energetic and physical physiological space of resourcefulness and feeling like you have this purpose and you feel optimistic, It sets you on the intention of a positive outcome.

The first thing I want to do is I want to just introduce you and invite you to take on a different concept of both of those words. And I'm going to start with clarity because lack of clarity, well, you know what, it's, it's a, it's a dream eraser, right? It's if you don't have clarity, you can't ever reach your dreams. 

How would you know when you had clarity?

The answers I get include, " I would know my five year plan; I would know what my business had to look like. I would know exactly what to do to make that happen" and let's face it, that's what we keep being told.

Have your plan, have all your steps, yada, yada yada. Well, being that we make our reality through a feeling state and you're getting your knickers in a twist about not seeing the whole nine years, where do you think your frequency is right now?

And with that frequency being there, do you think that the action that you're going to take is going to have the effect that you want, or you actually diluting your action because of your frequency?

So what if that, wasn't the definition of clarity?

What if clarity was way simpler? What if clarity was actually knowing the next step  What if clarity was just the next step? And here's another thing for you. What if clarity really started at a fundamental level on who do you need and want to be?

You've all heard this before. Successful people are willing to do the things that unsuccessful people won't so they can have the things in the future The unsuccessful people never will.  You have to be who you need to be to do the things that you need to do to have the things that you want to have.

When you choose clarity, when you ask the right questions to obtain clarity, your higher self might freak out just a little bit, because from a space of clarity comes action.

And when you take aligned action, you get massive results. And when you get massive results, your life changes and your ego doesn't necessarily want your life to change. Because if it was very safe where it is, so let's just backtrack a little again.

Can you take on board the concept that you can choose to make clarity, "' Not what is the next five years? What's my next best step that's aligning me with the future that I feel that I want. Right? You don't have to see it. You just have to know how you want to feel in your future.

Do you want to feel constricted? You want to feel time compressed. Do you want to feel like you're always working and under earning very much doubt that. So what do you want, do you want to be riding a horse through the countryside every morning before you have your breakfast, do you want to feel the freedom of travel?

Do you want to their experiences you want for you and your family? What are the feelings associated with the future that your business is going to help you to provide? And then your clarity comes. What's my next best step. Now, right now in this moment. And then the other, I think even most important part for me. And it's been a game, an absolute game changer for me is a reason why this is one of the very first sessions that we do or that I do with clients in high performance is clarity on who you need to be. And if you can start your day with being clear on who you need to be in every interaction in every bit of work you do in every communication that you have, you are in alignment with the frequency of your boss, your best self at all times.

It doesn't matter. What's going on externally to you. As you rehearse this, as you practice this, you'll easily be able to step back into those words that you need to be. And I'm going to give you an exercise right at the end here. Very, very simple, but very, very powerful when you action it. So with that being said, just take a moment now to maybe just close your eyes. If you're not driving and think about what happens in your body, when you let yourself believe that clarity starts with who do I want to be? If right now, you know that your business is not always bringing out your best self and you find yourself tired and irritable and rushed and frantic and disjointed and anxious and fearful.

And you decided that I'm going to be this person from now on, regardless of what happens, I'm going to be this person. How does that feel when your body, when that's, where clarity starts for you? And if you feel that way now, imagine what will happen in your reality, because your reality is being created by your dominant frequency. You're now directing your dominant frequency to say, this is who I am, because I need to be this person. And you do that every day. And you match up with physical manifestations and infinite matrix that resonate in that same frequency. Can you see how suddenly every action that you take is infinitely more powerful? Awesome. And like I said, I'll give you an exercise for that right at the end. Cause that's where I really, really want you to start, because I know from my experience of, of having had high performance coaching and, and I continued to have coaching a couple of times a week, but also having delivered hundreds of these sessions.

Change Your Identity

Now this is where the game changes when you are prepared to change your identity, because I'm sad to say that if you don't challenge your conditioning, if you don't challenge who you think you are, your you and your life will always be the product of somebody else's belief system and somebody else's expectations, namely your parents, your caregivers, your teachers, your society that you grew up in, they will define what's possible for you, unless you define who you need to be.


"Oh, if I just had purpose. If I just knew what I was put on this earth to do, I would be so much clearer and I'd be so much richer and I'd be so much happier"

It's all BS. It's all BS delivered to you by ego. Again, to keep you in this quagmire, if you like in this, um, this sticky spider web of uncertainty and feeling like you're taking one step forward and being pulled 10 steps back.

When I was stuck here it allowed me to buy into the belief system that I really wasn't all that special. Somebody like me, wasn't given a purpose. I'm not Oprah. I'm not Tony Robbins. I'm not somebody that's got this massive gift to give to the world. I'm just not special enough to have a purpose. And I really believed that might be you believe that maybe you believe that what you love to do just isn't impactful enough. Maybe you believe your life is just too small.

And I want to just kind of backtrack a little bit. When I talk about taking the small small business owner is I don't want you to think small about yourself anymore. I don't want you to think that you know you, because if we put small in there, your brain automatically creates a picture in your head. Small contained, insignificant, tiny unseen. Do you see? So all of you now, I want you to kind of in front of you see the word, small business owner, and I want you to make it. You've got a big black marker, and I want you to scribble out over small. Just keep going, going, going, going, going, going, go and go. So you just see business owner. Cool, thanks. Let's do that exercise, but that just comes to my head then. So every time you feel yourself, this is a bonus little action cause this that just got given to me.

Get that big black marker

So, um, but it's a really good visual representation. Every time you think, feel yourself and are aware of yourself, thinking small. I want to get that big black marker out. And I want you to close your eyes, see the words, small business owner, and just wipe out that small. And I'll tell you for a fact, the more you do that over a period of time, you won't ever think small business owner. Again, you literally won't be able to find that picture or those words in your head because you've erased it anyway, getting back to purpose. So there's a couple of things around purpose. The first is another concept I'd like you to consider. And I would, again, would like you to write it down if you're able, is  - What if your sole purpose ( And I mean, S O L E and S O U L)  primarily was to live each day on and with purpose? That means making the most of every moment that you are living to your values.

You're being congruent with what you say and what you do, that you are genuinely a good person, right? That you, that you, you move that you, you move through your day with attention and intention, and that you ring every drop of life experience out of every single day. What if that is your sole purpose? I believe that just like any other part of mother nature, which is an extension of universal frequency, universal energy, that's exactly what we are. We are made of universal energy. So therefore we have the limitless possibility and potential of the universe, right? Because we have this amazing brain that makes us be able to choose. We get to choose where the only, you know, the only living thing that can do that. But going back to mother nature, you wouldn't get an Oak tree that was in the perfect conditions going, huh?

Do Lions Compare Themselves in The Serengeti?

I think I might just like, not grow because I don't really think I'm good enough. You wouldn't need it. Wouldn't happen with it. You know, you wouldn't go out and onto the Serengeti and see like a, a pride of lions. And one of them like hiding behind a tree going, Oh my God, I can't come out. And so anxious. Cause like, he's got, he's got his way stronger than me. He's, mine's amazing compared to mine. I just can't go out there and do that. And I, Jess, but I'm just trying to land a point that all of nature is created with the, everything it needs to extend and express itself to its highest capacity.

If it's putting the right conditions, if you plant it, it will grow. And if you look after it and you feed it and you nurture it, it will grow to the biggest, most beautiful expression that you can ever have. Think about those horrific pictures that you see of animals in a zoo, right? They might be the right size, but the soul is the soul was not there. Their eyes you can see from their eyes that they're just not there. You put them back into their habitat and their, and their vibrant life force energy is evident. And that's the same as you. But you see as human beings, we're so driven to believe that something external to us, not, not just determines how we feel, but determines what we're capable of and what's available to us and what our potential is. And that's the biggest lie that holds us back.

Perception Is Your Prison Officer

The only thing that stops us, stepping fully into our highest expression and living our life of abundance and joy and fulfillment and freedom is what we choose to be true. The perception that we choose to hold onto the identity that we cling to like our favorite jumper, our, you know, everybody's got a comfy jumper, right. You know, when winter comes in, we've all got a jumper that we'd love to put on. It's ugly Bagley. And it's like, it's like comfort. It's just comfort, personified. Right? But maybe that jumper doesn't do you any justice, right? Maybe that jumper makes you look frumpy. Maybe the color doesn't suit you. Maybe it makes you look like 10 sizes bigger than you are. Whatever. Maybe the best thing you could do would be go outside and dump the jumper and get yourself a new one that keeps you warm and makes you look amazing.

It's the same with your identity. The biggest belief, in my opinion, that keeps business owners under running and not creating that life of time. Freedom and financial freedom. I really want is the belief that that level that they're looking for is in another strategy. You know, another course, it's an, a teacher in Facebook ads or Instagram ads, or how to build their email list or how to do this or how to do that. No, no, no, no. The business owners that succeed at the levels that most of us want to get to multiple six, maybe seven figures, whatever, whatever your dream is, that is not where you're at right now. And there's another level you want to go to. I'm telling you now that I truly believe hand on heart, that for 99% of business owners, it is learning how to shift their identity, which means, you know, excavating all those old outdated belief systems, creating new ones, creating high performance habits, to support that, and then learning how to manage and maintain the frequency that aligns with the most magnificent outcomes available to you.

You have to both plant yourself in the right environment, around the right people and with the right actions. And you have to generate the right internal environment through your psychology and your physiology. And if this podcast can help me to encourage more of you to do that and let go of the, the hustle and the extra work and just do something that sort of feels really counterintuitive. And for a period of time, take your foot off the gas there and focus more on yourself as the most important system in your business. I can pretty much guarantee that you will see results that you, you would never have dreamed for possible. So I said to you at the beginning, I want to keep these podcasts short and punchy. I don't even if remember ever going to be able to do that, but for now, I think I've sort of given you some, some real concept. And the last thing I wanna leave you with on purpose is think about the things that you do that really light you up.

What Lights You Up?

I don't want you to think about how much you charge them, how you deliver them, how much you do them. I want you to think about things that you do right now that you know, instantly raise your vibration. I love to podcast. I love to talk, as you may know, I love to teach. I love, love, love to coach. I love to mix my psychic abilities with my coaching abilities and my like, you know, kick ass. Let's get stuff done. I'm in my element. When I do that, do that. That's my sole purpose. That's my zone of genius. I right. So that's the purpose of me. I don't yet know how that will look over the longer period, but my clarity and my purpose comes from the daily decision to do those things that light me up in as many ways as I can.

And so right now, if you are clutching to find purpose, simply you can choose first of all, to live each day on purpose, by deciding who you want to be with your clarity and to do more of the stuff that lights you up. If you're spending most of your time working in your business and you are hating on it and you feel like it's not working and you're miserable again, be aware that that frequency is the language of the universe and the language has given you stuff back that matches that frequency, not what you're working toward. Hope. That makes sense. So if you, just for a moment now, again, do that exercise where you take a deep breath and you say, if I choose to decide that clarity is in my decisions, moment by moment is in the decision to decide who I want to be on a daily, like who I need to be and who I want to be on a daily basis. And I choose to live each day on purpose and with purpose doing more of what lights me up.

Let me see what might happen. Not only will I feel freaking amazing it's my frequency is going to be like through the roof, which is naturally gonna put me in the slipstream of alignment. I'm going to feel happy. I'm going to be a nicer person. And when I do that, my energy engages more people. And Hey, Presto, I might just see a quantum shift in my business. So the exercise I've got for you today is a very simple exercise. I use my high points, coaching clients. It's one of the first exercises I get them to do. And I check on it every single week because it's one thing doing the exercise is one. It's another thing to implement it on a daily basis. So I want you to simply pick three words that describe the best of who you are. Three words that you will put on your phone as an alarm, that you will have my BS, uh, visuals around your house that you're going to use as an anchor to remind you who you need to be in any circumstance in difficult times, in exciting times, in conversations with your clients, your children, your parents, people in the supermarket.

It's not these three words when I like you in these three words. And I don't, it's these three words, period. They describe the best of who you are and as who you need to be. So let me give you an example. I pick my words couple of years ago, because what I found with some clients is as they work with me and they start to realign themselves with a more authentic and powerful version of themselves, there was begins to change. That's okay. My words are bold because it felt bold, felt better. For me, it felt more warrior like, and I have a very warrior like energy. So bold. If I'm bold, I'm going to be courageous. I'm going to do things I don't always want to do. I'm going to have conversations I'm sometimes scared to have, right? So bold is important. I'm aligned if I'm not aligned.

And this is for everybody. If you are not aligned energetically with an outcome is the wrong outcome, or there's a belief that's stopping you from getting to that outcome. So I have to feel that level of alignment. And I use the word queen long story. How did theta healing session A couple of years back clearly saw myself as a queen in a past life in medieval England. And it was the most amazing feeling ever. So bold aligned queen are my three words that define the best of who I am. And it's a very clear visual for me and the feeling inside my body. I'm not perfect being that by any stretch. But I, when I feel myself not being that I can bring myself into that awareness. Am I being one of these three words? Now, if I'm being a complete bitch for want of a better word, right?

I'm not aligned. That's not alignment if I'm stepping back because I'm scared, I'm not being bold. And if I accept anything less than what I truly desire, I'm not being a queen. So take those three words. And one of the things I've really liked you to that I recommend you do is don't just pick words just because, you know, they're all right, pick a word. This is what I get my clients to do.

Pick a word and go get your thesaurus and write down lots of other words. That mean that same thing. Make a little pile around the main word. And they do all of that and they might end up with a hundred words. That's okay. Do a bit meditation. Look at w look at the different words. And some you're going to look at some of them and immediately know that it's a no.

And some of them you're going to go yet and just keep coming down that pile. So you come to three and you can also add adjectives. So if you want to put like, um, I dunno, like delicious, really delicious courageous, or, um, powerfully present, or, you know, you can, they, your words. Okay. And without going into too much detail about anchoring and stuff right now, when you find your words, you will automatically create an energetic vibration in your body and a visual picture of yourself. When you think about these words. So the more you use them, the more powerful they become, put them on your phone, put them as visuals around your house. Use them to define how you're going to show up every day. And I, and I promise you that when you start to come from that space, literally it's like pathways unfold in front of you.

And you'll yourself with brand new opportunities and resources and people and ideas that will support the manifestation of the highest vision of your life that you might not even be able to see. So I'm going to leave you on one of my most favorite statements that I use all the time, that you must have faith and courage to pursue a future that you cannot see nor guarantee, because if you don't, the only guarantee is you're never going to get it. So have that faith. You don't need to see the, you don't need to see the full outcome. You don't even need to see the journey. You just need to have faith to keep the clarity every day and do the things that light you up and trust that it will all unfold for you. So I hope you have loved this, this first episode in your rich life.

Thank you so much for listening. Please go download some of the others and listen to the others, and please, if you've loved it, I would love and appreciate a share and a subscribe. And I will see you again.


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