Is Your Inspiration Fear in Disguise
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Is It Inspiration? Or Fear?

Sep 01, 2020

What if....?

What if those constant hits of inspiration that you get and then act upon are not actually inspiration. They're fear in disguise. Well, that is what we're going to discuss in episode six of the Your Rich Life Podcast. If you're ready, let's go straight in.

Now, I'm going to warn you off the bat that I'm going to probably trigger a few of you here. And it's only because I just want to ask you to open your mind up to this different concept, because if you're listening to this podcast, I'm guessing that you're already somebody that's quite into the energetic aspects of life. You probably know about manifestation and conscious creating an infinite intelligence you've probably heard, or maybe used the words more. Woo. Not a term that I particularly like, but I'm just kind of putting it out there. Now I am going to put a double hand up to admit that I spent the first, probably five years of my business acting instantly on inspiration.

Shiny, New Ideas

I got a new idea for a new course, a new program, a new branding, whatever it was, something new came in. I felt that it was an inspired hit, and I actually had to work on it right away because we're told it's all about the flow. And the perception is that when we're in flow, it feels easier when we're in flow. If there was good and we're excited and it's right, and that sending out this energetic frequency into the universe, which is something that I talk about maintaining our frequency and our vibration is our primary role to create the life that we want. But here's the thing. When we act on inspiration, what if it's that thing that stops you completing a project? What if you've committed to doing a 90 day launch and you're working your way through this launch and subconsciously you might not have net is going on subconsciously.

You start to experience fear. What if this bombs, what if no one buys? What if no one even signs up for the freebie? What if, what if, what if and so your ego, your current identity goes ha what really, really subtle way could I make her not do this thing that she clearly doesn't want to do because she's freaking out and feel better about something else? Oh, I know I'll give her this amazing idea and the idea flops into your head. You feel amazing. You freely and flow, and all of a sudden you've stepped away from your commitment to your 90 day plan. You're rebranding your website. You take an amazing new selfies on your iPhone, that you can put them on your social media. And all of a sudden that 90 day plan has come and gone and you didn't make the commitment.

You didn't see it through to the end because of the fear of what could have gone wrong. What might not have happened. Now, this is really common. And I want to help you to understand where inspiration is happening and how you can manage it. So you don't lose those ideas, but also asking yourself that question. Is this going to take me away from something that I need to finish, that I need to see through to completion regardless of how it turns out? So the first concept that I want to just introduce you is flow doesn't mean easy.

Don't Work Hard - really?

There is this real anti hard work mentality going on. Now there is I have, I've worked hard and I have hustled, but here's the thing. It's the energy and intention that you bring to the table. When you do that, if you are working hard on something that you light up, if you are working hard and managing your energy, if you are working hard and honoring the other things that you value in your life, you're winning. That's the high performance game. That's the CEO game.

Understanding that slow is not the absence of hard work. It's the excitement, intention, and attention that you bring to the hard work. Nobody that has achieved anything great in life. Had it handed to them on a plate. There has been hard work. There has been failure. There have been tears, but they were still in flow because they were so engaged with their passion and their mission and their belief in something that they couldn't see.

They couldn't guarantee it, but they had to keep moving towards it. So that first concept is when inspiration hits and you suddenly feel excited and you feel in flow, you need to ask yourself, is this just fulfilling my human need for something new, all human beings have this, this need for new experience. It lights us up. So if you are not, if you're not initiating new and you've got a subconscious fear programs going on every time you get a new idea on board, you're going to want to see that through because it serves two purposes.

Removing The Fear

The first purpose is it takes you away from the thing that you're scared about. So of course you're gonna feel excited, cause you're not gonna risk, fear or failure. You're not gonna risk tears. You're not gonna risk judgment, all those things that we're scared of. And the second point is it satisfied your need for something new.

So when you say you've got to ask that question, honestly, if you can't answer that question, honestly, go and do a little bit more deeper work and have a look at how many projects have you started not completed. If you find this is a theme for you, or maybe you've never even set a project, maybe you've never even completed a launch from start to finish. That's a really good indication that actually inspiration is just a one way that fear disguises itself for you. You need to break that habit immediately. If you truly feel that the inspirational hit is something that you want to work on, you have to decide, does this fit in with my current project? Is this something that I can delegate? Does it need to be completely deleted or is it something that I can defer to after I finished this particular project that I'm working on?

So there's three days delete, defer, or delegate. Now, if you are honest enough and you see a pattern of behavior here where you don't complete things, this is where you need to get clear on what is it that you're fearing.

In one of the first episodes I talked to you about the loss pains that we have, and we are the pains that we're avoiding. One of them is loss pain. The second one is processpain, where we're fearful of our ability to manage and deal with the process and all the things that come with that. And we've got what it takes to experience this journey. And then there's also that pain of the outcome. What if I do all this? And it doesn't work. So what is the pain that you're trying to avoid? What is the fear you're trying to avoid?

What does failure look like?

Like what is, what does fear of failure even look like to you? How are you defining that? Remember everything through this podcast is about making sure that you're challenging your conditioning and belief systems around money. Because if you're feeling that fear is not making any money, is it not true to say that actually what you've gained from that is learning that something in your launch system didn't work. Maybe you haven't nailed your messaging. Maybe you're not on the right platform. Maybe you're not, you know, you're not speaking to your ideal client.

There was always a learning in a perceived failure. And that's why failure is very subjective because is it really a failure if you've learned something from it that can help you the next time, once you've started to identify the one fare or maybe there's several fears for you, the real question becomes, are you going to continue with this self-sabotaging pattern of never completing anything, which isn't getting you, getting you the results that you want, or are you prepared to say, this is the time I'm going to see something through.

In the last episode, we talked about raising expectations and demanding more from ourselves if we want more from our life. So can you demand from yourself the courage to commit to something and whatever the outcome is, not only will you deal with it, but you will learn and you will grow from it, everything, every part of growth for you and your business and your personal life is your ability to challenge your belief systems and step into a greater level of courage to take you to next level. And you know, this is why so many people stay in that small business owner mentality because they're being constricted and squashed by limiting beliefs of people that would never do what they're doing and challenging those belief systems and being willing to experience the emotional discomfort, which actually is what fear really is our desire to not feel emotional discomfort.

That is what is going to grow you into an amazing next level and align and a genetically and spiritually and cognitively with this outcome that you really truly want. I know a lot of you who have maybe listened to my podcast before, or you've watched my YouTube channel and you're saying, yeah, but Louise, you tell us that if we feel excited and if we feel in flow, and if we feel aligned that like magical things will happen. And they will. But we are very clever machines and our subconscious mind can create emotions within us to serve a different purpose. So what I mean by that is if there is this subconscious fear playing out and your physiology, your biology inside is kicking off, All these hormones and hearts are racing and palpitations are happening and all these things and your brain goes, Oh, you know, Louise is not feeling good right now, Louise is in fear.

We need to save her. Don't underestimate the power of your ego, your identity to find extremely clever ways to make you take that step back into what you know. So yes, you get this inspired idea. Yes. You feel excited in the moment, but the person driving the buses, fear, the person driving the bus is the one that's telling you. You need to avoid all these other pains. And that inspiration is short lived.

Inspiration is short lived

When you finished the photographs, when you've uploaded the new website, when you've launched this new course, and it hasn't gone quite the way you want it to, or you've changed your messaging. And you find yourself back where you were before. Now, you understand that you have to be really aware of the truth of the emotions that you are feeling. So just as if you wake up in the morning and for no apparent reason, you just feel in a really crappy mood, that emotion is not you.

That is not necessarily real. And you get an opportunity to redefine and create the energy that you bring to the day. Now, I hope this is open draw awareness just a little bit. And if you have recognized, actually, Holy moly, I have been using inspiration as you know, uh, a disguise for my fear. Don't judge yourself because you didn't know what you didn't know now that you can see that. And you're, of course, you're an inspirational being when you allow space in your mind for these incredible downloads, from wherever you feel that you get them from, you know, they are there to serve a purpose, but you, as a conscious being as a business owner, see, Oh, who wants to create their rich life? You get to decide how that inspiration fits in to your current longer term plans.

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