Mindset Mastery Map - Where Will It Take You

I was controlled by my mind from a very early age. By the time I was 11 or 12 I was aware that I didn't fit it. Soon that judgement became that I was too ugly and fat to fit in. 

Over the years, that talk penetrated every area of my life and little did I know, that the reality that I found myself living, was created from that negativity. After suffering with over 5 years of severe post natal depression, I noticed an immediate shift when I had the courage to leave my relationship and choose to be a single mother to my two daughters. 

For the first time in what felt like an eternity, I could breathe. I remember touching my face as I smiled because, this time, I felt the smile in my body. It wasn't a mask. My circumstances were far from great but the fact that I'd made a choice that served by sanity was like being lifted high on top of a wave, where I could see new choices. New beginnings. And hope. I saw and felt hope. 

I still didn't know it at the time

But that was my first experience of Mindset Mastery. For one moment, I quietened my shitty head talk for long enough to make a decision. I took control and became the Master of my mind and not it's servant. 

It took my many, many more years to discover the truth about mindset mastery and the power that we are all born with (yet often robbed of) and now that I have, it is my passion to talk about this incessantly in the hope that other people will take their role of Master seriously and create the life they crave.

Step One - Clarity To Win The Day

Often times, business owners will hold themselves back for extended periods of time because they believe "they don't have clarity". Attached to the belief that they must have the 5 year plan nailed, each tiny stepped mapped out afore them - they lose sight of one very important thing.

The 5 year plan is created only by taking action every day. And when we swap action for our incessant need for certainty and security, we are blind to the opportunities that lay before us. 

So what's the answer?

First and foremost, it is IMPERATIVE that you have clarity, on a daily basis, on WHO YOU NEED TO BE!

If you are a procrastinating, disorganised and lazy baboon who wants to run a million pound empire, good luck (although I'm sure some entrepreneurs do fit this bill, it's just not a role model I wish to promote). 

Create THREE words that define WHO you need to be, to do all the things you need to do (that most people won't and you won't always want to either) but that you must DO so that you can HAVE all the things you want to have (that most people never will, and will likely tell you that you're "lucky" when you you get them!)

My words? Bold. Aligned. Queen (there's a story behind the latter!) Every day I commit to bold action. Some day's that's just sticking to the god damn schedule and switching off social media and drinking coffee and reading a book instead. If I am not aligned - with my loves, my values, my health, my morals and my joy... there is NO success. Queen - in a theta healing session a couple of years back, I experienced a past life as a queen in medieval England. And it felt SO good. Powerful. 

The next essential

Is that you get clarity on what must happen TODAY!. Not tomorrow, next month or next year (although, what you do today should totally be in alignment with those things... get my planner for free if you don't know how to do that).

Imagine you were creating a patchwork quilt, following a pattern. But you decided to create the bottom left corner. Then one from the middle. A random one from near the top. Another corner. What have you got? A whole lot of lovely squares that you can't sew together. So basically, you have nothing. 

Now if you just focused on each square, in order, the blanket would come together a lot sooner. And you'd see it taking shape, which would boost your confidence and then your competence. 

Clarity is Like Your Patchwork Quilt

So first of all, if you get clarity on who you need to BE, that's a massive win because most people are living as robots. So pat on the back for you.

And then, (using my planner) simply get clear and then focus on executing today's plan. Make sure that it's balance over the main areas you are working on (for example, 2020 for me is about my physical health & fitness, my marriage and my business community). 

As you commit to that, you'll find the 5 year plan really writing itself. You'll see this invisible bridge connecting the two of you together and the focus becomes clearer. 

This, for me, is the first chunk to focus on when we begin with Mindset Mastery. Decide who you need to BE and have clarity to win the day. Be sure to check back here for the next "episode" when we talk COURAGE.


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