Perfectionism is a strategy you have to avoid failure
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Perfectionism is a Fear Strategy

Apr 26, 2021

Perfectionism is just a fear strategy

Trying to perfect your process before you put something out there in your business is the worst possible strategy that you can use to make progress. Just imagine for a moment that a baby refused to walk before it could do so without falling down, the baby would never walk.

Your business is a living, breathing extension and expression of who you are. And as entrepreneurship is probably the steepest personal development learning curve that you could ever choose, isn't it fair to say then that your business is in constant evolution?

Stop Stunting Your Growth

If you spend so much time and effort trying to nail this one and only iteration, is that not like never allowing your children to get past infant school level; letting a wine age or a cheese mature? (and you know how much of a tragedy I think that would be!)

Doesn’t it make more sense to take action so you can evolve? To be courageous enough to speak from where we are at and expect things to change, over time?

Clarity Comes Through Action

You can’t get clarity through thinking. It is ACTION that provides you with the feedback to know if something is working. It also provides information on specifically where something might have to change in your business processes.

Action is the best way for us to develop competency and confidence and the ultimate outcome is not just business success but also Self Mastery!

You cannot become a master if you're not taking consistent action

Be confident enough to allow your message to evolve


My first business started in 2012 and I became a personal trainer after decades of body issues. By 2015, I was miserable, but it took me another 18 months to have the courage, to believe in my new message and close that business down without even knowing what it was I was going to be doing next.

That first five years in business changed ME so much, that I’d outgrown that iteration of it. And it didn’t just happen once. My business has taken on a new “face” as I have continued to uplevel and rewire my mindset.

You are allowed to change your message in accordance with your development.

You will emotionalise the beliefs of where you are at and the only thing that changes that is your growth.

If It Feels True Now, Speak It

If you don’t “get it out there” you cannot measure it’s impact. Perfection doesn’t exist because we all have different defitntions of perfection.

So just do the video, the blog, the podcast. Share your beliefs and values and give yourself full permission to evolve. If you don’t, it means you do not give yourself permission to grow, evolve or change your mind and as that’s our very nature, you are not giving yourself permission to experience life fully.

Successful People Think Differently

Success is a Science and in order for you to create the success you desire, you need to learn to THINK differently. I recently delivered a free training to my coaching group about Success Mindset and I’d like to share it with you here.


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