Pro's and Con's of Using a Foam Roller

I'm not writing this article in an expert capacity but rather to provide some resources that will help you make up your own mind about using a foam roller.

What is a foam roller

It's basically a tube, made of compressed foam/plastic that is used to help release muscle tightness, soreness and inflammation and may increase flexibility as the muscles regain flexibility. In other words, it helps you perform self massage!

As with everything, if we don't know how to do something, we can risk doing more harm than good. So in this article I just want to share some useful resources to help you make the decision if a. the practice if for you b. if it is, how do you do it property. 

Why does it hurt?

If you've ever used a roller (or had a good sports massage), you know that it can be SUPER painful. Why is that? Should it be that way? These articles will explain more for you..

What is a foam roller, how do I use it and why does it hurt?

How uncomfortable should foam rolling feel?

Is there a right way to do it?

I think it's SUPER important, when you are using your physical body, to make sure you have the knowledge to do so without causing yourself more harm. If you're shopping for foam rollers, it's probably not a good idea to pick the prettiest one off of Amazon ( I totally did that!). Take a bit of time to research which one will suit you best. Check out the articles below

How to choose foam rollers

Which foam roller is right for you? (this is a GREAT website)


What MUST I know before I start using my foam roller?

There are some key do's and don'ts to be aware of before your whip out your roller!  You need to think about pressure; where to start; where NOT to roller and much more. But don't panic.. I got you covered with some quick and simple articles...

7 Common Foam Rolling Mistakes

Your form is also super important when you roller, in fact, it can feel like a workout itself. This article explains a bit more..

And just to make sure you have all sides covered, I check out a couple of articles that said why using a foam roller does not work. Incidentally, I have been treated several times by a dear friend who does blood flow massage who also advised not to use this practice!. 

Why foam rollers don't work

Video instruction

Oh YouTube, how I love thee. There a bajillion videos' on using a foam roller on YouTube. For something like this I would always advise that you watch instruction from someone with a relevant qualification such as physical therapist. I particularly liked this one

So, now you have plenty of information to make up your own mind. Please, if you decide to give it a try, be safe and follow the advice you've found in these articles. 

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