There is a flaw with the process of visualisation
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The Big Flaw With Visualisation

Sep 01, 2020

Welcome back to episode two of the, your rich life podcast. Today we're diving straight into visualization. And what is the one big myth that's holding you back from getting your greatest potential from this life? Changing

Today is the myth about visualization that kept me really under utilizing this tool for years and something that I see holding so many amazing business owners back from using this powerful tool to manifest great things in their business and in their life. Now I'm guessing by nature of the fact that you're listening to this podcast, you already know about visualization, but let's just do a quick recap so that we just anchored into the energy of visualization. So visualization is effectively just your imagination. Albert Einstein said that imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

And you've also heard if you can see it in your mind, you can have it in your hand, all those kinds of great success quotes that tell you, you need to be able to visualize if you want to manifest amazing things in your life. Now, the reason being is it's like a dress rehearsal in your mind.

Your mind doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination. It just wants to please you, it just wants to bring you what you're thinking about. You may know, or may not know I'm going to cover this in a later episode, that it is your frequency, that creates your reality. So therefore, it's your dominant thoughts that create your reality. So if you're really honed that whole process of visualization and you spend time and energy on a daily basis, connecting him with this vision of your future life, either through meditation, through just sitting down and visualizing through having visual cues around your house and vision board and scrapbooks, you're seeing these things all the time and it's literally priming your brain to search them out and make them manifest into your reality because it's in your dominant frequency. But here's the problem that I had. I'm not, I see a lot of people now experiencing on their sites, me, but Louise, I'm just not a visual person.

I just don't see these things. Now for me as a highly intuitive cluster engine, I am somebody who feels the vision little bit difficult to explain, but when I'm working with clients and I say like, what I see is I'm not seeing a picture of that thing. I am feeling a I'm feeling, I'm sensing the picture of the thing. So I want you to let you know, in the first instance that if you can't visualize, it's not that you're broken, right? You may just have another system that you prefer. Maybe you feel things, maybe you're more, more auditory and maybe the whole visualization thing is just a little bit more of a challenge for you. Now, I'm going to say right off the bat here that yes, you can practice it. Um, but I also want to give you an opportunity today to think about this in a different way, where you can still use visualization, but use it and use your predominant and skills now to make visualization work for you.

So before we go in to discuss how you can make this work for you, regardless of whether you're a very visual person or not, let's just talk about the myth. The myth that I believe is, is holding you back. So by nature of the word visualisation, we know that we're seeing something and we believe that the implication is that we must have this very clear picture in our mind. But when we think about imagination, if you just take a step back to when you're as a child, unless you imagine it's coming towards Christmas time and you'll get excited, and you're writing your Christmas list to Santa and you're writing your list. And you're saying that all these things you want, just remember that feeling as a child, when you're writing down the things that you wanted, you didn't just see the things that you wanted.

You felt the feeling of having the things that you wanted playing with that doll house; pushing that new pram, using the new roller skates or riding your new bike  with your friends. You saw the whole picture. And that's where the big myths, because it's not really the visualization per se. That is the most powerful is the visualization that creates the feeling and the feeling the frequency creates your reality.

So if we just focused on the visualization, if you just sat there and looked at your vision board every day and had no emotional response, that's not going to do an awful lot for you because there is nothing indicating your frequency, that this is a desire for you, that this thing lights you up. You're just looking at a series of pictures.

What doesn't get discussed enough when we talk about visualization is the absolute need for you to be able to create an emotional feeling of frequency, a sensation, along with the pictures that you have now, just to get super geeky for just a moment, if you've ever listened to the amazing Gregg Braden, Gregg, Braden talks to us about the heart brain, the cluster of around about 40,000 cells that act just like brain cells, but they're actually positioned in, in the, uh, the side of our heart. They have the ability to learn and to grow just like brain neurons. And the thing with the heart, the heart is way more magnetically and electrically, more powerful than the brain. And so to access that feeling state is the most powerful part of your visualization technique. This is really great news for me and for you. If you also struggle with bringing those pictures into your mind's eye, if you're one of those people who sits there with their eyes, screwed, shut, desperately trying to see the picture, but not being able to see the picture and then thinking that actually visualization doesn't work for you.

It absolutely works for you. And I want you to have confidence in the power of being able to access the frequency. Now here's something that makes this even more profound for me. When I talk about the heart brain and the fact that we manifest from our heart center through the charge that it has electromagnetic charge, and because the feeling state creates a frequency and the frequency resonates with the creative matrix to bring about the, the, the, the physical manifestation. It allows you to make manifest a result that you couldn't make up with your conscious brain. What I mean by that is have you or anybody that, you know, had this desire thought about this thing, talked about this thing, manifested this thing, but when the thing actually became manifest, it was in a really random way, or it turned out to be way better than what they first thought.

And that my friends is because the universal matrix quantum field, wherever you want to call it, it has way more outcomes than our human brain. The pro one of the problems with visualization is it forces you to put a picture in your brain or on your video [inaudible] of what it is that you want. And we all know the physical manifestation that we're trying to manifest is actually a feeling that you want to feel. I just want the car because we want the car. We want the car because the car makes us feel a certain way. We want the money because it gives us the freedom, the freedom to be with who we want to be, and to go to where we want to go. So it's not per se the money, it's the freedom that that creates. So when you can gift yourself, stepping back slightly from how you think this thing has to look, you give the universe full permission and to bring that about in the most miraculous way.

The universe will always outdo your ideas. So how can you now start to use visualization knowing that you have, I have all the resources that you need also knowing that you're fully capable of using visualization to manifest amazing things, even if you don't see those pictures very, very clearly in your mind.

So the first thing that I want to say is absolutely make the use of your vision board, your scrapbooks, and your visual cues. Now, what I mean by visual cues is, do feel free to scatter around your office and your home. Maybe some photo frames with things in there that you want, or statements, or just things that you're going to be able to see on a daily basis. Because even if you don't actually see them, your subconscious mind sees them, your cup, your subconscious mind is taking snapshots of your reality all the time, and you are only remembering the tiniest tiniest amount. So do not ever underestimate the power of your subconscious mind. So having that vision board where you're going to see it regularly, having those little visual cues around your home is a super powerful, subconscious way to keep reminding your mind that on which you are focused.

The second part is if you want to make sort of the visualization, a meditation style technique on a daily basis, please do use that. Feel free, to really rehearse, um, practicing, seeing more of those images in your mind, because you can increase that skill, but really focused on bringing in other senses into those visualizations. You know, imagine reaching your hand to the fridge and open the door and taking out a nice chill bottle of champagne as you celebrate the income that you wanted to bring in, or you and your partner going on a lovely holiday. And you can hear the excited chatter of people getting on the airplane and all that kind of things bring in all those senses, because that will just make it more of a, a real feeling inside of yourself. And not like I've said a million times on this episode, your is what creates your reality, but above all else, the best way that you can use visualization in your everyday life to make your dreams, your reality is to step into the frequency.

More often, you don't need to make this a big event. You don't need to just sit down and focus on what it is that you want, and look at your vision board and shut your eyes tightly, and like experience a thing. Just be more childlike, just allow yourself the sense of play, the sense of imagination and access, the frequency that you are looking for through your reality on a more regular basis. You can do that just simply by setting it intention to feel good. It can be as simple as that, because here's the thing. If you feel anxious, overwhelmed, rushed, fearful, too busy time, compressed all of those things. And then you spend 10 minutes once a day visualizing, do you see the problem? You're spending a majority of a day in the frequency of some form of lack. And if your frequency is creating your reality, somehow you're getting more of that light back.

If however you on a regular basis throughout the day, just stop and check in and say, where is my frequency now? Am I in this frequency of lack and overwhelm? And if I take a step to the side, can I in fact, step into the joy of the fact that I'm going to just go on holiday or I'm going to, I'm going to live out right now. Like I'm living my dream life right now, and I'm going to put a smile on my face. I'm going to put some good music on. I'm going to put some flowers in my office and you raise your vibration now and live in the energy. Now for me, I would still class that as visualization, because you're still using your imagination to anchor yourself into the feeling state of what it is that you truly want. So, as we wrap up episode two, I want you to commit to just being open to this concept, that the real power of visualization is in the frequency that the visualization emits.

It's the ability for you to drop from your head into your heart and feel the reality of your dreams to feel the freedom and the abundance and the joy and the success. And all of those things are wrapped up in the vision that you have for your, for your life and understand that it's perfectly okay. Not to have a set picture. In fact, I'd even go this far to say, is that when you don't need the full picture, you are an absolute faith that the universe has the best possible outcome for you. So no more beating up on yourself because you don't have these defined pictures. Having the feeling state is the most important state having faith in the universe or in the quantum field to match that feeling state with the most amazing outcome for you is the best place that you can be because you've stepped to the side, into the allowing and the expectation of something amazing happening for you. So go ahead, go have fun with your vision boarding and your scrapbooking. Get those visual cues around your house and make the commitment now that in order to create your rich life, you're going to start stepping into the frequency of that life every day, as many times a day, as you can, and just watch as your reality starts to change around you to match that new heightened frequency.


Thank you for joining me for this episode of The Your Rich Life Podcast


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