What is Your Soul's Purpose?

Are you holding back from taking action because you're not clear on where you're going? What you are actually aiming for? I hear you cry...

I just need to know my purpose

I get it. I was drowning in that space. So I want to share my story with you here, in the hope that it might help you see a new perspective and take some action toward creating your life of Purpose, Passion and Profit

#1 - We all share a common purpose

The chances of YOU being born are 1 in 400 trillion. You are an integral, energetic component of the world. You are born, like a seed, with the potential to become something absolutely incredible. 

Therefore, our common purpose is to live each day ON and WITH purpose. Yeah, yeah Louise, what does that even mean?  Simply, it means that you give a 💩. You think about the kind of person you want to be, with your family, lover, colleagues, strangers. You decide what you can CHOOSE to be excited about or engage, with each day. Consumption (of mind numbing, brain washing, tech) is not your first choice. Instead you choose to create and to serve at a higher level. 

Very simply put, you decide that each day you are breathing, you are blessed. You are not going to waste it on petty activities, pointless judgements and arguments or living a life of mediocrity. 

#2 - Get off the "purpose" hook

When you are hooked on the belief that you need a "purpose" it's like you are waiting for a calling, a requirement from something outside of yourself. Truth is, as discussed above, that drive comes from within us.

It comes from a place of gratitude for life. From the decision that life is a gift, not a chore. And from the realisation that you don't need to have a burning desire to build schools in Africa, feed the homeless or befriend the lonely in order to live a life of purpose. 

Do you want to be the best mum/daughter/wife/sister? How about sprinkling love everywhere you go in the world and leaving it a better place? Or perhaps you're focused on taking your health/relationships/spiritual practice to a whole new level this year? IT'S ALL PURPOSE, PEOPLE!

STOP believing that people who are more successful have a bigger purpose than you. It's absolutely not true. They've just made the decision to go after what they want ( and probably, do a lot of working it out along the way!)

#3 - Action provides more clarity 

There's this unspoken myth in the soulpreneur universe, that if we look hard enough, clarity and purpose land before us like a spiritual awakening.

#newsflash - rarely happens like that. It looks more like you just decided to take action, in some direction, toward what you think you currently want. Through that journey you work out what you like, what you don't. What works, what doesn't. How you can amend, improve or delete something so it fit's where you are now at (because you are in constant evolution!).

A whizz along my timeline...

I had zero awareness of "purpose" until around 6 years ago. I was a couple of years in to my first business.. which I didn't start because I was driven by my passion for helping others.. but rather out of desperation as hubby and I were brookkkee!!

I felt completely consumed by fear, anxiety and overwhelm on a daily basis. All my beliefs about not being good enough and worthy reared their ugly heads and puked their incessant negative narrative over me 24/7. 

I felt that if I could "just find my purpose" all this would be easier. Turns out, my purpose at the time was to deal with all that head 💩 that was getting in the way of me learning the truth about myself and my limitless potential. 

Whilst I was doing that, I just kept taking action. I tried different things in my business. I sold those different things. I learned new skills; worked with groups and coaches and just tried stuff. All. The. Time. 

Was I scared it would fail? yep. Did I worry that people would think I was greedy for charging for it? yep. Was I consumed by feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome and disbelief? Absolutely. There were ugly, screaming tantrums where red, hot tears streamed down my face - a mixture of frustration, fear and shame. The voices echoed in my head, getting louder each time I questioned my ability, my worth, my purpose. 

But I kept going. One (often painful) step at a time. 

And now I'm here

I feel that I have purpose in my life. I love what I do. I've learned to serve without worrying about the sale. At the same time, I've become an ally with the truth that selling is not sleazy nor greedy and what I sell has the ability to transform someone's life. 

I've travelled more in the past 14 months than I've travelled in the last 20 years - and I mean that in terms of both global travel as well as professional and spiritual development and my increased sense of self love and appreciation. 

My purpose and clarity revealed themselves to me as I trusted myself and my journey - what d'ya know 😉

So my challenge to you is this.. DECIDE to live each day with purpose. BE who you want to be. Show up like you've thought about it. Become conscious of your thoughts, actions, language. 

As you get in to bed each day, ask yourself, "If today had been my last day, would I have made it count?". And trust me, as you do this.. clarity starts to shine brightly within you. You will feel it, see it and be guided by it. It's pretty bloody magical.

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