You can make a decision but it's not enough to succeed - here's why
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Why Making A Decision is Not Enough to Succeed

Sep 17, 2020

Have you made a decision or have you committed? There is a big difference. Only one is going to take you to the success that you desire.


Every week I do a Q&A with my mastermind members and I ask them ahead of time, “what is it that you particularly want to work on?”. One replied “I'm just really tired of my decision disappearing”. I asked her to expand to which you replied, “Well, you know, I'm aware that I'm trying to stay my vibrational alignment. And I'm trying to act like the seven figure CEO. I make that powerful decision and then.. it just disappears”.


How do you know the decision has disappeared?

I asked her how she knew that. She said she didn’t know. So I asked her a different way, this is something you can do to.

If you made a decision to say, lose weight, move house, run a marathon, swim a lake, how would you know that the decision was still there? If I was watching you, how would I know that you've made a decision and the decision was still there?

I can see you DOING something. You are taking consistent action based on the desired outcome of the decision. Right?

At that moment my client realised the decision never disappeared. Her commitment disappeared. Big difference huh?


Decision Vs Commitment

It's one thing to make a decision, it's another thing to commit, no matter what, to taking the action.

People often make big decisions and declarations and that moment, they mean it. They know they are moving away from pain or toward pleasure. But the decision is not backed up by action. Certainly not long or consistently enough for them to start feeling the effects of taking the action.

When we don't take that action, it reaffirms our old/current identities. And the next level of success you want, requires a new level of you. Different ways to think different ways to think and act.

That would be nice Vs No Matter What

When we say, “Oh, it would be nice/ I'd kind of quite like to have that” versus “I will have, I will create, I will do this no matter what” we are formulating two different internal messages. Which would do you think is going to activate the necessary drive to get stuff done, regardless of how you feel or what’s going on?

#1 – When we don’t take consistent action we do not create a new and necessary identity for a different outcome


Decreased Competence

Without consistent action we cannot build competence or confidence. The more we do something, the more we rewire our brain to believe in ourselves and our abilities. Eventually, things that we used to be scared of or think we couldn’t do, become 2nd nature. We find them easy. It’s not that THEY got easier, it’s that YOU got better.

Listen to the podcast about how my 28 day No Alcohol challenge is teaching me this. I’ve attempted this before and always quit before the end of week 2. However, something was very different this time. I raised the necessity. There was a switch turned on in my head. I realised it was ESSENTIAL for me to shift in to a higher identity around my business AND personal life. And it’s already working. Like, amazingly well.

Quit the Yo-Yo – it’s destroying all belief in yourself

Are you someone who starts taking action and then, when after a few days or weeks you decide you’re not getting results, you quit? Or picks something new and shiny? Goes back to old ways because you define the “comfort” as flow? You know what that leads to? Destruction of self esteem and belief. And you will continue to perpetuate and reinforce that identity.

You have to be committed. Remember, no matter what  - you have to keep taking action. Only this will help you rewire your mind for success. Guaranteed success.


It’s all about the quality of the questions

Quit the “whiney” What, why, when, how, who. When you ask questions in that energy, with that intention, you're going to get feedback that you don't want because your brain is wired to give you answers. You’ll hear – ‘because your stupid/useless/a failure etc”.

Change the questions to a positive “how can I/what would it look like if/ what if…” you open up portals of possibility. Now you're in the driver's seat.

One of my clients has been diligently practicing this to build her business and improve her money mindset. She’s recently decided to trek to Base Camp on Mount Everest. Last week she spoke to a company who quoted her £2.5k and after putting the phone down, she asked, “How can I generate £2.5k so I can do that?”. Within 24 hours she received an email to confirm she was receiving that exact amount in to her bank in part prepayment for some teaching she’s doing in Mexico in November. BOOM.

When you commit, you have to ask yourself different questions.


Take a look back down your timeline. Have you made lots of decisions or have you made lots of commitments. How do you know? Just scale your levels of happiness and fulfilment in the key areas of your life – relationships; finances; purpose; health; career/business. You’ll see the answer immediately

Have you made lots of decisions with fragmented and sporadic action, or have you committed fully and challenged that internal conversation.

The commitment is the, I am. I am the person who and then you go do that stuff. NO MATTER WHAT.


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