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You Don't Need Another Strategy. You Need a New Identity

Jul 13, 2021

Almost all struggling online business owners and budding entrepreneurs believe that their business is not successful yet because they're missing that one magic strategy.

But for most of you, that's NOT TRUE! 

Strategy or Identity?

The common belief is that if you get all the right strategies and systems in place, your business will succeed.

So let me ask you this.

How many courses and freebies have you bought and downloaded and then completed and implemented and tracked. And by that, I mean done the work, tracked the results, made adjustments and tried again?

Did you know that only about 9% of people who buy a course complete it? Are you in that 9%?

Have you ever heard of stories where people are brand new to online business, don’t, really don't have a clue but they launch anyway – with phenomenal results? I have.

On the flip side, do you know anyone who has spent thousands on coaches and implementation strategies are still not making money. I have.

Here’s a Giant Clue

Let’s look at the recent pandemic. Whilst some companies have folded, others have flipped and thrived. Take for instance, the bespoke Gin company in Devon who realized they could make hand sanitizer instead of Gin. They didn’t fold, they kept all their staff and they’re still in business.

Was strategy the holy grail then. NO. Something else was at play. MINDSET..

They were determined and passionate. They didn’t see a dead end, they saw a crossroads. They didn’t let the external circumstances be the thing that decided their future. They made their own.

And in short, all this comes down to your Identity.

Your identity is an unconscious collection of words and pictures that have created a set point or ceiling for you around what you can expect from your life and what you can expect from yourself.

From how much money you can make, how easy/hard that is, what kind of house you can live it, relationship you can have and level of impact in the world – up until now, there’s a good point you’ve been mirroring an unconscious definition of what this means to you.

“ We can never outperform our self-image and unconscious identity” – Jim Fortin

So if you are a course junkie (and you’re not in the 9%) and you’re always downloading those “magic” freebies and you’re actually feel pretty bad that you’re just not making progress – are you open to doing something different. That WILL help you make progress, guaranteed?

You Think You Know Who You Are

You could describe yourself, right? Your friends and family would be able to describe you to me. Because you’re you. Or are you?

You see, that’s just a program. Up until now, your daily behaviours are 95% unconscious habit. You could say you’ve been trained to be as you are. From your energetic chakra systems, to your cogntitive function and in to your behaviours

And if that version of you is getting the things that you want, whethers that’s more money in your business, a healthier and fitter body, a more passionate relationship, more freedom, then the GOOD news is – YOU GET TO CHANGE THE PRGORAM


It All Starts With Words and Pictures

Your current identity has set defintions for everything. You probably think of them as beliefs. But beliefs are just perceptions. It’s not factual.

Anyway, your definitions define how you experience it emotionally. Shall we test that?

What words come up for you when you think about:

Entrepreneur – What do you think they look like? How do you think they behave? What do you think they do on a daily basis? How do they feel? How much like YOU are they?

Doing a launch – the live videos, webinar, workshop. Facebook Ads. Sales pages and conversations. Car close emails?  when you think about doing the live videos, doing the webinar or the workshop, doing a series of Facebook ads. When you think about sales pages and phone calls and cart, closing emails, what words come up for you?

Sales and Selling – Pricing. Asking for the sale. Refunds. Sales pitches. Sales conversations.

And just notice also, if you have an immediate physical reaction in your body! Do you feel a shift in your energy? Uncomfortable sessions in your stomach? Solar plexus? Does your mouth water?

That’s how your definitions create emotions – totally unconsciously.

If you get excited about launching a product and you love sales conversations, and love learning from every launch, whether it's a perceived failure or success, you're going to have very different emotions to somebody that is petrified of putting a price on a transformation that they think they can't guarantee will happen for their potential client.

Next is The Picture

Each of these definitions creates an automatic picture or internal representation in your mind. It’s like a double slap effect if your definitions are negative.

This is the set point vision that is keeping you stuck on the outside of your dreams.

We know that 95% of your thoughts are the same every single day and  80% or more of those are going to be negative. We also know that we create our reality based on our most dominate thoughts (and therefore pictures).

So the question becomes, what thoughts and pictures are you constantly playing in your mind about your business? Because THIS is why you’re getting more of the things you say you don’t want.

And because you are thinking out of conditioning, you keep doing what you have been taught to do, which is focus on strategy BUT it’s your IDENTITY that needs to shift.

Emotions Drive Behaviour

What brings this all together is that your emotions are driving behaviour. For example, if you’re about to do a launch but your current identity doesn't relate to you as a successful business owner you might feel scared of rejection, failure, that you don't know how, there's too much to do, that you don't have enough time, of what other people are going to say. These emotions become SO overpowering that they silence that little voice that says, I CAN.

So what do you?

Maybe you choose a soft launch?

Maybe just put a couple of emails out?

Maybe you slash your price?

Maybe you just offer to the same audience as you always do?
Or maybe you just don’t do the launch at all?

And you probably start looking for that next launch strategy. That’s comfortable. And fail safe. Only that doesn’t exist.


A quote from Joe Dispenza,

“If we cannot think greater than how we feel, we can never change to change is to think greater than we feel to change is to act greater than the familiar feelings of the memorized self”

So now are you open to the belief that the problem is not the strategy? The problem is not having the identity to implement the strategy. Not having the mindset that supports the highest outcome for yourself and for your life. 

How Do You Change Your Identity?

The most important thing you need to remember is that repetition is the key. It creates new neural pathways in your brain that support this identity shift. It’s not easy. It's a practice that takes time.

So here is my HMS Formula that will help get you started.

H stands for Heart Healing. Healing the emotional wounds of our past that have left scars of limiting beliefs. Your first step is to start practicing radical self-kindness. No more nasty self-talk; no more being mean yourself. Un-waivering compassion for where you are right now and for all the good that IS you.

The M stands for Mind. The subconscious reprogramming so we can rewrite and redesign new and powerful definitions and pictures and raise that expectation set point that we've been stuck underneath.

Here’s a sentence for you to complete and repeat several times a day.

I used to believe _________ And now I believe __________

So think of a limiting belief that’s holding you back from shifting in to a new identity and reality and use that for example. One that I would have used in the past is,

I used to believe I was just a housewife with a hobby but now I believe I am happy, joyful and successful seven figure CEO.

SAY THIS WITH CONVICTION!! If you’re just going to repeat it verbatim, don’t waste your time.

S stands for Success Strategies. Proven success habits of the world's most successful people. And if you’re not already doing this, I want you to start by Dictating Your Day. (grab your daily Dictate Your Day Planner sheet here). Also be sure to check my YouTube Channel for advice on how to create and stick with your perfect morning Routine.


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