You MUST challenge your conditioning
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You MUST Break The Chains of Your Conditioning

Sep 08, 2020

What Are You A Reflection Of?

If you don't challenge your conditioning, your reality will always be reflection of somebody else's belief systems and expectations. Welcome to episode three of The, Your Rich Life Podcast. Today we're talking about conditioning versus being the creator of your life

We are all a product of our past until we realize that we are a product of our consciousness.

It means that most people in their life on earth will not get the stage in life, where they realize that they have literally just mirrored in some capacity, the expectations and belief systems of the society and home they were brought up in. When you realize that you are a conscious creator and that you have the limitless potential and possibility of the universe, you give yourself permission to step away from the conditioning.

You can be thankful for it because you know, your, your childhood has taught you a huge amount of lessons. It's brought you to where you are today, but you immediately started to understand that a lot of that conditioning is what creates our limiting belief systems and our limiting limiting belief systems are self sabotage.

They create ceilings in our life.

We can't seem to break through and we limit our experience of life. And we weren't put here to do that. We were put here to express ourselves fully and to live our most magnificent life. The minute I learned that my conditioning was the very thing that was holding me back I was able to step into consciousness and creation. My entire life changed. Relationships, finances, business. I mean, before I knew all this, I worked in an office and was earning eight pounds an hour as an admin clerk.

And as I started learning more about our ability to challenge and break the chains of our conditioning and step into our role as a conscious creator, there is nothing that I can not achieve. Everything is possible for me and everything is possible for you too.

Bust our your journal

So please, if you're able, bust out your journal, take some notes, come back and revisit this one. I'm going to keep it short as I do with all of them. I don't want to bombard you with science, but I want make sure that you have the map right now to help you get the most out of this podcast. Because like I say, I think it's one of the most important ones you're going to do. So let's briefly talk about conditioner, broke it down into four parts for you. And I wanted to go straight into the conditioning. First of all, and it's very simplest form.

So every single one of us has a model of the world, basically a whole series of belief systems about everything that we've ever come across in. Anything that, that we know, we have a belief about it, and a belief isn't necessarily a truth, right? It's just our personal perception. You need to write that down. A belief is very rarely. In fact, a truth. It's often just a personal perception. A truth is something like two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen is water, right? A belief isn't I am worthy, or I'm not worthy. That's the perception. That's your perception based on your model of the world. Now you create your model of the world. Always we're always learning new things. We're always kind of, we always have this ability to use what we call the neuroplasticity of the brain to massage the brain into new heightened States.


But your primary model of the world would have been created somewhere between the ages of zero and seven in, in how you were brought up through your caregivers, your teachers, your society, what you see and what you saw and what you felt over and over and over again, basically creates your model of the world. And if you imagine your brain having millions of little buckets, and as you take in the huge amounts of information you take in as, as an infant where you don't, you're not able to put logic in. You're not able to make sense of things. So you just take everything as truth, as information comes in, it will block pop into these different buckets. Oh, this is what I believe about friendship. This is what I believe about marriage. This is what I believe about money. This is what I believe about people with different colored skin.

This is what I believe about expectations and travel and so on and so on and so on. And even as we come into adulthood for most people on, on planet earth, they will never be aware of these buckets in their brain. They will never be aware that they, everything they see in here, they are trying to fit neatly into one of these buckets. They will never challenge what they think they will never ask. Is there a different way? Could I think differently about this? Might this not be my truth? Might this not help me? And Oh my God, when you start to have those conversations, it's literally like, it's like emptying out a purse. I'm getting a really vivid picture now of somebody opening their person, turning upside down and shaking and shaking it. And you know, coins are coming out and, and, and I would chewing gum packets and bits of fluff and maybe the odd moth flying out.

And that's what happens when you start to challenge your model of the world. So the first step that I want you to do, and I want you to remember that the reason I'm doing this, this episode for you now is so that you can create a new model of the world that supports the creation of your rich life. No holds barred, anything you want, your rich life, your definition of success. That's what this is all about. So step number one, I want you to start to become more aware of what your model of the world is.

What is true for you?

Start to make a list of what you believe to be true. What do you believe to be true about you? What do you believe to be true about money, success, freedom. What do you believe about the world? You believe is a good place or a bad place. Do you think people that are inherently good or inherently bad? What do you believe about other people around you? What do you believe about your past? What you need to realize is that every single decision that you make on a daily basis is based on a belief, whether you do something or don't do something, there is a belief that is creating that behavior. So I want you to start mapping out what your model of the world is now, because I know you'll listen to this because you want to create your rich life, go to the key areas in your life right now that you want to improve and ask yourself what you believe about that.

That's step number one, your model of the world, because here's what we're going to start to do. We're going to start to empty out those buckets. Those buckets may have sewed you up until now, but if you want to create a new reality, you have to create a new way of being. You have to shift your identity. So we need to empty these buckets out and start to fill the buckets up with things that we know are going to serve us. We need to feed our mind a diet of positivity and optimism and, uh, and different avenues and all this exciting stuff, rather than the, all these buckets that probably have a lot of stagnating, outdated mold covered beliefs. We're going to just, we're going to empty them all out and we're going to fill them with fresh sparkly, new beliefs. 

Step number two

You may have already started to unearth some of these as you did step number one, but step number two is with your hand on your heart, what are your expectations? So break down into life areas. So break it down into money. And I want the money to pertain to you. Not as a couple, not in a relationship money, as it pertains to you.

What are your expectations about your financial independence, your financial security and your financial freedom? How easily do you think money should come to you? How much money do you think you're allowed to make in your business? How much do you think you can charge per client? What are your expectations around money? Same for your relationships. Do you want your relationship to be as intimate and passionate as exciting 20 years down the line, as it was two years down the line, do you believe that there has to be more sacrifice?

Do you believe that you can have this amazing relationship, but you have to sacrifice some of the money or that you can have a, you can have a lot of money, but you don't have as good a relationship. So what are your expectations about relationships? What about the amount of freedom that you have travel that you have? Uh, what about your, your, your business, your health, your spirituality, your mission, break it down into those key life areas and really ask yourself, what are your expectations? Now, if you don't know what your expectations are, here's another way of looking at that. Ask yourself, why do I have what I have on? Why don't I have more?

What's made you stop where you are.

It's quite good question that one. And we could talk about that one for a whole episode. Maybe we'll do that another time, but understanding your expectations, because here's the thing, your beliefs, birth, your expectations, and I've already told you that your conditioning creates your beliefs. So your expectations actually, for the most part, don't belong to you. And I see this so many times with amazing business owners who are passionate and purpose driven, and they believe in income and impact and inspiration. And yet they're under earning. And over-delivering because of belief systems from parents who were post war, where there was no money. And they had to save every penny they had, and they don't, they're not frivolous. And you should be grateful for what you've got. And those powerful sentences with the emotion that would have been delivered with your parents said over and over again, men that you like many other people would have had very low expectations when it came to the abundance of money and your entitlement to money.

Now, step number three

Is where it starts to get really exciting. This is about what do you really want? In last week's episode, we talked about visualizations. If you haven't listened to that one yet, it's super important that you do. So go back and listen. But what do you really want in that episode? I talked about how, because of our human mind and what is available to us visually, oftentimes we limit what we think is possible for us. We get stuck in things that we have seen other people achieve. We've seen on TV. We might've seen it on the internet and social media. And we don't know, we can't access the most amazing outcome because we can't actually see it. Universe always has the best outcome, but just for now, if you could smash your income ceiling, if you could smash all your expectations around what your life has planned out, like now, what would you want?

What do you want more of now? This can be things, but it can also be feelings. Do you want more freedom? Do you want more abundance? Do you want more joy, more passion, more productivity? What is it you want to feel more of? What is it you want to has morals? Not the same time. What do you want to kick to the floor? What do you not want anymore? When you get clear on that, you're paving the way for a much clearer frequency. And you're stepping into that creative mode. You're breaking that conditioning already just by letting yourself entertain new, amazing possibilities. So what is it you, number three is what is it that you really, really want? And listen, I want you to go crazy on this one. I don't want you to put any limitation on like, just what if it were possible?

What if that crazy dream, what possible for you?

Because do you know it is possible for you. You're going to need grit and determination and action, and you're going to need to become the master of your mind and the, and the sourcer for your energy, but everything is possible when you make that decision. And I want to just give you a quick example of that. One of the mentors that I'm working with right now, I was listening to one of his trainings and he just mentioned how a group of he and his friends flew from the States to this private Island in Fiji. Once a year, they fly flies. First class. It cost them about seven or $8,000 to stay on this Island for a week. And they go there because it has some of the best surfing in the world. And I was like, why have I never thought about going to a, you know, hiring an Island in Fiji to surf we're number one, I can't surf number two of beans, Fiji, but any home.

But you know, it was just that like, why have I never thought about, well, because it hasn't been in your radar, it wasn't something that somebody said was possible for you. You see, here's the thing. Going back to the conditioning, just for a moment, when you start to dream that big people are gonna question you because they didn't plant that seed in your mind. Most of us were not born with a condition that said, you can do anything that you want. You can be doing, have anything. You can have a private jet. You can have a private yacht. You can, you can, not, many of us were brought up like that. We create that mindset through necessity. Let me repeat that. Most of us have to create that mindset through necessity, because want to live our best life, what you need to get you there.

Isn't just the burning desire to have your own private yacht. That's not, what's going to do it. What sort of do it is the driving necessity to live your most exciting, abundant, free life, where you're going to skid into the end of your life going, Holy mother, that was insane, right? So we know from most of our conditioning mode, most of us won't have that. So we have to create that. So what is it that you really, really want and feel the excitement of that and make sure you go back and listen to episode number two. Now, step number four. This is where you really start to dump the conditioning and step into the shoes of your own creator. Because like I said, at the beginning, you are, you are made in the likeness of the universe or God, whatever you want to say, whatever religion you might be or whatever your beliefs are, you are made in the likeness of the creator. And you have the same abilities as the creator. So just as the universe creates limitless possibilities and creates the most amazing things. You can do the same when you learn how to create that frequency. So now you started to get a little bit more honest and maybe a little bit scared about what it is that you really, really, really, really want. What would you now need to believe to make that eye reality?

What Do You Need To Believe?

We're not going to start to match you right now, but what would you start needing to believe? What buckets would you need to empty a refill? I must believe that everything is possible. I must believe it doesn't matter. What side of the town I was bought up or pain. I can still achieve this. And as you're doing this, imagine yourself filling up these cups with magic juice, glittery, gold, bright blue, glitter field jails. It pours into these new buckets in your mind. I must believe that I am infinitely worthy. I must believe there is a serendipitous path out of me that will just flow as I set my intention to make this. So I must believe in myself and my abilities to create the life of my dreams. So what would you need to believe? Because what did I just say? Your beliefs, birth, your expectations, your beliefs, new expectations, birth your actions.

And when you can hone the beliefs, when you know what you need to believe, and you have that necessity and drive, you will become the person that you need to be, not the person who is conditioned to be. You will learn how to become the person that you need to be. So you can do the things that you need to do so that you can have those amazing things, those amazing experiences, those amazing conversations and people and clients and business it's the whole be, do have principles. I've been teaching for years to my clients. Even when I was a personal trainer, I used to say to my clients, you can't come in here telling me that you're fat and that your happiness is in being thin. And then act like the fat person at wife, trying to be thin. You have to act like the slim and healthy person now.

And that's the same for you. So what do you need to believe? Because that will birth who you need to be, but that's quite a lot for one short podcast episode. So I'm going to make sure I come back and revisit this episode and give you some more examples of how once you've got what you need to believe, how you can start to refine that into a plan into a strategy, but for now, just to help you in this one episode, to go from breaking the chains of the conditioning and seeing those moldy stagnant, dark heavy buckets in your brain that are holding you back into other people's expectations and belief systems. And now filling those beautiful buckets with liquid gold and bright blues and purples full of glitter and new positive, higher level expectations and belief systems. Now you step into the creator. Now you are creating your rich life through a decision to make it.

So I have loved recording this episode, and I really hope it has given you some clarity and some steps that you can start using right now to understand the depths of you are the strategy. When it comes to your business, your frequency will align you with outcomes that you couldn't even imagine in your mind. And that is your primary focus when it comes to going to that next level of success and abundance and joy.

Now, if you've liked this episode, a couple of favors I want from you. Please, I would love for you to subscribe to the podcast, leave me review and share with all of your friends that you think that will benefit from that. It would be a massive, massive gift for me. 


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