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Reach Your Highest Potential With Energy Mastery - Here's How

Feb 13, 2021

What if I could show you EXACTLY how to become more successful, using energy?

That's what I intend to do in this blog. But first, a question for you!

Q. Do you have the energy you need NOT just to reach your gaols, but to do so with vibrancy and joy, be fully present for those you love and treat yourself the way you deserve?

Or.... are you burned out, leaving a shadow of who you are for those you love and constantly beating up on ourself for "not doing better"?

Most small business owners I speak and work with are the latter. So determined to succeed and with no-one teaching them about "self strategy for success", they say things like, "I'm doing this for a better life for us" or "it won't always be like this". 

Truthbomb - We should never invest in the "bank of tomorrow" when it comes to health and love. Tomorrow may be too late!

This was me

This was my story! As someone who never thought about running her own business, I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of emotional pain....

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3 Powerful Subconscious Reframes for Success

Feb 09, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great to have a strategy to change the things that don’t make us feel good?

Just like when you flip the TV or radio station when you don’t like it – what if you could do the same to experience a different reality? One that makes you feel GOOD? The good news is you can, and that’s the topic of this episode of the Your Rich Life Podcast.

Changing the Channel

If you don’t like a TV show, you don’t sit down to watch it every week, right? So why do you continue to experience emotions and situations that you don’t like? Why do we hit replay, every day in our life? It’s because we keep choosing to see things through the same FRAME.

The frame contains our personal context, so if we don’t change the frame, we always feel and act the same way and therefore create the same reality. Even if it’s something we say we don’t want.

Your emotional and personal freedom and success is in your ability to change the...

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My 3 Favourite Journalling Techniques (that increase intuition)

Feb 06, 2021

Do you struggle with journaling? Not really sure what you're doing, why you're doing it, and if it's working? But you keep doing it anyway, because everyone says you, should.

I hear you. I had that same problem. That’s why, in this episode of the Your Rich Life Podcast, I’m sharing three favourite journaling techniques that are not only fun, but help to hone your intuition.

Drop the Definition

I’d like to invite you to release yourself from the pressure of having a specific definition of journaling. Because that could be causing you friction.

Friction Lowers Frequency

Which ultimately dilutes the impact and outcome of your action. Of course, you can expect a little friction at first because it’s “new”. However, if friction remains, it may be time to mix something up (be sure to watch this episode on Morning Routines and why Routine Jenga is your friend)

My best advice is to give all 3 techniques a go and see which you like best. Love them all?...

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Is Your Relationship Suffering Because You're Building a Business?

Feb 02, 2021

Has your romantic relationship suffered because of your business?

As you have developed personally, are you finding there is a relationship gap, which is causing you some worries?

Personal Development Goes Hand in Hand with Business.. but Can Your Relationship Hack It?

2017-2018 was a period of intense, personal growth for me. And it created problems in my marriage. I didn’t know who to talk to or what to do. Thankfully, we navigated this issue and whilst it’s always a WIP, we’re in a much better place.

Do you feel you’ve outgrown your partner?

This is more common than you might think. And aside from the mental and emotional stress it causes, it’s also a reason many women fail to make their dreams a reality. Because they are scared of what they might lose in terms of their relationship. Let me share with you the steps that helped me.

5 Steps to Navigate The Relationship Gap

#1 - Do Not Judge or Blame

You can blame them because they haven't changed, or...

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3 Ways to Use Self Love as Your #1 Success Strategy

Jan 29, 2021

I bet you’re not using this Success Habit.


Way too many female business owners fail to achieve their dreams purely because of their lack of self belief. And that lack of belief prevents them directing their mind towards greater expectations for themselves and their life.


Bleeds in to your dreams and dilutes them. After a while, taking action becomes just too hard and the results just don’t happen. I was crippled by this for almost 40 years. Anyone that knew me would tell you I was confident, “ballsy” and driven. But it was a show.

I was petrified most of the time and didn’t expect to get great results. Because “people like me” didn’t achieve “things like that”.

Activate Greater Self Love For Greater Success

When you don’t love yourself enough to believe in the most glorious vision of your life and business, action can be soul destroying. And as we create what we expect (not want) you’ll...

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3 Steps to Use Your Discontent to Create Your Best Life

Jan 26, 2021

These are the feelings you're allowed to express.

This is how a woman should act.

This is the body you must strive for.

These are the things that you will believe.

These are the people that you can love.

Those are the people that you should fear.

This is the kind of life that you are supposed to want.

Make yourself fit. You'll be uncomfortable at first, but don't worry. Eventually you'll forget that you're caged. And soon, this will just feel like life.

Honour Your Discontent

Those breathtaking words are from the book, “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle.

It helps to explain why we find it so hard to follow our dreams. Why it's easier for us to live down into the expectations of somebody else and not live into higher expectations that we set for ourselves.

When we feel discontent, we tend to negate it. Ignore it. We’ll tell ourselves “we should be grateful” and fall back in to apathy. We numb ourselves with food, alcohol, social media.

All of these things do...

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5 Survival Tips for Emotionally Struggling Business Owners

Jan 22, 2021

Running a business is HARD. But some days it's just harder to cope.

When things are really tough and we feel we have no control, how can we manage that in a better way?

How can we stop the negative head conversation that tells us we “should be doing more/better”? What do we need to do so we can create more clarity and self love so we can get some control back?

Post Natal Depression

Mental health is a topic close to my heart. I suffered with severe PND for years. There was so much about my own mind that I didn't know how to control. I was at the mercy of that scathing internal conversation. Learning how to direct my thoughts has been life changing and I want to help you do the same.

This isn’t about making the hard stuff go away. It won’t always the alleviate the pain you’re experiencing but it can help you suffocating in it. It’s going to help you develop greater resilience, which is a skill that will serve you will.

Number One - Be flexible and...

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This is The One Goal we All Share (but are you creating it?)

Jan 19, 2021

What would make you feel even more free and happy in this present moment and to begin shaping an even more ideal future vision for yourself.

And when you think about your goals, do you know why you really have them? Do you know what that biggest drive is?

I believe that we all share this common drive – The Drive For Personal Freedom

Think about your goals and dreams. What’s the emotion behind them? Every physical thing we want to achieve or attain has an emotional root. Whether it's the next level of financial success, dress size,  relationship or a new car, house or pair of shoes – beneath it all is a belief that it will make you feel something?

Personal Freedom – What does it Mean to You?

When I say “Personal Freedom”, where do you feel that in your body. Take a moment to notice what happens to your body. What do you feel physical happening?

Then ask yourself, “when I say the words personal freedom. Is there a picture in my mind?...

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8 Things to do Before 8am

Jan 16, 2021


You don't need ice baths, Rocky style workouts and hours of mediation to set yourself up for success. BUT, let me ask you this.

What are the first eight things that you do every morning and all they setting you up for a really good day?

Would you be willing to change them if you knew it would have a monumental, positive impact on your life. 

If you’re already thining that you don’t have time to pee in the morning, please entertain me for a few moments and let me see if I can change your mind

Morning Routines Are Proven…

to set you up emotionally and energetically for a really great day. It is the number one habit or ritual of the world's most successful people. So why don't more of us do it?

If you are a business owner who also happens to be a mum, I bet it feels like another pull on your time?

Maybe it just feels too overwhelming because you already feel rushed? 

How about if you could create something that...

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Start Here to Make New Habits Stick

Jan 12, 2021

Start Before the Start, Start Small and Start Believing.

How do we make new habits stick?

In the last blog I explained that a mindset shift is the first part of new habits. And without that, sticking to new habits is like pulling teeth. 

How would it feel to make it waaaay easier to make new habits easy to stick to?

Well I think these 3 steps with give you just that!.

Most people don’t start far enough back!

If I asked you how you’re going to get fitter/healthier you’d probably tell me you would eat better and work out.

But what if I asked you an additional question? “How do you make all of those things EASIER to do?”.

And if you’ve tried this before, and failed, you can ask, “What exactly stopped me from succeeding before?”.

Let me give you an example. I had this very conversation with a client yesterday. And I asked her those exact questions. She looked at me blankly to start with, but after some guidance she said,


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