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3 Steps to Guaranteed Consistency

Dec 03, 2020

Your life is a reflection of where you have been consistent.

Every single result you have, whether it's in your relationships, health, finances, business, is a mirror of what action you have consistently taken or not taken.

Welcome back to the, your rich life podcast. We are on episode number 30, and today we're going to have a straight up conversation about you and your levels of consistency.

A 3 Stage Process

This could be the difference between you succeeding or not. And it can be the difference between you succeeding, with joy, ease, grace and authenticity, or you getting successful or creating success and being a big, hot mess.

Small daily actions lead to massive results

the first thing that you need to know, like on a cellular level, in your guts in your heart need to know is that small daily actions lead to massive results. Now I get it, you know, somewhere, we all want to believe in this mythical magic, quick fix, where we can get the outcome that we want with way less...

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5 Steps To Staying Motivated - No Matter What

Nov 28, 2020

Your Drive Must Drown Out The Doubt

It’s Part 2 of the “The Motivation Myth” podcast.

Today I want I’m going to give you “Five Steps to Motivation, No Matter What”

Number One

You have to want the outcome so bad add that your ego will never, ever win the long game. What do I mean by that? Remember in Part One I told you that motivation is generated. It's not something that we “just have”. So motivation is a decision and a “feeling state”.

However, when you go after something new, big and probably a little scary, your ego will always kick in. To create that brand new reality, you need a new identity so that you can think bigger than you current default thoughts and reality. You subconscious (ego) will have many cunning ways to try and “persuade” you to stay exactly where you are.

You’re going to fall off the wagon – but don’t let ego win

You’re going to have blips. Fall off the momentum...

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The Myth of Motivation (and what to do instead)

Nov 25, 2020

What if your lack of momentum and motivation is actually a symptom and not the problem? Well, that's what we're going to discuss in this very special two-part episode of The Your Rich Life Podcast

Let’s start with the Myth of Motivation and Momentum

To get the most out of this episode, I want you to grab a pen a paper because it’s all about reflection. This is going to help you change the way you think about motivation so that when you listen to episode #2, you can start taking big action.

You don’t HAVE motivation

Motivation and momentum is NOT something that you have. It’s not something you are given. It’s something you GENERATE. (note: momentum and motivation might have the same meaning for you. I interchange these words in this podcast so pick what feels good for you).

That means that you have a STRATEGY for feel motivated and “in” momentum. So, if you’ve had it once it means you can have it again. Right? I’ll show you how...

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The Key to Lifelong Motivation - Driving Force Framework™

Nov 21, 2020

You want to feel like you've really achieved something? Create results that you're proud of? To live into your potential.

But you keep quitting on yourself. Why do you do that? And how can you stop?

I'm going to share a framework with you that’s going to help you do just that. So if you're ready, let's dive straight in.

I’ve never liked “Know Your Why”

I've never really resonated with that whole process of the why. And now looking back, I can see why I didn't like the why. I think first of all, often times what really buries our why and keeps it away from us is that we are living beneath just a pile of limiting beliefs about who we are and what we can achieve.

So when we're saying it a business and we've got these gurus telling us if you know the why you'll find the how, I just couldn't buy into that because I was drowning in the limiting beliefs that I had about myself.

With that being said, as you go through your layers of learning and personal development,...

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Are You Aware of What You REALLY Fear?

Nov 18, 2020

What is it that you're telling yourself when you feel fear? When you don't take action? when you don't step up, or when you back down from building your dream business and creating the life that you want. What's the conversation that you're having?

Do you really have an awareness of what you truly fear? Well, that's what we're going to discuss in this episode of the Your Rich Life podcast.

There's no denying that building your business and creating your dream life requires a huge amount of courage, which is why most of the world will never do it. 95% of the world will live a mediocre or a caged life. You're hear, listening to this podcast because you want more. You want to achieve your potential, but I'm pretty sure that somewhere you're holding back. You're backing down because there is a story that you're telling yourself about a fear that you have.

My Intention For This Episode

My intention for this episode is to break that down so that #1 you can recover the truth and #2 you...

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Lack of Evidence is NOT Evidence of Lack

Nov 11, 2020

Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack.

Today I want to talk to you about why your need for proof is success sabotage.

Manifestation and Frequency

Your dominant thoughts create your dominant frequency which, in turn, creates your reality. If you can't vibrate in the frequency of the thing you are "trying" to manifest, you'll actually receive more evidence of it's LACK. Bummer huh?

Logic tells us to "work harder", which perpetuates the lack frequency and thus our desires appear to become further away. 

Less Logic More Magic

This is what is needed to I have some tips for you to shift this frequency.we 

6 Concepts to Shift Consciousness

Here are 7 considerations from you, taken from the amazing book, “Do You Quantum Think?”.


We are wisdom distribution channels and our predominant habits of thinking shape our actions and generate all of our results.

You are living 95% unconsciously. It means that what you're doing, you're doing very robotically. Even if...

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4 M's That Guarantee Your Success

Nov 07, 2020

Every great dream begins with the dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world - Harriet Tubman.

Today I’m talking about the four things that you must to have if you aren't going to elicit great change in your life. I'm sure there've been times in your life when you decided to set a new year's resolution, or you said, “I'll start again on Monday”.  We've all done it. And yet, somehow, some period of time down the line, you find yourself in exactly the same position as you was before.

So what is it about change that makes it so hard when we want to achieve something? We want to create something new or different in our life. And yet when we look back, and realise we've been living the same kind of life for months, maybe years or even decades.

I got to thinking about the times in my life when I DID commit to change. And what made it happen and stick? I mean, we can all...

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How to Quantum Think Your Way to Bigger Success

Oct 21, 2020

What is a quantum leap? Why should you want one and how do you make it happen?

I'm re-reading a book right now called "Do You Quantum Think', and it is perfectly aligned with some of the major concepts I'm going to be teaching in my upcoming free live training. So make sure you've signed that for that.

A quantum leap is defined as, "a huge, often sudden increase or advance in something"

Learning and implementing this thinking as revolutionized the way that I live, think and feel but also, the way that I build my business. I am NOT a quantum physicist, that may surprise you, so this podcast is purely my opinion from my current level of understanding and my own level of implementation.

I really honestly think that if you just take on a little bit of what I talk about today, it could change your life.

In the book, she describes a quantum leap as..

"it's the movement of a particle from one level to another, without any logical explanation or pathway".

So in terms of what it...

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Struggling to build your online business? Read this for inspiration

Oct 20, 2020

You want to make money in your business, right?

And wouldn’t it be great to have that and more success, with more simplicity and less time so that you can spend time doing things with people you love?

That’s what this blog is about. Following on from my blog about WHY YOU’RE NOT MAKING MORE MONEY in you’re business and introducing you to the 4 Quadrants (Marketing, Messaging, Methods and Metrics), this blog is about turning your current straight on it’s head.

If you don’t have the financial results you want

And you know you are still in your own way, then you need to STOP focusing on the business strategy as your #1 goal. “What?”,  I hear you cry. And you are also probably way over prioritising your offer/product at the moment. Yes, I know it sounds counterintuitive, maybe even batsh*t crazy, but keep reading.

The Three Step W.H.O Process for Real Progress

#1 - No strategy or plan is going to work for you if you can't think in the...

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You Get What You Tolerate - Are You Ready For More?

Oct 17, 2020



You get what you tolerate. Wwise words from Tony Robbins. When I heard them it created an instant shift in my perception around, was I really doing what I needed to do to get the outcomes that I kept saying that I wanted to have?

My question to you is this.”Are you really satisfied with where you're at in your business and in your life, and are you really doing what it takes to make a change?”

What’s got me to where I am today?

Ove the last couple of days I’ve been journaling on where I'm at in my business and life, what’s got me here and where do I want to see something different?

In terms of my business, the primary thing that I “owned” was that in 8 years of business I’ve never dedicated time to mastering my messaging. And that has held me back from scaling my business and making the money I would really like to make.

It’s not that I didn’t know I needed to do it. I just avoided it. It felt too difficult...

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