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How Busy Business Owners Can Make New Habits Stick

Jan 09, 2021

Why is it so hard to stick to new habits?

How do you feel when you declare defiantly, “I'm going to start again on Monday”. only to slip and fall by Friday. Do you feel ashamed? Do you feel angry, frustrated?

You know you want to make a change and you know what you need to do, and yet you still keep failing. Why is that?

This blog comes in 2 parts.. #1 is the  “Why We Can’t” and in #2 is the  “How You Can”. 

Lasting Change is Simply a Change of Repetitive Habits

Really, new habits are about a new identity. Which means you're going to need to start with some mindset shifts. Ready?

The Results You Have Now Took Time

Anything you have in your life now, that you don’t want, took time to “achieve”.

  • You didn't just gain weight overnight did you? It was a series of poor choices, probably daily, over a period of time that got you to the level of health that you're in right now.
  • Your relationship didn't go sour...
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3 Morning Habits Essential for Success (and sanity)

Jan 07, 2021

It is NOT that you are missing something big and that’s why success is so hard to create – it’s that you are underestimating the powerful of the the small seemingly inconsequential, DAILY, things.

3 Life and Success Changing Habits

The world's highest performers share various common traits, and one of the primary ones is how they start their morning. This is more than a morning routine. This is a way of BE-ing so let’s dive in.

Number One – Leave The Phone Alone

I'm not just talking about the phone, leave ALL tech alone for 60 minutes minimum, at the start of your day. When you wake up, in a delectable theta state, your mind is like a sponge. It’s the same just before you nod off at night. This is when you have the power to create magic.

So why would you start your day by checking in to someone else’s life instead of your own?

Aside from delivering a huge message to The Universe that you like to start your day searching for external...

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End Self Judgement With Full on Permission

Jan 05, 2021

When you don't give yourself permission, you invite in a whole heap of self- judgment when we come from a place of self- judgment, nothing good can come from it.

I’ve been thinking about what I could have given myself permission for, that would have made my business journey more fun, far less arduous and anxious, and probably shorter. I’d like to share them with you if I may?

#1 – Permission to feel envy and jealousy

There is no darkness without light. Our entire world is yin and yang. And yet we are conditioned to believe that it’s all about having good thoughts and feelings.

But there is a difference between experiencing an emotion and BE-coming

These emotions can, in fact, be fantastic guideposts for you, clearly showing you what it is you want in your life. Learn to extract the learning rather than judge yourself for the feeling.

#2 – Permission to be good with where you are at, right now

Maybe for you, it means you need to quit trying to condense...

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5 Money Beliefs That Keep You Under Earning

Dec 15, 2020


All under earners share one common trait. They have a high tolerance for low pay.

Ouch. That was a banging quote from Barbara Stanny in her book “Overcoming Under Earning. Today, I want to share Five Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping You Under Earning.

Number One

“People won't pay what I want to charge”

Tell me, how you specifically know that? How do you know that people are not going to pay what you charge? Perhaps you’ll tell me it’s because you’re not making sales. So here’s another question for you.

How you know specifically that it's your pricing that's the problem? What if it's your messaging? Or that you are talking to the wrong ideal client or you’re on the wrong platform?

The truth of this statement

Is that it’s a deeper reflection of YOU. Consider where you have held back from investing. When was a time you sat on the fence because you didn’t believe in yourself? Or you felt it was “too...

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Do You Have a Growth or Fixed Mindset?

Dec 08, 2020

“What are the consequences of thinking that your intelligence or personality is something you can develop as opposed to something that is a fixed deep seated trait?”

What is a growth mindset and why is it absolutely essential you develop yours if you want to succeed in your business?

Fixed Mindset

Is where we have a belief that our intelligence or our personality is fixed, it doesn’t change. We build our life on a set of expectations that we can't/ won’t push past.

Growth Mindset

Is about believing we are “malleable”. We can change our personality, improve intelligence, learn new skills so ultimately we can achieve bigger and better things in our life. It’s the difference between 2 people being asked to build something from 6 squares of wood (I said 4 in the podcast and now realise that’s incorrect – whoops) and one person building a cube and the other who seeks out additional tools so that they can create something magnificent -...

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How to 10x Your Productivity (without working more)

Dec 05, 2020

Which one of these people sounds most like you?

  1. Are you the person who is so fearful that you take little or no action in your business?
  2. Are you so busy in your business, churning stuff out that you forget to value the other thing in your life? Like your health and relationships?
  3. Or maybe are actively trying to smash every single area of your life and are heading towards burnout. If you're not already in it,

Today we're talking about how you can become your own productivity pro.

You may be wondering why I started off  asking, which person you were?

And it's very simple. I want you to get some idea of the language, definition and feeling of productivity that you're functioning under right now. Because part of productivity is making sure you have a definition that serves you rather than suffocates you.

I was a workaholic (because I felt desperate)

For the first six years in my business, I was like many of you.I literally spent as many hours as I could working. I was always on...

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3 Steps to Guaranteed Consistency

Dec 03, 2020

Your life is a reflection of where you have been consistent.

Every single result you have, whether it's in your relationships, health, finances, business, is a mirror of what action you have consistently taken or not taken.

Welcome back to the, your rich life podcast. We are on episode number 30, and today we're going to have a straight up conversation about you and your levels of consistency.

A 3 Stage Process

This could be the difference between you succeeding or not. And it can be the difference between you succeeding, with joy, ease, grace and authenticity, or you getting successful or creating success and being a big, hot mess.

Small daily actions lead to massive results

the first thing that you need to know, like on a cellular level, in your guts in your heart need to know is that small daily actions lead to massive results. Now I get it, you know, somewhere, we all want to believe in this mythical magic, quick fix, where we can get the outcome that we want with way less...

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5 Steps To Staying Motivated - No Matter What

Nov 28, 2020

Your Drive Must Drown Out The Doubt

It’s Part 2 of the “The Motivation Myth” podcast.

Today I want I’m going to give you “Five Steps to Motivation, No Matter What”

Number One

You have to want the outcome so bad add that your ego will never, ever win the long game. What do I mean by that? Remember in Part One I told you that motivation is generated. It's not something that we “just have”. So motivation is a decision and a “feeling state”.

However, when you go after something new, big and probably a little scary, your ego will always kick in. To create that brand new reality, you need a new identity so that you can think bigger than you current default thoughts and reality. You subconscious (ego) will have many cunning ways to try and “persuade” you to stay exactly where you are.

You’re going to fall off the wagon – but don’t let ego win

You’re going to have blips. Fall off the momentum...

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The Myth of Motivation (and what to do instead)

Nov 25, 2020

What if your lack of momentum and motivation is actually a symptom and not the problem? Well, that's what we're going to discuss in this very special two-part episode of The Your Rich Life Podcast

Let’s start with the Myth of Motivation and Momentum

To get the most out of this episode, I want you to grab a pen a paper because it’s all about reflection. This is going to help you change the way you think about motivation so that when you listen to episode #2, you can start taking big action.

You don’t HAVE motivation

Motivation and momentum is NOT something that you have. It’s not something you are given. It’s something you GENERATE. (note: momentum and motivation might have the same meaning for you. I interchange these words in this podcast so pick what feels good for you).

That means that you have a STRATEGY for feel motivated and “in” momentum. So, if you’ve had it once it means you can have it again. Right? I’ll show you how...

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This is "The Why" Doesn't Resonate With Empathic Business Owners

Nov 21, 2020

Have you struggled with knowing "your why"?

Do you consider yourself to be an empathic/soul driven business owner?

Then you need something "bigger" than a why!

You want to feel like you've really achieved something? Create results that you're proud of? To live into your potential.

But you keep quitting on yourself. Why do you do that? And how can you stop?

Know "Your Why" Held me Back For SO Long

I've been in business 10 years and never resonated with the whole process of the why.

Looking back, I can see that limiting beliefs held me back for a long time. I wasn't "special enough" to have a why. Someone like just wasn't given a purpose.

Every time I heard another coach or guru telling me "know the why and you'll find the how" it reaffirmed my beliefs of "not enoughness". 

However, experience has taught me that as we commit to personal development and removing the layers that hide our true power, our "why" finds our light. Yet, as a soul who is deeply connected the divine,...

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