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Create Your Magic Mix of Intuition and Logic

Oct 06, 2020

How many times have you not followed your gut and then regretted it? How many times have you made up your mind about something and then changed it because someone else persuaded you to do something different?

In this episode I'm talking to you about how you can create just the right mix between logic and intuition to help you grow your business. There is both a space and necessity to have both. We can't just go by intuition all the time, because we need the logic to build up the system.

But oftentimes we're so driven by logic that we shut off those emotional cues that give us the best answer. Today, I want to deliver three key concepts to you, and then give you a simple thing that you can do to start creating this right magical mix for you.


Where you live, is it logical for you to drive on the left-hand side of the road? In your culture, is it logical for women to lay down whilst they give birth? Is it natural and enjoyable and logical for you to eat your chips with gravy?...

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21 Day Sprint - Results Driven Experience

Oct 01, 2020

Guess what? You don't need a five year plan to succeed. You don't even need a 90 day goal to succeed. You need to be productive every day. And to do that, I want to encourage you to try my "21 Day Productivity Sprint". It's a total mindset shift and I really think it will transform the way you work.

This is episode number 18 of the Your Rich Life Podcast and I'm talking about why you don't need that long term plan.

Plus I’m going to teach you the “21 day sprint” that will help you get more results, in less time

Do smart goals really turn you off?

Do you find yourself switching off and running for the hills when you think about 90 day goal setting or the big 5 year plan? That was how I felt when I started out in business and I made myself believe it was because I was useless and that running a business was clearly “for somebody else”.

Permission Granted

I want you to be open to giving yourself permission to set a different pace, if it serves you. If you...

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3 Things I Learned About Business From Running Training

Sep 28, 2020

Most of us are not “born” to do anything but we are all born with the potential for greatness.

When I was out running yesterday, I realised there are 3 Reasons Why Your Exercise Regime Is the Same As Building a Business.

Learning to Control The Head Talk

This is the most challenging part of any stretch goal. When you’re working out and your legs are heavy, your lungs are burning and breathing is a challenge, you don’t want to go on. What gets you through is a conversation that you're have in your head.

Normally I’m really good at that but I’ve been struggling with anxiety recently (current global energy is having a huge, unconscious, impact on me!). This effects of the anxiety are most noticeable when I’m working out because my heart raise rises and my brain “assumes” I’m in an anxious state.

So, before the awareness kicked in, I found myself saying “I'm just not a born runner. I'm not born for running”.

I knew...

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Is The Global Energy Making You Feel Out of Sorts?

Sep 24, 2020

How are you coping with the global energy right now? Are you finding it really hard to maintain a positive and optimistic mindset? Are you struggling with energy and mood swings?

Well, I hear you. And today on the High Performance Mastery series we’re talking ENERGY. In particular, how you can maintain energy, regardless of what's going on, and how you might need to navigate it differently, so that you don't drown in everyone elses negativity.

Energy is the foundation of everything (including a little thing called The Universe)

Energy impacts everything from the way that we think, look, move, feel and act. And our actions create our results. And right, now, if like me, you are very energetically “attuned”, this global energy is super challenging.

I don't want you beating up on yourself if you are struggling to maintain your regular upbeat mindset. I have been learning and teaching this stuff for decades, and I’m still struggling. So if the concept of energy,...

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Why Making A Decision is Not Enough to Succeed

Sep 17, 2020

Have you made a decision or have you committed? There is a big difference. Only one is going to take you to the success that you desire.


Every week I do a Q&A with my mastermind members and I ask them ahead of time, “what is it that you particularly want to work on?”. One replied “I'm just really tired of my decision disappearing”. I asked her to expand to which you replied, “Well, you know, I'm aware that I'm trying to stay my vibrational alignment. And I'm trying to act like the seven figure CEO. I make that powerful decision and then.. it just disappears”.


How do you know the decision has disappeared?

I asked her how she knew that. She said she didn’t know. So I asked her a different way, this is something you can do to.

If you made a decision to say, lose weight, move house, run a marathon, swim a lake, how would you know that the decision was still there? If I was watching you, how would I know that you've made a...

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Have You Lost Connection?

Sep 16, 2020

As a human being, we all have an innate drive and desire for connection. So what happens when, in pursuit of building your dream business, you lose connection with the things that really matter.

There is no denying that there is a palpable feeling of losing connection in the world right now. Social distancing, lack of hug and in person meetings - I'm sure I'm not the only one who is somehow feeling that something is missing.

Seeking Deeper Connection

I want to share with you in this short episode, some of the things that I see happening with business owners and levels of connection, the problems that are coming from that, and what can we do to start deepening the connection that we have in our life.

Connection isn't just about connection with others. It's about a drive to feel connected with a deeper and more truthful part of ourselves. It's the connection with a mission, a purpose. A connection with a bigger energy of God or Universe or something. It's something bigger than us...

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Is Your Emotional Bandwidth Full?

Sep 12, 2020

Are you at the limit of your emotional bandwidth? When was the last time you really analyzed how your current lifestyle is impacting the way that you feel emotionally.  

So let’s have a conversation around emotions, how we show up for ourselves and others and how our lifestyle is either impacting negatively or positively the way that we feel on a daily basis. I decided to talk about this because it’s a common theme I’m seeing in my community and across social media. People wondering why they are feeling exhausted, struggling to feel happy and questioning how they can get back to their best.

he reason this is important to me right now, is it something that has been really in my personal awareness over the past few weeks, and I want to share that personal story with you, but I'm seeing this a lot across all the different social media platforms, people talking about exhaustion and not feeling like they're functioning at their best and wondering why they're...

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How The World's Most Successful People Get Clarity

Sep 11, 2020


Are you swimming in a sea of confusion, drowning in all the choices that you could make, rather than having absolute clarity on the direction you want to go in, who you want to be, and the exact steps that you need to take to get you there.

Well this High Performance Series is for you. I started last week with Four Fundamentals of Clarity. Today I’m building on that but let me first recap.

Who. How. What. Difference.

The first thing was who do you need to be? There is such a common misconception that clarity is “the strategy”. And it's not.

And that kind of thinking has the potential to really suffocate your dreams. So start with who do you need to be. Who do you need to be to have the confidence and the courage and the belief in yourself that whatever comes your way, you're going to figure it out. And you're going to keep taking action.

Step number two was how do you want to show up for other people? How do you want to show up for your potential clients?...

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A Manifestation Secret

Sep 09, 2020

Five reasons why self care is a secret to your success in manifestation

This is episode number 9 of my Manifestation Mastery series. Today I'm diving into why self care is so important when it comes to you elevating your manifestation mastery.

Self Care Creates a New Frequency

You now know that your frequency that creates your reality because your frequency lines you up with physical manifestations in the infinite matrix. And remember what creates your dominant frequency? Dominant thoughts. So if Universe was listening to you and looking at your behaviour what would it conclude about the way you treat yourself? Is it “I love myself. I deserve this”? Or is it “I don’t have time/ I don’t deserve it/ Others come first?”.

Self Care is Your Secret Manifestation Tool

Number One

It keeps you in the present moment. When you are practising self care, it’s an “in the moment” experience. You are throwing yourself out in to the past and...

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Triggers - What Are They And How Can We Learn From Them?

Sep 08, 2020

We all get triggered

You know what it feels like. One minute you feel great and then, within a heartbeat, you can feel like the bottom has fallen out of your world and you're on this downshift of emotions.

So, what are triggers. What are they, what happens and how can we reframe them so we can learn from them and you can continue to create Your Rich Life?

When we get triggered, I like to describe it as having old, emotional wounds that haven't been fully dealt with, activated. Listen to the podcast to hear how Debbie Ford describes this in her book, Dark Side of The Light Chasers.

Default Behaviour

In order for us to create the the success that we want, we have to be able to not default to patterns of behaviour and thinking that were given to us throughout our upbringing.

And that's exactly what triggers are. One of the reasons that they are so powerful is because every time we experience something, it isn't a standalone experience. Let me explain. We create a belief through...

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