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You MUST Break The Chains of Your Conditioning

Sep 08, 2020

What Are You A Reflection Of?

If you don't challenge your conditioning, your reality will always be reflection of somebody else's belief systems and expectations. Welcome to episode three of The, Your Rich Life Podcast. Today we're talking about conditioning versus being the creator of your life

We are all a product of our past until we realize that we are a product of our consciousness.

It means that most people in their life on earth will not get the stage in life, where they realize that they have literally just mirrored in some capacity, the expectations and belief systems of the society and home they were brought up in. When you realize that you are a conscious creator and that you have the limitless potential and possibility of the universe, you give yourself permission to step away from the conditioning.

You can be thankful for it because you know, your, your childhood has taught you a huge amount of lessons. It's brought you to where you are today, but you immediately...

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4 Simple Steps To Clarity

Sep 04, 2020

What would have to change for you to feel like you had more clarity?

What would be different? What would you see or feel or do differently that would let you know that you had clarity?

So many people fail to create the success they want because they constantly reaffirm they don't have clarity. Then don't take action. Firstly then, I want to challenge your definition of clarity and then give you 4 simple steps to gain yours and start taking action. 

This is a brand new series that I'm recording for YouTube - High Performance Habits (and the science of success) for the budding entrepreneur. 

Every single strategy that you are relying on to create Your Rich Life, starts with you

Clarity starts inside, NOT with an internal goal.

Number one

getting laser clear on WHO you need to be every day. If you want to be able to transition into a mindset that says, "No matter what happens, I will not give up no matter what happens. I will know that I can take my next step. no matter...

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How To Find Clarity and Purpose

Sep 01, 2020

Welcome to this very first episode of the, Your Rich Life podcast.  I'm going to be talking to you about everything, mindset, money, and manifestation so that you can take the small out of small business owner, step into greater success and abundance, and really create your rich life. In this very first episode, we're diving straight into clarity and purpose and how you can find yours. 

I see so many business owners holding themselves back because they say things like, "I just wish I knew what my purpose was because if I knew what my purpose was I'd know what I was supposed to be doing".

And in the same breath they're saying things like, "Oh, I just don't have clarity. If I could just have some clarity." When we keep reciting and reaffirming these beliefs, all it ever does is keep you stuck.

You see the quality of your life, the quality of your business is everything to do with the quality of the questions that you ask. When we make those statements guess what we get more...

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The Big Flaw With Visualisation

Sep 01, 2020

Welcome back to episode two of the, your rich life podcast. Today we're diving straight into visualization. And what is the one big myth that's holding you back from getting your greatest potential from this life? Changing

Today is the myth about visualization that kept me really under utilizing this tool for years and something that I see holding so many amazing business owners back from using this powerful tool to manifest great things in their business and in their life. Now I'm guessing by nature of the fact that you're listening to this podcast, you already know about visualization, but let's just do a quick recap so that we just anchored into the energy of visualization. So visualization is effectively just your imagination. Albert Einstein said that imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

And you've also heard if you can see it in your mind, you can have it in your hand, all those kinds of great success quotes that tell you, you need to be...

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3 Steps To Design Your Most Powerful Morning Routine

Sep 01, 2020


Dictate Your Day

If you don't dictate your day, who is holding the reigns on the creation of your life? Welcome to the, your rich life podcast, episode number 10, and today we're diving into morning routines and how to create one that's powerful and unique to you.

Morning Routines

Now for me, I love, love, love talking about morning routines, because this is where the magic of energy and frequency and alignment merge with high performance in terms of strategy and psychology. Now, the reason that morning routine in my opinion is so incredibly important primarily is because I believe it's an act of self love. So let me just unpack that a little bit.

I truly believe that if we had total self love and acceptance, most of us would desire more in our life. Most of us would expect more for ourselves and from ourselves. Make sure you go check out the podcast on expectations, but unfortunately, so many of us are held back with self sabotage and self limiting beliefs about who we are...

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5 Easy Steps to Increase Productivity

Sep 01, 2020

Success Beings When

For me, your success really begins when you learn how to merge the magic of the energy work with the soulful strategy. And that's what we're discussing in this episode. Number nine of the, Your Rich Life Podcast because we're diving into how to 10 X your productivity.

Now, I don't know about you, but I have yet to meet anybody who has created the life and business of their dreams by sitting on their bottoms, looking at vision boards and manifesting that thing into the reality. The fact of the matter is we have to learn not just how to manage about our vibration, but also know how to create the strategy, to take the actions that are important to us, to move us forward in our life and in our business. And the key concept to moving forward in your business is productivity. If we're not being productive, we're not actually moving forward.

5 Super Simple Tips

So today I want to give you five super simple tips to help you transform your productivity, to get more done...

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Are You Diluting Your Action

Sep 01, 2020

Welcome back to the, your rich life podcast. We are on episode number eight and today I'm to going a little bit more about energy and specifically how your discrepancy dilutes the impact of your action.

Let's start with basics.

We all know that the actions that we take or do not take eventually have a consequence. Sometimes that consequence can be immediate. Other times it's a combination of days, weeks, or months worth of action that create a particular result. Now, what the first thing is, I want to talk to you about there is that the actions that you take are dependent on your belief system. If you believe that you have the ability to make something happen, and you know that if you stick at it long enough, you're going to get to where you want to go. You will continue to make courageous steps towards the outcome that you want. If on the other hand, you are fuelled by beliefs about your lack of worth and your ability It's very likely that you won't take the action that you need,...

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There Is Plenty Of Money

Sep 01, 2020

There IS still plenty of money

Today, we're talking money and mainly around the fact that yes, there is still plenty of money in this world in this crazy time. When everybody is focused on lack, I'm going to be courageous enough to stand out and ask you today to think about optimism and abundance. This is episode number seven of The Your Rich Life Podcast.If you're ready, let's dive in.

Today's podcast is a little bit of a different. This is more of a riff on my part, nothing to teach, but just something to share. Now, throughout this whole crisis, I have avoided at all costs putting my opinion on to social media because it's so heavily Laden with emotion. As a true empath I just don't want to give my energy there. I also believe so much more powerfully in what my intention does, that the way that I'm holding my energy in myself and the, where I commit my focus to it's way more powerful in my opinion, than spouting out stuff all over social media.

Lets not magnify the differences


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Is It Inspiration? Or Fear?

Sep 01, 2020

What if....?

What if those constant hits of inspiration that you get and then act upon are not actually inspiration. They're fear in disguise. Well, that is what we're going to discuss in episode six of the Your Rich Life Podcast. If you're ready, let's go straight in.

Now, I'm going to warn you off the bat that I'm going to probably trigger a few of you here. And it's only because I just want to ask you to open your mind up to this different concept, because if you're listening to this podcast, I'm guessing that you're already somebody that's quite into the energetic aspects of life. You probably know about manifestation and conscious creating an infinite intelligence you've probably heard, or maybe used the words more. Woo. Not a term that I particularly like, but I'm just kind of putting it out there. Now I am going to put a double hand up to admit that I spent the first, probably five years of my business acting instantly on inspiration.

Shiny, New Ideas

I got a new idea for a...

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Are You Expecting Enough?

Sep 01, 2020


What Do You Expect?

Where are your expectations? What do you expect from your life and what do you expect from yourself to make that happen? Welcome to episode five of the, Your Rich Life Podcast. And that is exactly what we're diving into.

I love talking about expectations. One of my favorite most questions is when I say to a client, why do you have what you have? And inevitably, I get that along silence. Well, what do you mean? Well, why do you have what you have? Why don't you have more now after I've had the excuses around, I've tried everything, things don't work for me. I don't have the time. I'm just not there yet. What January tends to happen when I dig a little deeper is that they tell me that honestly, they've never really thought about it.

Don't Make It About Money

And what I see happening for so many small business owners is that they are wrapped up in the belief that when, when I make more money, I will feel when I make more money, I will do this when I make more...

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