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Break-Fast Bean Bowl (With mixed bean shizzle) 

I've been loving my experience with intermittent fasting so far and genuinely get excited about what I'll eat to break it. 

This is typical of what I'd eat if I was on a "rest" day.. click to button to get the recipe and find out how you can use the beans in another 3 ways..

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Anytime Pancakes

Life is too short to eat boring food or save pancakes for breakfast!

This is a super simple recipe, which you can make in advance AND make sweet or savoury. 

Adding a good quality protein powder helps to make this pancakes something to fill you up for a good few hours. 

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Banana & Protein Bites (vegan & GF)

I LOVE a sweet treat but it can really trigger me to want more. and more. and more.

So I made a few changes to a recipe I found online and came up with these. I've found the protein limits the impacts of the sugars on my cravings and helps to fill me up. Great post workout treat.

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Sea Bass with Lentils & Greens

This was one of those "throw it together" meals that turned out absolutely lovely.

It's quick, it's healthy and it will keep your HEC in check and support your fat loss goals.

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Cinnamon & Pecan Protein Pancakes (vegan & GF)

I do love a hearty breakfast. And these pancakes make a delicious weekend treat that's both healthy and satisfying!

You can even make extra and heat up in the oven or toaster as a cheeky snack.


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Sweet potato, Chorizo & Butter Bean Soup

I'm a natural alchemist. And that includes being able to make something surprisingly yummy from "bits n bobs" left at the bottom of my fridge. 

We are now in the perfect season for soups and these leftovers, with a heap of love, did not disappoint! 

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Avocado, Choc 'n' Nut Protein Balls (vegan & GF)

I'm frequently making some kind of muffins, cakes and breads to use up left over bananas.

But this weekend I had 2 avocados that I needed to use and I'm rather happy with what I came up with.


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Chocolate, Avocado & Sour Cherry Pots 

Remember those avocado, choc n nut balls I made with the left over avocados? Well this is the other recipe I tried and I ❤️ it. 

The sour cherry and almond essence make it totally decadent PLUS.. not only did I make these little pots but I was able to freeze some in to little popsicles. Winner, winner chicken dinner!!

Are you ready to have your taste buds tickled?


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