Your Rich Life
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Your Rich Life

Your Rich Life

Hosted by: Louise Cartwright - Mindset, Money and Manifestation Coaching

Take the "small" out of small business owner and become the CEO of your life with resources, coaching & teaching on the mindset and behaviours of the world's most successful people - that will guarantee your success


Is Self Help Actually Creating a BIGGER Problem?

Episode #74

Are we in a world where the exponential growth of the industry that claims to help us, is actually part of the problem? Is it creating more emotional burnout and disconnection from our happiness and our innate values?...
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Self Doubt is The Symptom

Episode #73

If self doubt were the problem, you'd suffer all the time. But I'm going to guess that you don't doubt your ability to use the toaster, put your shoes on or go to the bathroom? So what's the difference between the...
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Strategy is NOT the reason you are struggling in business

Episode #72

The common belief is that if you have all of your strategies and systems set up in your business, you WILL succeed.Β  I'm calling B.S. on that.Β  I know plenty of business women who have bought TONNES of courses,...
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Reduce Anxiety

Episode #71

After a month off all social media and "sitting in the silence" instead - I am now hyper aware of when I'm triggered in to anxiety. If you experience anxiety (and other emotions that leave you feeling less than happy...
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Episode #70

What if I told you that your visualisation practice, that you're using to manifest those dreams and successes, is one of the things that is STOPPING you from getting it? Is it possible that for all it's power, for...
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Are We All Addicts?

Episode #69

Are we all silently addicted to behaviours that stop us from having to sit with and experience our real feelings? After a month off of all social media and a consequent repulsion for all things "input" - I realised my...
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Perfection Is A Fear Strategy

Episode #68

Trying to perfect your process before putting "something out there", is the worst thing you can do for your business. Imagine if a baby refused to walk unless it could do so without falling. It would NEVER walk.Β  As...
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Do THIS To Make Better Videos

Episode #67

People watch your videos more for your energy than for your content! So I want to you spend more time thinking about how you are "showing up" than the information you are providing.Β  Have you ever turned off an audio...
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The FOUR Fears We ALL Have

Episode #67

You don't need to remove your fears, you just need to see beyond them. You cannot WAIT for confidence, because it is made through regular acts of courage.Β  Learning to see beyond the fears that are holding you back...
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Your Definition is Creating Resistance

Episode #65

It's easier to decrease resistance than it is to increase alignment.Β  Yep, LoA techniques teach us to focus on what we want, but it actually INCREASES resistance by activating limiting beliefs about your ability to...
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Why You're Struggling With Your Messaging

Episode #64

If you're struggling with your business messaging, it's much more likely to be because of the beliefs you have about YOURSELF than the wrong "strategy". Truth is, you're probably over thinking your messaging because...
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Want To Go Next Level?

Episode #63

Trying to THINK your way to a new level of success, is like walking the same path over and over, and expecting to end up somewhere different. Isn't there an area in your life where you've wanted to see a big change...
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