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Your Rich Life

Hosted by: Louise Cartwright - Coach, Healer, Psychic - Guiding You to Total Life Transformation

Take the "small" out of small business owner and become the CEO of your life with resources, coaching & teaching on the mindset and behaviours of the world's most successful people - that will guarantee your success


5 Reasons You Self Sabotage

Episode #86

Self sabotage is sneaky and subconscious.  You're probably doing it ways you don't even recognise! And we've all done it.  Passionately committed to a goal, only to fall off the wagon and find ourselves back at the...
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5 Weight Loss Myths

Episode #85

If you want to lose weight, stop focusing all your attention on what you eat! Yes, this IS The Your Rich Life Podcast and YES, I'm talking about weight loss. WHY? 1. Because I know the mental and emotional damage that...
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Accidental Entrepreneurs..

Episode #84

You didn't have big dreams of running your own business. Perhaps you didn't even know that was a "thing". Your decision to start a small business was likely based on necessity, values and/or personal experience. ...
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10 Powerful Questions

Episode #83

What if... You just had to ask better questions to get to your goals quicker and with more ease than you ever have before? What if... you had 10 to get you started? Well I got you. Listen, If you're an entrepreneur...
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Mum Guilt..

Episode #82

GUILT... a thief! Robbing you of daily joy, great relationships and your most successful life! So if MUM GUILT is plaguing you, then PLEASE listen to this episode. Because not only have I been there, for a looongg...
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Why you need to LET GO!!!

Episode #81

Most people will try to Think, Do and Distract their way out of and through difficult times - personally and professionally. Because we've been taught that our brain is our best ally. We've been conditioned that hard...
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Women in Business Are Here to Save The World

Episode #80

Could there be a MUCH BIGGER purpose to your business that you aren't realised?  If you don't rewrite your limiting beliefs and create a business that provides financial and emotional freedom - what exactly will you...
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What to do When You Can't Get Out of Your Head

Episode #79

What do you do when you're stuck in your own head? Chasing those destructive thoughts around your mind, feeling awful and judging yourself for "not doing better". Most of us have NEVER BEEN TAUGHT how to think. Just...
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10 Subtle Signs You Have Money Blocks

Episode #78

REMOVE YOUR MONEY BLOCKS WITH FREE TRAINING - DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX.. REGISTER BEFORE 16TH In this episode... 1. Money Blocks are not about Money. They're about YOU. 2. Pricing and Sales issues are simply a symptom of...
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How to Use HEALING as a Powerful Business Strategy

Episode #77

Most Wired & Tired Soulpreneurs are spending time, money and effort in the pursuit of the "magic" strategy that's going to propel their business in to the next stratosphere.  But strategy doesn't work. The...
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The Root of Your Anxiety is in NOT Making a Decision

Episode #76

Your unwillingness to make and then act on, a decision is the root of your anxiety! Remember in last week's episode, I introduced you to my client who said, "she didn't know who she was anymore". And that during her...
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Is Grief Holding You Back From Success?

Episode #75

Grief isn't just about losing someone you love! As women we have many roles, many of which are generational and societal "hand me downs".  Each role comes with a set of beliefs, behaviours and expectations. When these...
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