Your Rich Life
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Your Rich Life

Your Rich Life

Hosted by: Louise Cartwright - Mindset, Money and Manifestation Coaching

Take the "small" out of small business owner and become the CEO of your life with resources, coaching & teaching on the mindset and behaviours of the world's most successful people - that will guarantee your success


You DON'T Get What You Focus On

Episode #62

Manifestation advice has taught us to focus on what we want to get it. But that's simply not true.  In truth, you get what you EXPECT - which means if you're subconscious program is wired for limitation - no amount of...
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Why Money Goals Don't Work For YOU

Episode #61

Setting and focusing on money goals is the least effective strategy for struggling soulpreneurs to make more money in their business. Of course you want to make money in your business - but why do you believe that...
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Hard Work is Not The Best Strategy for Success

Season #60

How many people do you know who bust their butts, every day, but are not successful? So why do we continue to buy in to the "experts" that promote 18 hour days; "sleeping when we're dead" and glorifying the grind....
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Self-Healing is the #1 Business Strategy

Episode #59

If online business courses were THE answer to success, we wouldn't have a trillion dollar industry. Why? Because if they all worked, people wouldn't keep buying. Truth is, so many small business owners buy courses...
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Master Your Mindset

Episode #58

Building your own business is mentally hard. It's probably the hardest challenge you can give yourself.  And if you're an empath, it can be ever harder. In this episode I want to show you 3 ways you can Master Your...
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How to Manage Your Energy

Episode #56

It's NOT just about having the energy to "keep going" and to reach your goals. It's about doing so with joy, vibrancy and good health. It's also about knowing how to raise your vibration to create QUANTUM results....
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Productivity Tips

Episode #54

It's easy to BE-come your business. It's not just time consuming - it can be ALL consuming. But if you're like me - you have other things that are equally important (but getting neglected) - your partner, kids, house,...
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Content Creation

Episode #53

As an online business owner, you ARE a content creator. But are you frustrated and overwhelmed with your current strategy (or lack of)? Do you struggle to know what to say? Do you feel like you can't compete with the...
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How to be More Courageous

Episode #52

Courage is seen as Big & Bold but WHAT IF... it could be quiet, small AND powerful. I believe it can be and that's what I'm talking about in Success Series Ep. #2... Watch the "Higher Self Courage Exercise" here...
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Imposter Syndrome

Episode #52

How can you get over Imposter Syndrome so you can enjoy what you do, offer the best service to your clients AND make great money doing it? That's what we're discussing in this very special episode of the Your Rich...
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Do This to Free Yourself From Emotional Pain

Episode #50

WHO are you? What is ME? Where are you? 3 questions "given" to me this morning during my Morning Pages exercise that resulted in some deep insights that I want to share with you in the 50th episode of the Your Rich...
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How Successful People THINK

Episode #49

There's only one thing between you and the level of success you want - and that's what you THINK! High Performance studies show us that successful people think differently to unsuccessful people and in this series I'm...
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