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Your business should feed your soul, align with your values and fill your bank account! Are you ready for that? 

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My Values

When I started my first business as a personal trainer I had NO idea what I was doing. 

Consequently, I found myself stuck in constant fear, over delivering and wrapping my self worth up in my income. 

I had to break so that I could mend. Now I design my businesses around the things and people that I love and value and I want to show you how you can do the same! 

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Purpose. Passion. Profit. 

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We have the procedures of achievement upside down.

Every New Year’s, we come up with our to-do lists, resolutions, bucket lists, and strategic plans — all the stuff we want to have, get, accomplish, and experience outside of ourselves. And here’s the heart of it all: All of those aspirations are being driven by an innate desire to feel a certain way.

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Where is my soul?

Let's face it, in today's busy world it's easy to "do" and challenging to "be". In this space we completely disconnect to the truth of who and what we are - Limitless In Potential and Possibility. 

When I find myself feeling a little disconnected, I LOVE to gift myself half hour for this meditation. Come let me know what you think in the YourRichLife Facebook group. 

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The Slipstream of Alignment

It's where it's at girls. When you learn how to step in to the slipstream of alignment, you'll find yourself making bigger progress, more quickly and with more more joy and ease than you can shake a stick at.

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Magical Manifesting and Creating Your Dream Life

Let me introduce you to Nicola. One of a handful of people in the WORLD who are qualified to teach Macrobiotics at this level.

She's also a magical manifestor and someone who creates life on her terms, regardless of the obstacles that present. This one is a MUST listen...


Purpose. Passion. Profit.


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There are no prizes for under earning!

Ooooo I can hear the intake of breath from here. Am I just plain mean?

Absolutely not. I'm just passionate about putting an end to under earning and over working. It's not the natural state of the Universe.. the Universe is Abundance personified. 

I first read "Under earning is a choice" in the book "Over Coming Under Earning" and it was something that created an immediate shift for me. 

And I want to help you stop those self limiting thoughts about you and money. Check out this training from my Sacred Money Archetype course, below. 

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Retreat Shamanic Experience

On my recent retreat, I invited a Shaman along to host a ceremony to help us complete our letting go and letting in theme. We started off with a journey, followed with the making of a despacho, which we then burned during a fire ceremony in the moonlight. SO powerful.

I'll be using this for all future retreats as I have seen and felt the shift in myself and my guests...

Find out more about Chris, the Shaman, below.

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We Shall Defeat Our Demons

Too often we find ourselves muttering at the mirror, "You again? Why can't you get your act together and go for what you truly desire? Why aren't you taking more risks, speaking up more, being more consistent, connecting better with people?". 

Read more about the book that changed the trajectory of my life...

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What is Your Soul's Purpose?

Was I scared it would fail? yep. Did I worry that people would think I was greedy for charging for it? yep. Was I consumed by feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome and disbelief? Absolutely. There were ugly, screaming tantrums where red, hot tears streamed down my face - a mixture of frustration, fear and shame. The voices echoed in my head, getting louder each time I questioned my ability, my worth, my purpose. 

But I kept going. One (often painful) step at a time....

Read the full blog below 

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Can Music Change Your Mind & Body?

There is no denying it, what we listen to can change the way we feel. If you have a "power song" you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Conversely, some music can make us feel angry or agitated (for me that music is heavy rock. Dear Lord!)

Anyhoo, I checked in with one of my favourite YouTube Channels this week and found this incredible video about 432Hz frequency, also known as "Nature's Music". Ever since, I spend time every day listening to a track on YouTube - super nice in the bath by candlelight fyi. 

Check to the video below..love to know what you think. Come let me know in the Facebook group

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Remember Your Light 

Let's be honest, it's easy to get knocked down. Being a soulfully ambitious business owner can be tough, especially as so many of us work alone. 

This is why "Mind Mastery" is so important. If you didn't see my latest piece on this.. find the Mind Mastery Map here. 

Wouldn't it be nice though, to have just the right words to help you Remember Your Light. To buoy your faith and your passion in your abilities and the outcome that, at times, seems infinitely distant?

Well I have a FREE GIFT for you.. and I don't even want your email. Just click the link below and access one of the "Sacred Grounding" exercises that I use in my Desire Map work. 

Use it as you see fit and my it fill your heart with light and unshakeable faith in your abilities x


I Meditated Every Day And This What Happened.

Having recently read Russell Brand's book "Recovery, Freedom From Our Addictions" I am seeking out hearing more from it.

The book was OUTSTANDING! Probably one of the best books I've ever "read". I say it like that because I listened on audio and I'd say, for me, it made the book even better. 

I consider that mediation is a KEY success habit and notice immediately, how much better my psychology is when I meditate regularly. 

So I invite you to listen to Russell's experience and see what you can take from it and consider how this might positively impact your life. 

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Tame The Bully

Where would you be now if you stopped listening to the bully inside your head?

Or, what would be different if you'd walked away from someone else bullying you?

My dear friend Marilise de Villiers Basson has proudly launched her book talking about just that. Her story is raw but she's shared her experience of internal and external bullying so that others know how they can change their own experience.

And you still have time to grab the kindle version of her book for just 99p.... check out details at her website below.

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Why Aren't People Happier?

Being a business owner isn't easy. Being a business owner, mother, spouse, daughter, sister... that's a real challenge.

My passion is helping soulful, female business owners have it ALL and that all begins with happiness.

So when we are being pulled from all sides, and our business isn't doing what we want it to do and people ask, "wouldn't it be easier to get a job".. instead of punching them, read this and start using some of the tips 😉

Listen, I'm not saying the whole process is easy, but each, single step is. And that's all you need to do. One, happy step at a time.

Read the blog....

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Rebels For Love 

I believe, that the foundation of everything is love. And in terms of LIFE success, without self love, you will always find a way to self sabotage.

Today, I'd like to celebrate and introduce Jennifer Hoenig. Whilst working with her was a pleasure, witnessing her expansion as she committed to her internal journey, as been nothing short of spectacular. Jen has now started her own movement, "Rebels For Love".. here's how she describes it:

A Rebel for Love is someone who wants to take radical personal responsibility for embodying LOVE 💕 in all aspects of life. Love yourself, Love Humanity, Love Others, Love the Planet 🌎 etc. This is a group that will educate, empower and support you in finding and loving your true authentic self; in empowering you to choose LOVE over FEAR; empowering you to embrace radical self-acceptance; educating you on the tools to love your best self. Join us and be a part of the LOVE EVOLution: a movement that will change the world 🌎

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